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Welcome to our weekly Weekly Burn & Turn, where we discuss the latest poker updates published during the week.

Vidcast for the week of: Sunday, January 3, 2015

The One With Negreanu & Shimi the Who?

Thank you so much for watching.

If you would like to read the articles discussed in our vidcast, please see the links below!

(1:04) 3 Gimmick Tournaments We’d Like to See in 2016

(4:07) 5 Things on My Poker Wish List for 2016

(10:56) PokerStars Caribbean Adventure UnderWay

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Transcription Below

Hi. Welcome to this week’s episode of the Weekly Burn & Turn. We will be discussing things on our poker wishlist; gimmick tournaments we’d like to see; and we’ll update you on the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure which is where Robbie is, which is also why I’m here. So stay tuned!


Hi everyone! Welcome to this week’s episode of the Weekly Burn & Turn. I’m Shira Stieglitz.

And I’m Shimi Weiss.

And I’m still not Robbie Strazynski.

No, because Robbie’s not here.

He’s in the Bahamas.

You suck, Robbie, but we miss you man. We do. Not too much.

I don’t miss him.

Well, Shira doesn’t miss you.

You’re in the Bahamas! Anyways, we have some great topics to discuss this week, so why don’t we dive right in there? – Much like Robbie is doing into the water, at the Bahamas, on the beach.

Yeah! Have we mentioned yet that he sucks because he left us behind? We did.



First topic is actually an interesting article, written by James Guill, on ‘Three Gimmick Tournaments We’d Like To See.’ As we know, there are many, many tournaments going on, and sometimes we like to see some more interesting aspects.

Some sort of change.

A bit of a change, you know? Change is always good.

You’ve got to break the routine. I mean, look, I love Texas Hold’em, and I love the typical games, but you’ve got to have something that changes things up a little bit and keeps it interesting for you. I love the little gimmicks and what he put out there were some good suggestions.

I have to say, I really like the idea of the walking dead feature – the Walking Dead Event – but I think the people who want to come back (the walkers) should dress like zombies.

That would be amazing.

They can’t just be chill in there.

That would be amazing. You have to actually come dressed as a zombie.

To be able to possibly come back into the tournament, you have to dress like you’re a zombie.

Absolutely. The concept was interesting – that if you get knocked out you still have another chance. They take a small percentage of the players – that was a suggestion – and bring them back the next day.

I think it’s a great idea, and moving off of that, I think there should be a Halloween event. Like, on Halloween, have a tournament and people have to dress up, and maybe make them dress up in a certain way.

Who is it that always dresses up? Isn’t it Phil Hellmuth that always dresses up to the Main Event?

I’m not quite sure.

I’m pretty sure that’s who it is. So he’d have to come as himself since he dresses up for all the other events.

I guess so. I also like the idea of the video poker. I love video poker, and I’m a sucker for pressing that button to double or nothing. That’s probably where I’d end up losing everything.

That’s probably where a lot of people would end up losing everything. It gives a little bit more of a gamble afterwards, especially for the people who go out early. They don’t get a very large payout so it gives them a chance to double up or lose it all. Personally, I would take my winnings and split. If I’m going to hit the payout, I’m just going to be happy about that. I’ll take what I can get.

I don’t know. A part of me thinks like that and the other part is like: hmm, I can make some more money.

There you go. You know what type of gimmick tournament I would love to see? I actually ran one like this where we did a bounty tournament. I hope you guys are listening because this is copyrighted by Shimi The Fish, so you can contact me for more details. A bounty tournament is a tournament where everyone is able to put a bounty on other players. Kind of like a knockout tournament where you get a bonus for knocking players out, but here you get to put a bounty on someone yourself. Say people who give you a bad beat on the river, you can put a bounty on them so anyone who knocks them out gets your bounty. It’s enticing other people – ‘That guy really annoyed me, so I want you to take him out.’ You can get the viewers involved as well. Viewers could be putting bounties on the players.

I think that’s actually great. It definitely makes it so it’s more interactive with the people who watch it, and speaking of making things much more interactive, I think it rolls into our second article: 5 Things On Our Poker Wish List For 2016 – also by James Guill. He didn’t necessarily mention it in his article but I definitely think making poker events more interactive with people who watch them would be on my wish list. I love watching poker, and having the ability to make it more interactive – I would have a lot of fun with that.

Absolutely. You know what? I’m looking for a good fantasy poker league. That would be fun. Get the fans involved. I know they have something like that, but I would like something a little bit more involved. It would be an incredible opportunity where in an actual tournament the fans are there railing the players all the way through. That way you can actually be involved with each tournament as it’s going on. It would be a nice interaction between the players and the fans.

Well one point that James made that I liked is that more pros need to take a stance for regulated poker. He had mentioned that the Poker Players’ Alliance, and Daniel Negreanu do a lot, but it kind of stops there. We had the PokerStars California Pro Tour, but I think there needs to be other pros saying that they support online poker legislation in the US. I think maybe they should do more.

They should actually do something.

Yeah, like lobby for it, and be the ones to talk to the people in charge and start getting the ball rolling.

