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Welcome to our weekly Weekly Burn & Turn, where we discuss the latest poker updates published during the week.

Vidcast for the week of: Sunday, January 10, 2015

The One With The Phone A Friend

Thank you so much for watching.

If you would like to read the articles discussed in our vidcast, please see the links below!

(1:28) Poker Woes: Daniel Negreanu Bank of America Accounts Closed

(4:03) 3 Poker Tips that the Pros Won’t Share

(6:42) 6 Poker Faces of Success

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Transcription Below

Hi! On this week’s episode of the Weekly Burn & Turn we discuss Daniel Negreanu’s Bank Of America woes; three poker tips that the pros won’t share; and six poker faces of success; and, I try to get back at Shimi The Fish. Stay tuned!


Hi, I’m Shimi Weiss, and I’m going to let Shira introduce the show because she won’t be with us next week. Shira, go for it.

Oh! Surprise. You’re just full of surprises, Shimi.

I am, I am. Welcome to the Burn & Turn. You lost your chance.

I really did. Anyway, he’s Shimi, and I’m Shira. Robbie will be back next week.

Looking forward to it man, although we aren’t looking forward to losing Shira. It’s been a lot of fun.

Thank you!

And it’s going to be another great episode. We’ve got some great topics to talk about.

I think so too. We have some great topics that we’re going to discuss today. A little bit of fun, and Shimi’s going to be on edge the entire time because he has no idea whether or not I have anything planned to get back at him from the episode of last week.

Yeah, if you haven’t seen that, check out the ‘Name That Pro’ from last week’s episode. It was outstanding.

For him!

Yes, and for all our viewers.

Not for me.

Let’s get down into it. Let’s go.

The first article we’re going to discuss is a bit of an oldie but I think it’s very interesting. It’s by David Huber and it’s about Daniel Negreanu’s Bank Of America account, which was closed at the end of December.

Honestly, what were they thinking?

Merry Christmas Daniel Negreanu?

Yeah, well done! Bank Of America, seriously? How much money does the guy have?

He has over $32 million.

You know, that’s really high risk, Bank Of America, good thing you shut him down.

Well apparently there’s this ‘Operation Choke Point’ where they’re looking at industries that are kind of high-risk. They deemed poker as being high-risk.

Well, specifically online poker, because it has problems in the States.

It’s not just online poker. It’s all poker because it’s considered a “shady” enterprise. So even though he’s played legally at tournaments, or played online legally, it didn’t matter. Bank Of America was like: ‘We don’t want you.’

Even though he has a net worth of over $30 million. I guess he’s high-risk. That’s a good reason for them to cancel his Master Card.

I mean, I wish I had $32 million and that was my issue. My bank is like: ‘You need to put more money into your account.’

Banks make total sense with the bureaucracy and how everything works. I picture it kind of like a three-ring circus, with all the clowns running around bopping each other on the head. That’s the bank right there. Well done. Good move. Sorry Daniel, we feel for you man.

But it’s not just him. Others in the past have experienced this, and it’s not just Bank Of America. A few pros had issues with (I believe) Chase Bank in the past. This is their living, and they’re making a living doing this. It’s no different from the people who run Fortune 500 companies, but because it’s poker, because it’s this game, they believe that it’s not right.

It’s worrisome because if it happens to them it can happen to any poker player, except people like us who don’t have any winnings in our bank.

Speak for yourself.

No, I’ll speak for both of us.

No, I actually just played last week and I won.

Oh wow! How’d that go?

It went really nicely.

Nice, well done!

Thank you. It’s once in a lifetime.

There you go.

So I have live earnings.  

But you know what? If we’re already talking about all the professionals and the challenges they face, let’s move on to the next article which is actually really good. When the poker players are trying to meet you, to speak with the fans and teach the fans with the books they put out, they’re always challenged with not giving out too much.

Which is where James Guill’s article, ‘Three Poker Tips that the Pros Won’t Share,’ comes into place. He gives three great tips that you need to know, that maybe the pros don’t share. For example, whether the pros play based on how other people play.


If other people are playing poorly, they’ll play poorly because obviously they don’t want to play really well and scare all the fish away.

Yeah. It’s a really good article but to tell you the truth, it bothers me that the pros are not so forthcoming with all their strategies. These are people who’ve put out books. They’ve published strategy books and yet they’ve said outright that even though they’re publishing these guidelines, in their books and all their literature, it’s not a full tactical and strategic analysis because they don’t want to give away too much to other players.

Well, you know what? It’s kind of the same with restaurants and what not. They have their secret sauce and they don’t want to give away the recipe because then everyone’s going to make the secret sauce. Only like 3 people in the world know about the recipe to Coca Cola, because if Coca Cola just let it out they would have no business.

I don’t know. I don’t agree because the way I see it is like Ender Wiggin. Have you ever read Ender’s Game? The idea is basically that you’ve got this tactical genius who’s never afraid to tell everything because he’s positive that no one’s going to be able to replicate the strategies that he uses, or be able to use them against him, because he’s constantly changing. Part of the game is giving information to an opponent and then using that against them – making them think that you’re playing one way and then switching it up. So you shouldn’t be afraid to really be open with other players. It just means you’ve got to change up the game when you play against them.

I understand what you’re saying but at the end of the day poker pros are known as pros because of how they play. They don’t want to give everything away, because then Daniel Negreanu’s not going to have over $30 million in his bank account because other people will know how he plays. There has to be a little bit of secret.

