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Welcome to our weekly Weekly Burn & Turn, where we discuss the latest poker updates published during the week.

Episode 24: The One Where Robbie Flips Shimi the Bird

Thank you so much for watching.

If you would like to read the articles discussed in our vidcast, please see the links below!

(1:18) Anna Khait: Cards on the Table for Survivor Season 32

(3:50) 5 of the Worst Jobs to Have in a Poker Room

(8:52) Annette Obrestad Venetian Deal: Opportunity Not Morality

(12:41) Ari Engel on Aussie Millions, Shane, PokerStars, & Gratitude

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Transcription Below

On this episode of the Weekly Burn & Turn we talk about reality television and how that relates to poker players (one of them is going to be on Survivor); then we’ve got 5 of the worst jobs to have in a poker room; we’ve got Annette Obrestad – this is something everyone’s talking about in the poker world – who signed a deal with The Sands Poker Room at The Venetian, and you’ll see what we’ve got to say; then, Ari Engel wins the Main Event of the Aussie Millions, definitely something you want to tune in to; plus, Name That Pro, right after this.

Welcome everybody to another exciting episode of the Weekly Burn & Turn for the week of January 31st, 2016. I’m Robbie Strazynski.

And I’m Shimi The Fish.

He is! Shimi Weiss? No! That’s not his actual name.

Follow me on Twitter, @ShimiTheFish. If it’s on Twitter it’s gotta be real.

It says it on his driver’s license actually: Shimi The Fish,  he’s got little fish at home – the whole deal.

Yes. Fact.

What a week it has been in the poker world! Tons of exciting stuff to talk about. It’s going to be a great show.

Let’s get right into it.

Let’s jump right into the first topic: Anna Khait.


She’s going to be on Survivor!

Who’s watching Survivor? This is exciting stuff.


Do you watch reality TV?


I watch a little bit. I’ve got to tell you, I love The Amazing Race, but Survivor would definitely be 2nd place if I ever watched it.

Well, I mean it’s the longest one. I think this is season 572 of Survivor, right?

Oh, no! Season 32, right? It’s 32.

Well, it’s still a lot. It’s the same thing.

I know things!

It has not been going on for 32 years. Every season lasts like a week or something?

No! Although, that’s a good point, it can’t have been going on for 32 years.

It’s been going on for a long time. Season 32! The Simpsons is only like 26 seasons, right?

And hopefully it should continue for many, many more.

Amen. So, Survivor. Anna Khait, poker pro, is going to be on the next season of Survivor. I think it’s been filmed already.

We already have a precedent though, for poker players on Survivor.


We’ve got Jean-Robert.

Jean-Robert Bellande!

If you check out the article there’s a great video of him giving his after speech – the speech where he gets knocked out. It was a little bit – I’m going to throw out another Yiddish word – kvetchy, just whining and whining: “Oh it’s so hard and difficult. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody.” Come on man!

I’ve got to say, he is one of the most entertaining characters to watch, whether it’s at a poker table or on Survivor. I mean look, everyone loved his appearance and it’s fun not just to watch him, but to watch him lose. The poor guy!

It’s always fun to watch Jean-Robert lose. Remember when we talked about the AQ hand?

Yeah, we had our most memorable hand contest, and his hand was the one where he lost on the runner-runner. It was crazy.

Poor Jean-Robert.


It’s still very exciting, and any publicity for the poker community is good publicity. What about you guys? Do you think we should sign Robbie up for some sort of reality TV? I would like to see Robbie on some sort of reality show.

How to smack a fish in 17 ways.


We’ll see. Or Joe Millionaire, and I’ll be the millionaire. Is that still a show?

I have never heard of that.

Oh well. Also, Vanessa Rousso was on Big Brother and she finished 3rd. I guess the poker players are spreading out into the reality TV world.

You know what? We should sign up as a couple if Beauty & The Geek is still a thing. I could be the geek and you, well, we’d have to find a beauty. Oh yeah, there we go. I did it.

What do you even do with something like that? I’ll tell you exactly what you do. You move into the next topic, because there’s no segue from Beauty & The Geek.

Well, I love this next topic. It’s a great article.

The 5 worst jobs to have in a poker room.

Yep, and there are quite a few to choose from.

We’re not talking about the players.

The people in the background that you don’t see. I’m surprised they didn’t mention dealers, because they get a real bum job. Let me tell you something, dealers have to put up with all the attitude from other players and they’ve just got to take it. It’s actually really unfortunate. I would really like to see poker rooms taking a stance and supporting their dealers before they support the players.

Well look, not all dealers get it bad, like any job you’ve got your ups and your downs. Remember when we were at the PCA?

Yeah, I remember when you were at the PCA.

