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Welcome to our weekly Weekly Burn & Turn, where we discuss the latest poker updates published during the week.

Vidcast for the week of: Sunday, December 27, 2015

The One With the Poker Pageant: Burn & Turn 12/27/15

Thank you so much for watching.

If you would like to read the articles discussed in our vidcast, please see the links below!

(1:11) Full Tilt Cements eSports Sponsorship of G2 Hearthstone Team

(5:32) Online Poker Pageant Reveals Next Regulated State

(9:22) Funny, Yet True Stories from the Live Poker Table

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Transcription Below

On this episode of the Weekly Burn & Turn we talk about the intersection between poker and eGaming and a whole bunch of other games; also, online poker pageant, which is something you don’t want to miss; funny stories from the felt; and the popular ‘Name That Pro’ segment, right after this.


Welcome everybody to another fun episode of the Weekly Burn & Turn for the week of December 27, 2015. It’s our last episode of the year.

Yes it is, and it’s also our last episode together for another two episodes.

No more Robbie & Shimi.

I am so excited!! We’re going to have a party!

Well, get ready, Shira will be filling in for me over the next two weeks while I’m at the PCA.

Rub it in, Robbie. Rub it in.

I will. Before we get to that, we have to end the year on a bang so we’ve got three great articles to talk to you about. Let’s get right into the first one. Take it away, Shimi.

So, let’s talk about this article about Hearthstone.

Well, not exactly about Hearthstone.

Hearthstone. How do you pronounce it?



‘Full Tilt Cements eSports Sponsorship of G2 Hearthstone Team.’

This is exciting!

That’s a mouthful. That’s a lot of words in a title.

This is amazing. Well done Full Tilt.

Well yeah! Obviously it’s a good thing.

They’re branching out. It’s a card game, and it’s strategic, and now they’re putting a poker swing to it. Well done for cashing their chips into that area.

I see what you did there. We saw a few weeks ago when Daniel Negreanu and Elky were invited to a huge event where they played Hearthstone. It was a guest matchup, one versus the other, and when you see the overlap between poker and other stuff like eGaming, that is pretty cool.

It’s new and it’s revolutionary.

I don’t know about revolutionary, but it’s good.

While we’re here, let’s just talk about this. Robbie, do you know anything about Hearthstone?

No. I know that Negreanu and Elky played.

This is exciting for me because it’s the one time where I actually know the material more than Robbie.

Yeah, this is a poker show. Speaking of poker, basically, we were thinking that if you can take Full Tilt Poker and move it into other games in the eGaming sphere,what other types of games can we do this with?

Magic: The Gathering! They’ve already got a whole online system with tons and tons of hits. That would be very exciting. That would be a game that I would actually win in.

So you’re saying Full Tilt could sponsor Magic: The Gathering events.


I could see that happening. I was also thinking of other card games like Old Maid, yeah?

That would go over very well!

Full Tilt sponsors Old Maid players, or Go Fish.

Go Fish?

From Shimi The Fish.

How’s your bankroll in Go Fish?

Bigger than your poker bankroll, Shimi.


@ShimiTheFish on Twitter. Go ahead and rub that salt in that wound.

Thank you, by the way, to all my 10 followers.

That’s almost as many followers as we have here on the Burn & Turn.

Not bad, right?

Thanks to all the followers. It is a fun account to follow, @ShimiTheFish, and I’m @CardPlayerLife and of course follow @PokerUpdate on Twitter. Another game I could see Full Tilt sponsoring: Minesweeper.

Oh, Minesweeper! That brings me back. They don’t even put that on computers anymore.

You were like a Minesweeper pro, right?

I was a champion! I got down to the 5-6 second mark on the lowest level. That was pretty good.

You mean the highest level?

No, in the highest level the best you could do is 30-40 seconds. No one beat my score on the computer.

He was the only one who used his computer.

You know what I want to see? I want to see Nintendo. Bring back Nintendo.

Oh, like Full Tilt Nintendo.

Absolutely. Bring back the old games. You don’t realize this, but I’m a world record holder on Nintendo.

How many Nintendos do you have?

I have one, but I have the world record high score for Contra, one of the hardest games that you could play on Nintendo.

One of the hardest games that you, Shimi, could play?

No. This is where the whole Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A-Start comes from. Do you know what that is, Robbie?

No I don’t.

Oh gosh.

Again, this is a poker show.

The Konami Code. Every single person in the world knows about it. I know my stuff.

Okay, okay. How about Full Tilt War? I could totally be a Full Tilt Sponsored War Pro.

I hope they’re taking notes because they’re totally going to be going for War, Old Maid, and Go Fish!

Solitaire! Full Tilt Solitaire! Keep that in mind just in case the eGaming transition doesn’t work out.