For sure, and the fans are going to follow the pros. When the pros stand up – and you’ve got to be loud – we’ll follow you because we want it to happen as well, but you’ve got to lead the way.

Exactly, they need to lead it. We’re people who just like poker. We don’t have that much of a loud voice, so to speak.

Well, I’ve got quite a loud voice.

Well, yeah, I’m a New Yorker and I do have a loud voice.

You have to have a loud voice. You cannot drive in New York if you don’t have a loud voice.

Oh God no. I’m just saying that in terms of the people on the posters and in the commercials, they are the face of poker. They need to be the ones, and we’d follow.

Absolutely. I liked a lot of the suggestions, especially the charity one. We’ve seen that a few times. We’ve seen many tournaments where they have some sort of charity benefit, but I would like to see more of it. Like James said, that’s a very good suggestion. I, as a poker player on my own, try to give a portion of all my winnings to charity. Unfortunately my charities have not been doing too well.

They’ve been receiving negative money.

That’s correct, but I’m happy that they cover me. No, they don’t. It’s something nice, and you don’t even have to be connected to a charity. You can give it as a recommendation. If I was at a tournament and they said to me that I could press a button and part of my winnings would go to a charity, and you do that before you even break into the payout, I would do that as a good luck charm. I would that from the beginning.

But it’s not even the players. He had mentioned that maybe a couple of dollars from everyone’s buy in go to a charity, and at these poker tournaments they don’t need to create their own charity. They could just sign up with another charity. Many players have done that: Vanessa Selbst….uhm, you know, I can’t think of anyone else…my brain..

You know, this is actually how I met Robbie Strazynski, way back when we were just kids. I met with him because he used to run a charity poker tournament. It was a 50-50 type tournament. 50% went to the charity, and 50% you played with. It was a wonderful event. I took 6th place out of a 100 people.

Did you make anything?

I made money, that’s right. This is how Robbie remembers me.

Did you make at least your buy in back?

I did. I did quite well and the year after, my wife took first place if I’m not mistaken.

But that’s her money.

Yes, and my winnings were also here money.

I was about to say! All the money is Shimi’s wife’s money.

What else would you like to see though? From your personal wish list.

I would like to see women taking a larger stance in poker – seeing more of the female players dominating. You hear about Negreanu and Somerville, but you don’t hear a lot about women players, and I (as a woman who likes to play poker) would like to see more women front and center.

I would like to hear them a little bit louder about equality at the poker table, because we see the problems that women are facing at the poker table, and the only way it’s going to change is if everyone speaks up about it. I think it’s a problem that people don’t recognize and aren’t loud enough about. I would want to see that as well, not just from the female players, but I think the male players should be speaking up about that to change poker and make it a little more welcoming for the female players.

Something else I’d like to see – and maybe it’s because I personally don’t make a lot of money playing poker –

Welcome to the club. There’s a lot of us here.

Yes, but I would like to see more people loving poker again for the game, and not necessarily the money that they make. Yeah money is great (who doesn’t love money?) but when I first really started playing poker, it was actually when I moved here, and it was a way for me to get to meet people. It wasn’t about the money.

It was much more social.

It was social. It was about meeting individuals and having good conversations, and witty banter, and taking these relationships off the felt and into real life.

The moment money is there, all the social aspect goes out the door because everyone is focused on winning the money. We used to actually run a poker tournament at our house, once a year, and it was an M&M’s tournament.

Was it peanut butter M&M’s?

It was all different types of M&M’s, and they actually had different chip values. The concept was that people came and they bought in for something like $2 or $5 and all the money went to order pizza for everyone who was playing. The game was strictly for fun and we had blocks of M&M’s. So instead of 500 chips you got a block of peanut M&M’s.

But I’d probably lose because I’d eat all my M&M’s.

I know, right? Everyone had that problem! And at the end we were very nice and we shared some of the M&M’s with the people who busted out. Not a lot, but some.

No, no, I’d still eat all the M&M’s. It would be like, “Shira, you’re in the big blind,” and I’d be like, “I’ve got nothing. I ate my chips.”

Yeah, it was actually quite a big problem. You know what was on my wish list? My wish list is one thing, one personal thing. It’s that maybe next year, Robbie will take us with him! Come on!

Oh my God. The PCA?

Absolutely! We could go together with Robbie. We would do the show, the Burn & Turn, at the PCA. It would be awesome!

Live from the Bahamas!

Quasi-Live from the Bahamas! Yeah, totally, because we would be doing tons of work, right? Because I’m sure Robbie is at the PCA doing tons of work!

Actually, when he’s not complaining about the weather – sorry it’s in the 70s and raining.

Complaining? About the weather?

Yeah, he’s complaining about the weather.

We’ve had snow, Robbie! It was snowing. What weather are you complaining about?

He’s been complaining about it.

Oh, you poor baby!

I know, right?

Is it tough for you in the Bahamas?

It must be! I’m so sorry! Maybe you need to wear some socks with your sandals.



You know I like the socks with sandals, right?

No, Shimi. We can’t be friends anymore.

