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Welcome to our weekly Weekly Burn & Turn, where we discuss the latest poker updates published during the week.

Episode 23: The One Where Shimi Gets Stumped…As Usual

Thank you so much for watching.

If you would like to read the articles discussed in our vidcast, please see the links below!

(1:43) Here’s Why Most Major Tournaments Won’t Use a Shot Clock

(5:26) 3 Poker Trends that Never Caught On

(9:08) Put Some Life into Your Poker Home Games

(12:09) Do You Suffer From One of These 5 Bad Poker Habits?

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Transcription Below

On this week’s episode of PokerUpdate’s Weekly Burn & Turn we’re going to talk about why most tournaments will not be using a shot clock. We will also talk about 3 poker trends that never caught on; how you can spice up your home game to put a little more life into it; and do you suffer from any of these 5 bad poker habits? Stay tuned, right after this.

Welcome everybody, to another exciting episode of the Weekly Burn & Turn for the week of January 24, 2016. I’m Robbie Strazynski.

And I’m Shimi The Fish.

Shimi The Fish!

That’s correct.

How are you doing, Shimi?

I am doing awesome. How are you doing?

I’m doing so good.

Coming off of a great last week. The last episode was amazing.

Yeah, With the new graphics! Did you guys like it?

Although, I’ve got to tell you, about the graphics – I don’t know how many of you noticed that it was there the entire time. I felt a little like Mike Wazowski, you know?

Mike Wazowski?

Monsters Inc!

Oh, right.

*Mike Wazowski Quote*

Yeah, Chuck Norris was right next to you.

I had no problem with that. You could put Chuck Norris next to me any day. That was amazing.

What about me?

No, dude, Chuck’s mine.

Okay! Well, we hope you enjoy these new graphics and stuff. We keep on trying to make the Weekly Burn & Turn better for you guys, and that’s why this week we barely prepared at all. So, we’ve got a script, which is supposed to guide us.

Do we ever prepare?

We prepare! We try. So, we do sort of have topics. We have no idea – it’s going to be no filter from the brain to the mouth just coming out in front of you.

We’re just going to flow with it.

Speaking of flowing with it, let’s jump right into the first topic: Here is why most major tournaments will not use a shot clock. Go, Shimi! 30 seconds!

It sucks! Wait, no, we’re not putting a shot clock into the shot clock discussion.

Of course you can! Metagame!

The reason we don’t have shot clocks is because it’s a thinking game. You need to be able to take your time.

Yeah, but some people don’t think when they play poker.

Okay, granted. We’re not talking about me here. We’re talking about professional poker players.

So you’re saying you don’t need a shot clock?

I don’t need a shot clock, no. 100%. It’s all gut instinct and the way it works is, you trust your instincts and you do exactly the opposite of what your instincts are telling you to do. That’s how you win when you’re a fish.

Okay, exactly. So, if you identify yourself as a fish, first of all follow @ShimiTheFish on Twitter, and then yes, follow that advice.

Well, you want to have some time to plan out your strategies and your moves, and I know why everyone is crazy about the shot clock – because of the 2015 WSOP Main Event Final Table. That’s the reason why this is such a hot topic.

There was a great tweet put out by Joe Stapleton. He was like: “Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…vi Stern!” The guy put everyone to sleep, with all due respect. I understand that millions of dollars are at stake, GTO, and so on, but dude, you took a long time. So, for home games I don’t think a shot clock should be there.

WIth the home game people are a lot more open about calling clock on you, also.

Yeah, but amongst friends and stuff.

Exactly, but professionals won’t call clock on another play. It’s just not..

It’s just not etiquette! Unless you really take a while, but for the feature TV tables and stuff maybe a shot clock does make sense. When you ask top pros who do take a lot of time, they say that shot clocks could be good. It forces you to think faster and of course it’s much more interesting for the audience watching at home.

Well what they should do is have it like online poker where you have some sort of time bank, and that way you have the ability to take some time on the hands that require the time.

Sure, like you throw in a time bank chip.

Absolutely. Let me tell you something, because if we’re already talking about the inexperienced amateurs – fish players – having that stall tactic, that’s worth a lot because do you know how many times I hit the payout just because you stall the table? It’s wonderful. When you’re playing and there are 500 tables that are going to hit the payout, people are dropping like flies so if you take an extra 30 seconds here, an extra 30 seconds there, it pays off. You get your buyin back! This is how you make the big bucks as a fish.