If Hearthstone is not working out for you, you’ll have all these great options on

Speaking of transition. One interesting, sort of, transition took place recently at the Miss Universe Pageant.

Everyone’s talking about this. You’ve probably all seen the video.

You have Steve Harvey, who made that big blunder and he announced Miss Colombia as the winner when she was the runner-up, and Miss Philippines was the winner.

Good on him that he took responsibility for it. He didn’t try to hide from it, but he said that it was his fault and that no one else should be blamed for it. The guy is a good guy, so I have to give him credit. A terrible situation. It really is. You know what would have made it less terrible though?


You had Colombia and Philippines, and what I wanted to see is when they announced the mistake, I would have loved it if Miss Philippines stood up and offered to share the crown. What a sign of unity! It would have been incredible. What a lost opportunity. Instead, it was just like “Give me the crown! I win! Ha!” It was terrible.

You know that’s what Donald Trump said, right?

No he didn’t. Shut up. That was Trump? Okay, I take it all back. Good on you Philippines. Oh God, I share an opinion with Trump.

Played the Trump card there. Actually, I hold oppositely that I think it was a setup. Everyone’s still talking about Miss Universe, everyone’s talking about Steve Harvey and the dude’s probably still cashing checks in probably will be for a very long time. Well played Mr Harvey.

No way! You think he took a fall?

We’ll put it to you guys. Do you think like Shimi The Fish, that Steve Harvey is a good guy, or that he clearly did this for a reason? Either way, tough luck Miss Colombia, but you still look like Sofia Vergara, so, way to go! Back to poker, we were thinking how pageantry could apply to the United States online poker scene. There was a great article that Charles Rettmuller put together: ‘Online Poker Pageant Reveals Next Regulated State.’ So we were thinking, we’ve got New Jersey, Nevada, and our favorite, Delaware.

Not much to talk about there.

This is where online poker is already legal, but, in a pageant, which State would win the pageant as the next State to become legal? What would a pageant like that look like, Shimi?

I don’t know. What would they even wear? You’re not going to have a swimsuit competition.

I could see Miss Pennsylvania, or Pennsylvania the State wearing a Liberty Bell, in the evening gown competition.

Alright, so New Jersey’s going to come wearing sewage. Joisey, I love you guys.

At least online poker is already legal there. But I can see Idaho as a next state – wear a potato.

Alright, you know what? Wyoming wouldn’t even show up because Wyoming doesn’t even exist.

Oh! I see.

Come on! No State has orders that perfect? If anyone tells you they’re from Wyoming, they’re lying.

Apologies to our three viewers from Wyoming. Love you guys, and girls. Thank you. We do hope that online poker does become legal in Wyoming, which exists, as well as many other States hopefully. It would be an interesting pageant I guess. Interesting article from Charles regardless.

Who do you think would win? Who would be the winner?

California. I mean, as goes California, so go the rest of the 40-something States. I’m from California.

You mean, California would win, and then Steve Harvey would come out and say that he’s made a mistake. “Sorry, I take full responsibility! California, you’re actually runner-up.”

It’s actually Kentucky, right? Or Texas, or Hawaii, which is already outlawed so online poker isn’t going to be legal there. One more article we wanted to talk about is an article by James Guill: ‘Funny, Yet True, Stories From The Live Poker Table. I really like it, there were some pretty funny stories.

I don’t know. I was not amused James Guill, come on, you’ve got so many better stories.

That was a funny story: “Oh you’re big, you’re big.” – Read the article. You’ll know what I’m talking about.

Alright, that was a funny story. That one was pretty good.

Do you have any funny stories, Shimi?

You know, I do. I played a hand once, completely blind, and it was wonderful. You talk about playing the player and not the cards, and I looked the player in the eyes and told him that I wasn’t looking at my cards, and I raised every step of the way.

And you didn’t look at your cards?

I didn’t look at my cards, and he knew that I hadn’t looked at my cards, and he kept checking and I knew he didn’t hit the board. Finally, the river comes up and you’ve got five different cards on the river, and one card could complete a straight. I’ve got the odds of one in six cards and I could win the hand.

Wait, he had looked at his cards right?

He did look at his cards. I looked at him, and I said to him: “I know you’ve got nothing, and odds are that I have one of the cards on the table,” and I pushed all in. The guy couldn’t believe it. He asked me if I was going to look at my cards, and I’m like “No. You didn’t hit the board and I’ve got better odds than you.”

And, what happened? He called right?

He called. He called with Ace High.

He didn’t have the straight?

I turned it over, and I’ve got 9-2 and a 9 was on the board. It was wonderful.

You really had it?

I had it. I doubled up.

That’s a funny story.