When I was at the PCA I interviewed Antonio the dealer. He was a really good representative, you guys should definitely watch that video. Some of the stories that dealers tell though, like what other job are you going to go and get $100 from a player because he won a huge hand? Things like that happen all the time. So I don’t know if that’s the worst job.

Well, a great moment in cinema for poker was in Casino Royale, when James Bond wins that huge tournament and he flips a $250,000 chip to the dealer. That’s a pretty nice tip.

Yeah, exactly! Other worse jobs, I guess there’s floor manager, there’s tournament director, there’s chip runners, and a whole bunch of different jobs. I don’t know which one would be the worst job in a poker room.

Security people have a tough time. I’ve actually been on the wrong end of security in a poker room before.

When the guys get drunk and vomit all over the table?

No, no! Even going up to someone and carding someone is awkward. I tried getting into a casino, and I was older than 21 but wife was 20. She was turning 21 in two months.

Wait, where is this?

This is in Atlantic City, my hometown. We went there, and sure enough we get carded, and I turned to Miriam and said: “Pretend you don’t speak English. I’ll handle it.” The guy comes up to us and he’s like: “Can I see some ID?” and I’m like: “Sure,” and I pull out my ID. I was so excited because I was 21, but he’s like: “What about her?” So she pulls out her university card which is in a different language, which doesn’t have her birthdate on it, and he’s like: “I need to see some proper ID” and I said that she doesn’t speak any English and that that was all she had there. I’ll give him credit because he was actually a really nice guy. He was trying to convey to us that we had to get off the casino floor because we could lose all of our winnings.

Wait, “we” as a couple? So he wouldn’t let you stay?

Exactly. He turned to me and said: “Listen, I don’t want to do anything, why don’t you go and cash your chips out and in the meantime I’ll escort her off the casino floor.” He was being really nice about it, but you’ve got to picture this – he’s talking to my wife, and she’s pretending she doesn’t speak English. What happens when you’re speaking to someone who doesn’t understand you is that you talk louder and slower. So he’s saying: “Ma’am! You need to follow me!” and she’s like: “I don’t know what he’s talking about.” He was saying: “Ma’am let’s go this way” and she kept playing the role by going the other way, and then you hear him say: “No ma’am, not that way..THIS way!”

Wow, poor security guard.

Yeah! They have a tough job. Living in Atlantic City you get to run into things like that often, and you know what Atlantic City is famous for, right?

The casinos, obviously. Poker rooms!

No! Atlantic City is actually most famous for – and let’s see how many people knew this – the Monopoly board!

Of course!

Monopoly is actually named after Atlantic City. All the street names are streets in Atlantic City. And a bit of trivia, one of those streets is actually misspelled. Do you know which one it is?

Boardwalk seems to be spelled correctly.

Well that was a good guess, but no. Marvin Gardens – they thought it was the name Marvin, but it’s actually a combination of Margate and Ventnor, which are neighboring cities.

Aaah, interesting!

You know, we should totally play a game of Monopoly one time.

I’d kick your ass!

Okay, Robbie talks big because he thinks he’s great at poker, but the second we step out of that role and we go into something else, I would crush you in Monopoly. Bring it on.

I’m not the one with the Twitter handle “ShimiTheFish.”

You know what? Bring it on. Let’s play. Let’s do it.

Let’s go.


*Monopoly Game*

Wiii! I got all the money.

I hate you so much right now.


I hate you so much man. You absolutely suck.

Yeah, I suck, but I’m the one with the money, buddy.

You’d roll snake eyes six time in a row.

Yeah, and look, I think this is actually enough money to sponsor a poker pro.

You know what? This is the last time me and Robbie play any sort of game together.

Because he doesn’t have any money left, that’s why. You know, we’re going to take this money and sponsor a poker pro, but one pro we can’t sponsor is Annette Obrestad. She is already sponsored. Big news that everyone is talking about in the poker world. She was sponsored by The Sands Poker Room at The Venetian.

People are making a really big deal about this actually.

Well, because The Sands Poker Room is part of The Venetian Hotel which is owned by Sheldon Adelson, who is not exactly known to be everyone’s best friend when it comes to supporting online poker.

People are complaining that she’s actually gone over to the dark side.

Yeah, he is lobbying everyone to be against online poker and putting all that money in there to get all the Congressmen to vote against it, and here is a professional poker player who makes her money by playing this game and who – correct me if I’m wrong – became famous online.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the fact that she is working for them doesn’t necessarily mean that she supports what they’re doing with online poker. It’s a job, no?

Yeah, but go get sponsored by some Norwegian-whatever. She’s Norwegian.

Well, you know what? If some Norwegian company gives her that offer and she takes it, that’s great, but until she gets that offer you can’t blame the woman for taking a work opportunity. This is good for her career.