I do! Sometimes my feet are cold, so I put on socks, and I’m too lazy to put on shoes so I put on sandals.

But you have to take the sandals off to put on the socks.

No, because then your feet are cold again.

I’m so confused by you. Anyway, there’s a lot going on right now. Aside from the crazy amount of tournaments – over 100 tournaments – they’ve got all these fun events like ‘Breakfast with the Pros’; there’s an Atari room;

Yeah, Robbie told me all about this Atari room, but he made me think that it was a feature that they’re putting into the PokerUpdate Studio/Offices here, and I was so excited. I was like, alright, filming day – I’m going to be sitting in that game room all day long. But then he’s like, “No, it’s in the Bahamas.” Robbie…

…I hate you…

…So much!

I asked Robbie to bring me back a PCA sweatshirt. Did you ask him to bring you back anything?

I didn’t, but if you’re bringing me anything, Robbie, Entenmann’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. Please. It’s the one thing I miss from America.

I could totally eat those chocolate donuts from Entenmann’s.

Oh my God those are great also.

We are totally not talking about poker.

Okay, anything Entenmann’s.

As we stop talking about pastries, let’s bring it back to poker.

Has Robbie given us anything from his trip yet?

Actually, yes! He had an amazing interview with Daniel Negreanu yesterday.

No way!

Yeah, and there’s so many interviews he has lined up.

But Negreanu’s got to be the icing on the cake.

It was. It was the first interview, and we actually have a clip from it.

Are we going to play it now?

We’re totally going to play it now.

Alright, let’s do it.

Check it out.


Robbie: So, Daniel, for the Weekly Burn & Turn show, who’s your favorite co-host? Me, or Shimi The Fish?

Daniel: Who is Shimi The Fish?

Robbie: That’s what I though!

Daniel: Haaaa!!!


Who’s Shimi The Fish?

Awh, I’m sorry.

You know what? What? Negreanu, we are going to have words, buddy. Someday. Who’s Shimi The Fish? Hello! And you picked Robbie among the two of us? He doesn’t even have a beard.

Anyway, aside from Daniel Negreanu, we’re getting interviews with Jason Somerville, Elky, Chris Moneymaker, and so many people. So you definitely need to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so that way you can see all the interviews as they come in, and also keep up with us on Twitter. We’re going to be tweeting about the event and we have so much great coverage coming from the PCA, so you definitely want to stay tuned.

Absolutely, and while we’re talking about the pros, let’s bring it to our favorite time of the show: ‘Name That Pro.’ Shira, are you ready? I’m going to be asking you the questions this time.


How confident are you?


Not confident? You’re not at all confident?

I’m about a 6 on the confidence.

A 6 on the confidence scale? You don’t know the answer right now?

No I don’t know the answer.

Honest to God that you don’t know the answer?

Oh My God we’re cutting this.

No we’re not, because ladies and gentlemen, I have something to tell you. It has come to light that Shira…

..No come on, we have to play…

We have prepared a special set of questions for Shira because it turns out she found out the answer before the show.


Nice try Shira! So, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for ‘Name That Pro’ where Shira doesn’t know the answer? Here we go. Want to throw out a guess right here? By the way, I want to shout out to James. Thank you man. With love from James, Shira. Alright, before we start with the questions you can throw out any answer. Go for it. If you get it, that’s going to be amazing.

Barbara Enright.

Is it Barbara Enright? No! Alright, don’t worry, it’s okay. By the way, my first time playing name that pro – when it wasn’t actually a pro – I missed the answer also. So it’s okay.


Here we go. Clue Number 1: This pro studied microbiology in college, and paid for her tuition playing $2/$5 and $5/$10 No Limit Hold’em Cash Games.

Hmm.. Was it Liv Boeree?

Was it Liv Boeree? No. But that was a really good guess. You still have two more clues. Here we go for Number 2: This pro has 2 WSOP Circuit Rings, 2 WPT Regional Titles, and finished runner up in a 2015 WSOP event. This pro’s name is….*Drum Roll*

I’m listing the names in my head.

Blanking. It is a girl.

I figured it’s a girl with the amount of ‘she’s’ and ‘her.’ It’s not Vanessa Selbst. Uhm, Linda Harman.

Is it Linda Harman? No. Don’t worry though, you’ve got one more shot at this. Again – I want to prep you – it’s okay to lose these days. Alright? I shouldn’t be the only one that misses it. Clue Number 3, here we go: This former sponsored pro found love and marriage at the poker table, but later cashed in her chips to upgrade to Jason Mercier.

Maria Ho!

Maria Ho…No!

I know it’s not Maria Ho.

That was a really good try though. You did really well.

Thank you very much.

The actual answer (did anyone get this?) is Natasha Barbour.


But that was very good. It’s a lot harder when you don’t know the answer from the start, isn’t it?


I have a feeling James is in a lot of trouble. Sorry man.

He is.

Run James, run! Well done though, this was fun. Robbie, we miss you man.

Alright, and that’s it for this week’s episode of the Weekly Burn & Turn. I’m Shira.

And I’m Shimi.

Next week!

Sorry James.

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