How about you Robbie? You’ve got to have some kind of funny story.

I’ve played for a long time. I don’t really have a funny story. Amusing maybe, but I don’t have a funny story.

I don’t know, I think you have some funny stories. Let me tell you a Robbie story. There was one time, and I might have been there and been the other player, where Robbie is sitting at the table and some fish sitting at the table decides to straddle. Who could that have been? I don’t know.

There’s nothing funny about that story.

And it comes all the way around to Robbie, and he looks down and he has AK. He’s like ‘Alright, you know what? Let’s see what you do,’ and he raises it up, he pushes again, he triple bets.

This is not funny.

And it comes back to this fish, and the fish pushes all in. And what does Robbie do? He says, “Oh, you’re going to hate this,” and he calls. This is the last hand of the night and Robbie pushes all his chips, including considerable winnings, and what does he stare down at? That straddle was holding..?

Pocket Aces.

That was pretty funny.

There was nothing funny about that.

Good times. Good story. #TrueStory

Moving on, it’s time for that segment. We’re going to get Shimi back here. It’s time for Name That Pro!

Shoot, I’ve got to answer that question?


Oh boy. Just a disclaimer here: I’m horrible with names. I don’t know a single person. I don’t even know this guy’s name.

Robbie Strazynski.

Yes, you say it at the beginning of the show, which is the only reason I can call you by your name.

And I follow you on Twitter, @ShimiTheFish

There you go. You know, I have so many followers, it’s hard to count.

Name that pro. Oh, instructions say ‘Open Here’ on the envelope. Look at that, thank you very much.

Do I get a free guess in the blind?

Yes, let’s go preflop Shimi. Name the pro!

I honestly think you’re going to be trolling me today, and I think you’re going to do my favorite villain at poker, Barry Greenstein.

Well, with apologies to Mr Greenstein, no!

No? Oh.

The pro is not Barry Greenstein, but we have some great clues for you. Let’s see if you can get it on the first clue. Are you ready?

I am ready!

An achievement that Shimi The Fish will never accomplish, this player is presently #1 on Nevada’s all-time money list.

I know Antonio Esfandiari is #1 with his big win in the Big One for One Drop.

Antonio Esfandiari – Is that your final guess?

Let’s go with the Magician. Antonio, you stood me up for lunch but I’m going to go with you.



Clue Number 2. Again, it’s the same pro.

This is like the turn right?

Sort of like the turn, I guess. This former dealer (not that kind of dealer) made a name for himself – so it’s a guy – in the mid-1980s by turning a bankroll of $7,000 into over $1,000,000.

Oh, wow. It would be really embarrassing if I guessed one of the female poker players then, wouldn’t it?


Okay, I’m going to have to go for my boy – love you man – Michael Mizrachi. Bring on The Grinder, come on, it’s gotta be The Grinder!


That’s all the poker players I know.

Really? So you’re saying the third clue isn’t going to help. Moving onto the river. This is your final clue Shimi. This pro appeared in a late 1990s poker film depicting a realistic portrayal of the poker world, baby.

Oh jeez, it’s rounders isn’t it.




That’s not helping. Can I use a phone-a-friend? I want to call Robbie. I’m going to have to guess Rounders.

No, you can’t guess Rounders! We’re looking for the name of the poker pro!

Who was in Rounders?

Edward Norton was in Rounders. Not the answer. Teddy KGB is not the answer.

Was it Phil Ivey?


Oh come on! Okay, rhymes with! I’m still not going to get it.

Well, the ‘baby’ should have given it away. That’s poker baby. Who talks like that? The Vietnamese. Scotty Nguyen baby. He’s #1 on Nevada’s all time money list.

What about Esfandiari? Doesn’t he have more?

Clearly not.

Wow. Well Scotty, well done.

Scotty Nguyen baby.

That sucks man.

Scotty would have probably been able to name that pro.

Would you have gotten it?

Well, obviously.

You’re lucky you’re not back here next week, because I’d get back at you for that. Just for the record, I was prepared to guess Robbie Strazynski from the beginning, just in case you were trying that again.

Anyway, I will not be here for the next two episodes. Shira will be filling in this seat, doing an amazing job. Love you Shira – editor of I’ll be at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, the PCA, putting a lot of content together.

Doing a lot of hard work right? You’re not going to be on the beach, but you’re going to be doing hard work.

Of course.

Yeah, you still kinda suck.

Be sure to subscribe to the PokerUpdate YouTube Channel. Every video that we put together, you’ll be the first to see it. Of course if you’re seeing this video on Facebook,feel free to like it and share it. Again, follow @PokerUpdate and @CardPlayerLife on Twitter.

@ShimiTheFish as well.

Happy New Year everyone, thanks for tuning in.

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