No, it’s good for her wallet, it’s horrible for her career. WIthin the poker community she’s been ostracized. Of course, if someone offered me however much money, it’s a little bit of an ethical test. She was 15 years old when she signed up, she became famous herself for playing online poker, and that whole underage thing is exactly what Sheldon Adelson is against. He’s like: “Oh, you can’t have online poker because all the kids are going to start signing up,” and here’s the prime example of someone who went and signed up when she was underage. Smells a little fishy, you know?

She’s not coming out as a spokesperson against online poker.


That’s not the job description that she’s coming in for.

She’s a spokesperson for her own living that she needs to make, I guess.

Yeah, I guess so. I don’t think that you can fault everyone. Everyone needs to make money and you need to worry about the bills that you got back at home, and I guess this is a good opportunity for her financially. Again if someone’s going to make her a better offer then don’t rag on her but instead give her a better offer. She’s clearly in the market to try to find employment so give her a different opportunity and I’m sure that she would jump ship.

I hear you. She hasn’t posted too many results as of late, so I don’t know how many opportunities like this come her way. Anyway, I acknowledge that you can’t necessarily blame someone to go ahead and say: “Turn around and turn down money,” but the fact is that they need to have a little bit of principles. There are plenty of poker rooms to play at in Las Vegas, there are plenty of poker rooms around the world. Look, even if everyone boycotted and didn’t go to The Venetian, it’s not going to make a dent. Sheldon Adelson is like the 22nd richest guy in the world, so that’s not where he makes his money but it’s a matter of principle if you really stand for allowing people to play online poker from their homes. That’s what we do here at PokerUpdate – we want people to embrace the game and be able to play it without having to drive all the way to The Venetian or any other live poker room (as much as we love live poker). It’s definitely a controversial issue. Check out the article that James wrote. He took one side, and there are other people with other poker media that took a different side.

He took the side the people are not taking.

He took the “You can’t blame here” side.

Good on him for writing from that perspective. I think that we still need to give her our support. You know what? It’s not the end of the world, she’s not standing up against online poker. We shouldn’t be hanging her out to dry.

Okay, well we can agree to disagree, but I’m right.

Let’s get to the most exciting story.

Happier news! This was pretty huge. Ari Engel – everyone’s heard of him – has won six WSOP circuit rings, he’s been grinding the circuit for a decade.

And he hit it big.

Huge, at the Aussie Millions! I think he won with 723 players, or nine hundred something – many players – that were in the Aussie Millions Main Event with a AUS $10,000 buy in, and he goes and finishes in 1st place for AUS $1.6 million.

Wait, Australian Dollars? So that’s not actually worth anything, right?

It’s like a buck and a quarter. No, I mean, that’s a lot of money! You see him posing with this big stack of green bills. The outpouring of love and support for this individual shows that he’s someone who’s very special. At the PCA, a few weeks ago, I met him when he came up to me.

You got to interview him at one point, didn’t you?

I interviewed him for my own blog, for Cardplayer Lifestyle.

Well, let me tell you, you may have interviewed him, but I went to school with him.


That’s right!

Well, not poker school obviously!

No, clearly not.

Otherwise you’d have been posing with the million dollars.

Back in the day, me and Ari were together in a post-high school program in Israel. We used to have a game that we would play – Alagova baby – that was our game that we used to play.

That was the name of the game? Alagova?

That was the name of the place where we used to hide out and play poker.


He used to clean me out! He says he started learning poker after he started going to university, but let me tell you, he was good back then too.

Interesting, so you’re saying it goes way, way back?

It goes way, way back, and I just want to take this moment, because for all the celebrities and all the professionals that Robbie knows, this one’s mine baby. Ari, I remember it man.

We certainly love you, Ari, but it just goes to show that poker is certainly a game of skill because it shows that from the humble beginnings of the post-high school program cleaning out fish (Shimi), you can go all the way to the top of the pyramid winning the Aussie Millions Main Event. I mean, not everyone can do it, only people like Ari Engel can.

None of us knew what we were doing. We were so naive and cute. We didn’t even understand what blinds were.

Cute? I don’t know.

It was good stuff. We were kids with a dream.

And his dream materialized.

He was good enough to do it.

It was incredible. It was a sick final table – Sam Abernathy was there, Tony Dunst was there, and these are huge big name pros and he ended up winning this. He used to live in Australia for a few years, so he had friends and family rushing up to him.

He’s living in Canada now, right?

He’s living in Canada, in Toronto eh!

And he made it big in online poker, that’s how he started, if we’re talking about online poker.

That’s right. ‘BodogAri’ is the longtime name. He used to coach online poker as well. Huge news for Ari Engel, really happy for you buddy.

We’re proud of you, man! That’s amazing stuff.

Way to go, biggest score of his career by far.

Maybe one day we’ve got to get you to the Aussie Millions. We’ll get you into the Main Event. How would Robbie do?

Send me baby!

