Jamie Nevin

Full Name: Jamie Nevin

Jamie Nevin, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, discovered the game of poker at an early age, playing various home games during his teenage years.  Through time his poker skills developed and soon he was grinding both live and online poker regularly.   He opted to drop out of university in hope of finding untold riches playing the game he loved.

A gamble nonetheless, Jamie sought his dream of professional poker, however things did not go as planned on the felt.  His future would lie in poker however, as Jamie focused on the business-side of the game, founding PokerVIP Ltd in 2008 and transforming it from a one-man operation via Skype and MSN into a fully-fledged business today.  The company is engrossed in the poker industry across a multitude of projects—all aimed at enhancing the online experience—and is responsible for a number of poker websites such as PokerTube, PokerSolutions and, of course, PokerUpdate.

Jamie is only too happy to share his wealth of poker industry experience with our PokerUpdate readers through his writings.

Articles by Jamie Nevin