I disagree. When you’re a professional it’s because you’re that good. It’s not because someone else hasn’t discovered what it is that you’re doing. We’ve been talking about poker players being athletes. If you take a professional basketball player, they’re not afraid to tell you what drills they do and how they shoot the ball, because it’s the skills that they have that make them good players, not the techniques they use. But that’s just my opinion.

Do you have any tips that you think the pros need to tell us?

Well let’s segue straight into the next article. You know what I want to learn? I want to learn how they keep their poker face the way it is during a game.

I’ve been reading things along the way and people squeeze their toes, or they bite the tip of their tongue, or they cover their faces.

Squeeze their toes? Hold on a second, I’m going to try that. Not really working for me.

I read that this one person put a tack in his shoe to keep the face straight.


Jeez! A tack in his shoe? What do you do? Let’s see your poker face.

Oh that’s pretty good! Stone cold!

You know who else has a good stone cold face? Mike McDonald! Have you ever seen pictures of this guy? You cannot read him for anything, and he doesn’t even wear sunglasses like Greg Raymer or Phil Hellmuth. He just looks at you. Then you have people like Tom Dwan who just look like they’re half asleep at the table. You don’t know if they’re playing or if they’re not playing.

I personally like Patrik Antonius. I feel like the guy is looking into your soul when he’s just staring at you. It’s terrifying.

Do you have a good poker face?

I have an amazing poker face because my poker face sucks so much that I just make sure to use the same face when I’m bluffing and when I’m telling the truth and no one knows what’s going on. It’s wonderful. You know who I really like? We haven’t spoken about him. I love ‘The Unibomber.’

Oh, Phil Laak!

His look is the best because he just flips up the hoodie, zips up and goes all Kenny, and there you go, no one can tell a single thing that’s going on.

But that’s it. Some people just need to use those tools – the sunglasses, the big headphones – because maybe they realize that their poker face isn’t so good. They don’t have the stone cold face, they need a little extras.

A high collar to hide the pulse so no one sees it. Sometimes I’ll be like this at a table.


I notice Esfandiari sits like this a lot, and other people sit in certain ways. Hellmuth sits like this. You can’t see what they’re doing and what they’re thinking, and I think that’s what makes a good poker face from anything else. Obviously you need to have a good face. You don’t want people to know what you have.

No. 100%, but you know what? If we’re talking about what they should be sharing with us, teach us the ways of your poker face. Come, Jedi Master, let us know! We’re going back to Star Wars references.

We are, aren’t we?

At least it doesn’t go over your head.

No, at least I do understand the Star Wars references, unlike Robbie. As we said, he’ll be back next week, but if you liked what you saw these last two weeks, and you want me to come back, be sure to comment below. Of course, Subscribe on YouTube.

Yep, follow us on Twitter – @ShimiTheFish. Robbie’s going to pay hell for that, for all the references. Shira, you’re driving me crazy here. I’m literally standing on egg shells. Put me out of my misery! Just do it, just do it!

So, we have the questions and now we’re going to be seeing if Shimi can name that pro.

Oh god, oh god, oh god! Help!

Alright, let’s get started.

Do I get to throw out a guess?

You can throw out a guess.

I’m going to throw out one of my favorite three guesses that I wrote down. We were speaking about Phil Laak, and I’ve got to tell you, Phil Laak was one of my favorite poker players when I first started watching poker on TV. I just loved watching the guy. So I’m going to go with it, I’m going to throw it out there, but you’re making a face so I know I’m already wrong. Going to go for it: Phil Laak.

No, The Unibomber is not the answer. Question #1: This pro’s largest score came after defeating Qi Fan, Chul Park, and Chang Choi, to win the 2012 Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon.

I am totally going to get this! This is straight up trivia that I know in the back of my head. Can you repeat the question?

This pro’s largest score came after defeating Qi Fan, Chul Park, and Chang Choi, to win the 2012 Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon.

I am going to be throwing a dart in the dark. Let’s go for Mike Matusow.

Alright, Question #2: This Team PokerStars Pro likes to do yoga, pilates, and play tennis.

Alright, we haven’t spoken about Antonio Esfandiari and his wonderful lunges but that’s the guy who clearly loves yoga. So, I’m going to have to go for it. Give me The Magician!


This is my last chance!

#3: This pro could just as easily throw a shrimp on the barbie for lunch and have sushi with rice for dinner.

Oh my gosh, am I just going to have to throw out another guess? Oh wow, okay. Can I use my phone-a-friend? I’m going to need to call someone. Please, I need some help.


*Shimi on the phone* “Do you have something? Okay, who is it? Go, quickly, before she takes the phone. What is it?” Zhenru Xie.


I would like to thank…Is this right? Did I get it?


WHAT? MIRIAM! I called my wife and it was still wrong? Do you know how long we’ve been planning this?

Now it’s even worse. So is that why you called her?


During the break he pretended to have a phone call from his wife. Little did I know she was still on the phone. You just keep trying to throw punches at me, but the answer is still wrong. The answer is Celina Lin! She was born in Shanghai, China but moved to Melbourne, Australia at the age of 7.

I’m going to have words with my wife after this. It was a good attempt though. Did you know that I actually tried to get Robbie on the phone, but it’s 4am by him right now. I tried to get him to call in and it was going to be wonderful. He was going to chime in with the answer for Name That Pro.

If you have any ideas on how to get back Shimi The Fish, leave a comment below.

Please don’t.

Anyway, I’m Shira Stieglitz.

I’m Shimi Weiss.

Also known as Shimi The Cheater.

Well it’s not cheating if I’m still wrong.

Still cheating.

Alright, alright, let’s remember who looked up the answer last week.

Thanks for watching.

Tune in again! 

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