Let me tell you something, Robbie wouldn’t actually do that well because when Robbie is placed against a fish he just breaks down. And you know what? I’ve got something to show you, Robbie!

What are you talking about?

Let’s cut away and show what happened when Robbie squared off against Shimi The Fish. Take a look at this.

Seriously? How did you get that picture?

Just in case it wasn’t clear – 10-6 off-suit. It’s beautiful because he made the call on the river. That is how you play like a fish, and that is how you take down Robbie Strazynski.

I had aces!! Look at the reply to that tweet, I had aces!

Sure you did. 10-6 off-suit baby. That’s right. Oh snap! What do you got to say to that?

I think it’s time to…

Oh! We’re going to blur that out, right?


Let’s move it on. Let’s get to Name That Pro, no?

Now that’s somewhere I’ll definitely take you down.

Alright, Name That Pro, sponsored by…


We bring you back to Name That Pro.

Alright baby.

Oh, don’t even think about it. Nice try. 5 points for effort.

Thank you.

Alright, pre-flop, Robbie. Throw out a guess. Name that pro!

We’re going to go with January’s ‘Baller of the Month’ Liv Boeree. Is that the pro?

Liv Boeree….Is it Liv Boeree? The answer is: No!

Okay. I’m a much better post-flop player.

Alright, let’s deal out the flop. Are you ready?

Yes, what is the first clue?

Clue #1: This former Ivey Poker Pro discovered poker during high school and has amassed almost $15 million in combined live and online poker tournament earnings.

Ivey League Pro.

That doesn’t mean Phil Ivey.


I’m pretty sure that’s talking about a university, right?

$15 million in live and online, let’s go with Erik Seidel.

Erik Seidel – Are you serious, man?

I think he was, right?

Dude, Erik Seidel was the pro in the first Name That Pro that we did. We’re not going to do doubles.

Oh shit.

NO! Nice try. Good effort.

I thought he was an Ivey league Pro.

You’ve got to remember. You should be taking notes. This is why you take notes in poker.

Okay, I think I’m going to get this on the turn. Okay, clue #2.

Clue #2: This pro has been referred to as the ‘Silent Assassin’ at the poker table.

Oh, I actually know this!

Oh shoot! Come on!

Patrik Antonius! Right?

Oh! No! Oh snap!

That’s right, no?

I was ready to throw away the clipboard. I was so sure you got it.

He’s the silent assassin! He doesn’t talk. He’s silent. patrik Antonius just sits there and looks good the whole time.

I hear where you’re coming from, but no. Nice try.

But it’s a he?


Okay. The river. I’m gonna get it on the river.

Last chance. Here we go. It’s a long clue, are you ready?I’m ready.

In January, this player finished runner-up in the $200,000 No-Limit Event of the Triton Super High Roller Series at the WPT National in the Philippines. He earned over $2.3 million for his runner-up finish – the largest single poker score of his career.

That’s a lot of information. I’m going to throw in the time chip here. Hold on.

Shot clock is up. Can we get a countdown?

Oh boy.

It’s not just Shimi & Shira that miss.

How long do I have?

Tik-tok, tik-tok. I have a feeling Robbie’s going out.

Aaron Jones?

Do you want some help?

Yeah, I guess I missed it right?

You were watching the Aussie Millions, right? He did a great job there as well. At least I think he did. It would be awkward if I was wrong.

I don’t know. I blank. I fold.


Oh, he mucks his cards! Oh no, Robbie, how the mighty have fallen! The answer is, David Peters!

Who? Oh, David Peters! He did do well in the Aussie Millions. He finished 2nd in the Super High Roller at the Aussie Millions.

I love this guy.

I’m sorry David.

It was actually a really great finish for him. He plays every range of buy-ins, I love that about this guy.

It was like $250,000.

Right, but he’ll also play $500 buy-in events. He’ll take the stakes down, he’ll take them back up. He just enjoys the tournament game.

That’s definitely a pro worth knowing.

Oh, Robbie! It’s alright though. Losing is okay. We have some great prizes backstage as a consolation prize.

Wait, like Monopoly prizes? Because I already won those.

Oh man.

That brings to an end another wonderful episode of the Weekly Burn & Turn. We hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves as much as we have.


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I am @ShimiTheFish, that’s right. And you are?

I’m @CardplayerLife and we’d love to speak with you guys and engage with you, and I guess until next week! We’ll see you.


*Playing Monopoly*

Shimi, you’ve got to roll. You can’t avoid it. You’ve got to roll.

Come on baby. Chance, chance, chance. Five, Five! YES! Five! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. “Take a walk on the boardwalk, advance to Boardwalk.”

Give me the money.

Here you go. Good game.

Wait, that’s not enough money.

Dude, that’s all I got.

$3,000 for my hotel.

That’s all I got.

Give me the shirt.


You’re not getting my shirt.

I want the shirt!


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