And if you think that Shimi The Fish can stall and do those types of tactics, there was a story that blew everyone’s minds. It got mainstream exposure in like the New York Post. A dead guy, really! After he was dead, by their custom in Puerto Rico, his friends dressed him up and they put him at the poker table.

Sunglasses, visor, and all!

The whole deal! I guess they played poker with him at the table. It was a little spooky and freaky.

It was a little strange.

A little weird.

Robbie, when you go, do you want us to put you in your PCA jacket and the hat? We’ll send you off in style.

When I go! I like that. Thanks! I’ll already have all the money by then, so it will take that long for you guys to win it off of me. Anyway, definitely an interesting spook. I don’t know what you want to call that. The poor guy is literally dead. It looked a little weird.

His friends looked like they were having a great time.

Yeah! Clearly they didn’t do it for the press exposure or anything like that.

It was a bad night for him. Bad beat after bad beat, he was drawing dead half the time. Oh, I did it!

Ha! He did it! I’m sure he’s not the first one to use that line.

Totally! No one has ever used that, right? There you go.

Speaking of trends that will never catch on – that’s actually one of our topics that we’re going to discuss today.

Well, let’s hope this one doesn’t catch on.

That’s the last poker dead guy we want to see. Maybe Weekend at Bernie’s – that was a good movie.

Yeah, okay. Alright.

Weekend at Bernie’s!

Sorry man.

Oh! A reference that Shimi didn’t get. Look at that.

Was that a book? A song? A movie?

Good Lord!

There are things I don’t know outside of poker.

Yes, okay. So, trends that will never catch on. Go for it, Shimi.

Trends that will never catch on. Well, it was a great article, but you know what? I want to go over some trends that we will never see catch on. What type of tournament would they give a shot to, and will never take off? I’ve got one for you.


I want to see – just one time, because it will never catch on – is a Hunger Games tournament. A poker tournament battle royale to the death.

Really? Wait, are you using your one time on this?

I would hope so. May the odds be in your favor.

Okay, he’s using his one time to promote a Hunger Games poker tournament.

You heard it first here. It is copyrighted by us, but also probably by Hunger Games.

This is also the only time you will ever hear about such a tournament type of thing.

What trend do you think would never catch on?

I don’t know. Maybe not preparing for a game – like we didn’t prepare for the show – because I can’t think of a single one.

No one prepares for poker tournaments! You prepare for poker tournaments?

I’m always prepared for a poker tournament.


Not like Shimi The Fish. Anyway, clearly we don’t have a lot to talk about on this topic, but it is a great article.

It is a great article. He had some really good ideas.

James wrote it, right?

Yes! There were some trends that didn’t come true. I liked the bubble insurance, which was actually very clever.

What’s bubble insurance for those who don’t know?

Bubble insurance is if you’re at that stage in a tournament, just before the bubble, and you don’t know if you want to be playing hands. That’s the part where most players will actually tighten up their game. This is one of the few times where you might be correct folding AA.


Well, look, if you don’t have the stack to go that far you want to make sure to capitalize on the money you’re getting. You want to hit that bubble. There was actually a tournament where they spoke about it. There was a player who played pocket aces and they said that he was wrong to play it, because he had a stack that he could have waited it out with, and it was something like the top 10 players got a ticket to move on.

Also, like if you’re playing in the WSOP Main Event, which is a $10,000 buyin event, and the min cash is $15,000, it’s a lot of money.

That’s a lot of money for some people!

“But they were aces!!” Yeah, but $5,000 extra, and a $15,000 min cash is a lot of money in your pocket. Look at that, we learned some poker strategy from Shimi The FIsh.

So with this trend you were actually able to buy insurance and if you bubble out, you got your money back. That way you had the opportunity to open up your game a little bit when you were in that situation.

Right. Bubble insurance?

Bubble insurance, yes.

I don’t know.

I mean, wouldn’t you take that if you were in that situation? The way it works is – if I’m not mistaken – if you went out 20 places before the bubble, you’d get your buyin back.

Ah! I don’t know. We’ll leave it up to you guys. What do you think? Do you like bubble insurance?

Leave a comment.


On YouTube! Twitter, YouTube, Facebook.

Come on Shim! There we go! @PokerUpdate on Twitter; on Facebook look for Poker Update. We always love to see your comments there. That’s where we are. We’re engaging with you, and anytime you like it, you share it, it makes us happy here.

Would you buy bubble insurance?

Exactly. Let’s put some life into this broadcast. Another article we’re going to talk about here is ‘Putting Some Life into your Home Poker Games.’ Now, we love playing home games. Do you know why I love playing home games?

Why do you love playing home games?

Because Shimi’s at the table. It’s a guarantee. “Honey, I’m going to make money. I’ll see you soon.”

Let’s remind Robbie about that time where I straddled with pocket aces.

That was one time.

One time. One time baby.

It’s okay. We’re good. How do you put life in the home games, Shimi?

You need to keep changing things up with home games. You know, when you’re playing in professional events it’s strictly one game – you’re playing Texas Hold’em, you’re playing Omaha – you don’t really have room to change it up. When you’re playing a home game there’s a lot of flexibility.

Okay, like a dealer’s choice kind of game.


I love doing that stuff, like wild games.

Or you throw out crazy games. Let’s play some Cincinnati. Who here knows what Cincinnati is?

I have no idea what he’s talking about.

This guy doesn’t.

It’s not a real game. The Cincinnati Kid was a poker movie.

Cincinnati is a little bit crazy. You get dealt 5 pocket cards.

And what do you do with them?   

You just play it. It’s like Texas.

Is there a board?

There’s a board. You deal it out like Texas, only instead of two pocket cards, you’ve got five. It’s insane. I do not recommend it to people.

Shimi we already passed the “poker trends that won’t catch on” topic. We’re on a new topic.

There you go.

How do you put some life into home games? One of the things is obviously that you can play dealer’s choice. At our dealer’s choice game, we don’t do a whole orbit of one game. Every single hand it’s a new game. That definitely changes things up. Another thing you could do, which was suggested in the article, is charity – have a charity component. That’s a really good thing to do. You can order pizza, that’s always very fun.

Food always works.

Fish food!

You know, in my private game, the WPT – the Weiss Poker Tournament (Please don’t sue me, WPT) – we like to add a lot of little gimmicks.

We like gimmicks?

Absolutely! We have rebuy chips, we had a knockout tournament where we printed out a portrait of people’s faces and planted them all onto  knockout chip. You actually played in that, Robbie. You didn’t do too well. You didn’t hit the money.

No money.

So anyway, you play and you’ve got your little knockout chip and when someone knocks you out they get a little bonus – they have a chip with your face on it.

There’s definitely a lot of fun ways to inject some fun into a home game. What’s another one that we did? Can’t think of one.

Bounties! I always love bounties.

Oh, bounties. Okay. So it has to be a tournament then.

It has to be a tournament, absolutely.

What about a bounty cash game?

A bounty cash game! Actually that would be interesting.

If you felt somebody you get extra money.


That would be interesting.

Or you force someone to rebuy. Someone who just really pissses you off. You know? They pull out those pocket twos against your pocket aces.

Well you know what I say about being pissed off?

Better to be pissed off?

Better to be pissed off than pissed on.

There you go. A wise man once said that, and so did Robbie.

Yeah! Okay, looks like we should be moving on from the home game topic. Last topic we’re going to discuss here: Do you suffer from one of these five bad poker habits?


Yes, right. So, Shimi’s going to take the lead on this.

All five!

What bad poker habits do you suffer from, Shimi? Other than losing.

What bad habits? Well, you know, I’ve got to tell you that I think I actually build up my image a little bit more than I have to. I’ll tell you how you do this. You can have a lot of fun with this, and it is a little bit entertaining. Imagine having a really good poker night, and I’m talking specifically about a friendly poker game.

A really good poker night, as in you’re winning a lot?

No. You came out on top, and you put money aside to have a crazy night. I don’t tell anyone about this, but you go to the next game ready to start calling all the long odds. You start calling with 72.

Just like call?

Call, call, call. I had a night once where I won 500 bucks. I took 300 and put it aside and the next time I played with the same crowd I went nuts – going for that three-outer, going for that two-outer, and you show people the cards. All of a sudden everyone’s looking at the cards going: “What the hell is going on?”

Yeah, I would say the same thing. It’s one of those 5 bad poker habits, though.

Well I mean, the thing is, it’s an investment. They actually speak about this in the article. The next time you go, people tend to remember the mistakes you’ve made, so the next time you go you tighten up your game again and you get a lot of nice payouts.


Everyone’s going to remember you like: “Yeah, he calls with everything.”

That’s really interesting. He basically put a 3 minute dissertation together to try to explain how a bad poker habit is a “poker strategy.”


@ShimiTheFish on Twitter.

This is what we call denial. It’s not just a river in Egypt.

Okay Shimi, I think everyone – if you’re still watching…

Of course they’re still watching! Everyone’s waiting for Name That Pro!

The Name That Pro!

Robbie is in the hot seat now.

Time to Name That Pro – sponsored by…nobody!

Welcome back and we’re ready for Name That Pro with Robbie answering the questions.


No? Wait, what? No? Oh crap!

Shimi’s in the hot seat!

It was worth a shot, right?

Name That Pro, sponsored by nobody, coming right up! Are you ready, Shimi?


Preflop! Let’s have a guess. Who’s that pro?

I’m going to throw it out there, and you know what? I’m going to name my wife. My wife is the professional player! It is Miriam Weiss!

No. Let’s head to the flop. Clue #1: This player has often played poker with Jesus.

Okay, so hold on a second. He’s played poker with Jesus.

It’s a ‘he.’

It’s a ‘he?’


Oh gosh, I’m going to have to throw this out there and I’ve got to say it’s Chris Ferguson.


No? Well his nickname is Jesus, right? I wasn’t wrong there, it was a good guess, right?

WITH Jesus.

Oh, so he played with Chris Ferguson!

Pay attention to the clue.

Okay, okay, we got this.

Clue #2, the turn: Fans, or maybe haters, of this player once found a cookie that looked like him, and the image went viral.

They hate playing with this player?

Great clues. Who came up with this stuff?

You already know it?

Well, yeah, because I see the answer.

Oh, you’re such a jerk.

I don’t think Shimi would get the answer if we gave him the answer!

We’ll try that. Give me the answer later.

It’s not Chris Ferguson.

It’s not Chris Ferguson, and it is a guy?


So you know what? We’re just going to have to throw something out there, and I’m going to have to go with one of my fans – one of the people who voted for me – and let’s go with Elky.

Elky! A great guess. A great, incorrect guess!

Oh come on!

The river!

This is my last chance.

Clue #3.

It’s going to happen! One of these days I will get that Name That Pro, maybe.

Not today! This is the one poker player who’s reputation for borrowing is so bad that it makes Chino Rheem look financially responsible. Uwww, we went there! Sorry Chino, I didn’t write it. I promise.

Reputation for borrowing. Oh shoot, we talked about this person. Oh my God what was his name?

Can we get a shot clock?

No!! No shot clock! What was his name? What was his name? Give me a hint. Something.

I gave you three clues!

Oh dude. Oh no. Alright.


Okay, so who’s in debt?

5..4..Fire a name, Shim!

Mizrachi? Michael Mizrachi!

No cheers for you, sir. The answer is T. J. Cloutier.

Oh! I totally would have gotten that!

  1. J. Cloutier is an old school poker player. First of all, he’s the pro for this week’s Name That Pro.

Okay, so why is he in debt?

Well apparently he has a bad reputation for borrowing money, but aside from that he’s an old school poker player, he finished 2nd to Chris “Jesus” Ferguson – I think it was in 2000.

I got that! He was playing with Jesus!

Well, yeah.

I got a reference!

I think he finished 2nd twice in the Main Event. He’s got bracelets, he is definitely a poker legend. Look him up on Wikipedia. T. J. Cloutier is definitely someone you should know.

I definitely will.

That’s what Name That Pro is also about. Not just making fun of people who can’t guess from clearly straight obvious clues, but also teaching you a little bit about pros you may not hear about on a regular basis.

You’re going to have to explain to me that cookie reference.

Thanks so much everybody for tuning in to this week’s Weekly Burn & Turn. I’m Robbie Strazynski.

And I’m Shimi The FIsh.

And be sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

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