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Welcome to our weekly Weekly Burn & Turn, where we discuss the latest poker updates published during the week.

Vidcast for the week of: Sunday, January 17, 2015

The One Where Robbie Won’t Remove His PCA Swag

Thank you so much for watching.

If you would like to read the articles discussed in our vidcast, please see the links below!

(2:13) 3 Suggestions to make Poker TV Even Better

(4:20) How Would These 7 Ass Kickers Do at the Poker Table?

(7:19) Check out our interview with the PokerStars Pros & more at the 2016 PCA

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Transcription Below

Hello, I’m Shimi Weiss and I am here to introduce this week’s episode of PokerUpdate’s Weekly Burn & Turn, because let me tell you something, when Shira and Robbie do it, it takes like 15 takes and we’re here to do it in 1 take baby! So, we’re going to talk about 3 suggestions to make TV Poker better; The top 7 ass-kickers we would love to see at the poker table; and we will finish up by giving you a post-PCA wrap-up. Stay tuned right after this.


Hi and welcome back to this week’s Burn & Turn for the week of January 17, 2016. I’m Shimi Weiss.

And I’m Shira Stieglitz.

We’ve got a great show lined up.

We’ve got a great show for you!

Hey guys!



OH MY GOD! Robbie, hey! Let’s get you mic’d up, let’s go. Robbie’s back!


Welcome back, Robbie!

What’s up, man?

Good to see you!

Thank you! Good to be back. Just got in from the Bahamas.

That’s amazing! You know, you could take off the jacket and the hat.


You sleep in it, don’t you?



It was fun.

Where is your tan? You’ve got no tan!

I think I left it there.

You think you left it there?

Yeah, they didn’t let me come through Customs with the tan, so it’s kind of something they keep in the Bahamas. What happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas.

They’ve got strict security nowadays. Some things they just don’t let you take back with you.

Except for this hat and jacket, yeah.

Nice! I feel like we should point this out to really make sure our viewers notice the jacket and hat!

And they gave me one of these passes.

Check it out!

No, that’s mine. This is mine.

Did you bring me anything?

Of course I did. I brought you something, Shimi. Here you go!

A pen?

A pen.

Holy cow! It’s a pen! Thank you, Robbie, you brought me a pen. Well done, man!

It is good to be back at the Weekly Burn & Turn. Okay, I’m taking that pen back and giving it to Shira. It is good to be back, and you even gave me a script! I have no idea what we’re talking about today.

Well, let me bring you up to speed. I’ve got a few really fun articles to talk about. Okay, first of all: 3 Suggestions to make TV poker even better. Have you read the article? Oh, you probably didn’t have any time while you were at the Bahamas.

Well, I like TV poker, and I like suggestions.

You like suggesting things too.

I do.

So, what would you do to make TV poker better?

Get us on Poker Central! Pretty simple. A show like the Weekly Burn & Turn, and get it distributed as far and as wide as you possibly can. All of this good and entertaining television, we hope that you guys enjoy it. That’s what it’s about – getting people to see it. So obviously that would make TV poker better.


I imagine that’s not what was written in the article, right?

No, it was totally what was written in the article. It was Bradley. Bradley loves us, of course.

Shout out to Bradley!

There you go. I liked what he said, though. He said to treat fans like they’re actual professional poker players. Don’t dumb down the game for them.

Well, professionals like the percentages of the wins and losses and all that other stuff?

You know, just don’t sit there and be like: “So, a flush beats a straight,” but actually talk poker strategy with them and there’s a nice little balance in poker TV nowadays and I think it’s something they should really grow on.

I would say that most people have played poker before. Like you and I, we play in our home games and we occasionally go to the casino. We play $1/$2, some of us play $100/$200, you know, not me! If you know poker to a certain level, that’s the level you should treat the audience with. I think that when a lot of the pros go and do commentating, such as when Hellmuth goes on commentary, he talks at a level that the lay audience will understand.

Again, when you’re coming to watch it, you want it to be entertaining but at the same time you want to learn something. You want to look at the way the professionals are playing and figure out how to improve your own game to be like that.

I hear you. That’s certainly a good suggestion.

Yeah, it’s good stuff. Definitely something to make poker TV more entertaining.

Listen, we love watching poker on TV and we hope you guys love it too here at PokerUpdate.

Absolutely, they’re here for us, but poker’s still good. We’ve got another great article we can talk about.

I love articles.

If we’re talking about celebrities and things like that, who would be the absolute best poker players at the table?

Best celebrity poker player?

No, we’re talking about the top 7 ass kickers of poker. Who would we put in?

I’d say The Rock.

The Rock!! There you go.

Is he in the article?

He was in the article!

Of course. Who wrote this? James probably wrote this.

Let me tell you, have you seen his latest movie?

The Rock?

Yeah, the one with San Andreas.

Where they saved the world from an earthquake or something?

That’s correct. So as he was sitting there with his wife in his car they had to have someone stand in for him, so that way his arm muscle was small enough that he could reach up and pat him on the arm.

I hear you. I like it. Well, I always smell what The Rock is cooking.

Yeah, but you missed the #1 person.

Well, I only guessed one.

Okay, go. Who’s the #1 person?

Arnold Schwarzenegger?

No, alright. First of all, by the way, I’ve got a bone to pick that Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t even on the list.

He wasn’t?

No, he was not on the list.

Dude! James!

I just want to see him have a bad beat and then get up from the table and be like: “I’ll be back!”

I’ll be back! Re-entry, right? Re-buy! I’ll be back. I’ll buy back.

But, Chuck Norris!

He was on the list, I assume.

He was #1 as he should be! I loved it. There was a meme, I don’t remember exactly how it was, but something like: “Chuck Norris won the Main Event playing with Pokemon cards.” When Chuck Norris does pushups, he doesn’t push himself up, he pushes the world down.

I see, I see!

Honestly, though, I do not want to see Chuck Norris at the poker table. It’s not fair to everyone else.

Even if you are Phil Hellmuth, because he’s still Chuck Norris. He would kick anybody’s ass.

Alright, throw out a name of someone who’s not a real person, someone in literature or comics, who would sit down at the table and completely wipe the floor with everyone else, or would be entertaining to watch.

The Ghostbusters guys.

The Ghostbusters! Okay!

You know, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and those guys, but in their Ghostbusters role.

You know they’re rebooting it now? They’re having an all-female cast.

I come from the 1980s, so…yeah. All-female cast?

Yeah, exactly. It should be really interesting to see.


That would be an interesting ass kickers group. Well, then, Ronda Rousey ought to be an ass kicker.

There you  go. You know who I want to see? I want to see The Hulk!

Like, The Incredible Hulk? From the comic?

Absolutely. We’ve seen Phil Hellmuth blow up at the poker table, The Hulk would be amazing! He’d  be like: “Don’t make that call. You don’t want to see me when I’m angry.”

That would be at least a 1 round penalty.

I would hope so.

I like that article, though – celebrity ass kickers at the poker table.

I’ve got to tell you though, seriously, tell me about the PCA!! Let’s go off script! Tell me. What was it like?

It was okay.

You’re such a jerk.

It was amazing! This was my first being at a poker tournament, and PokerUpdate’s first coverage of a live poker event. It was really amazing.

Did you get to play at all?

No actually, according to the Bahamian Law if you are a credentialed media member then you are prohibited from gambling. You can’t play any poker, or slots, but I was too busy. I played in my home game when I got back, so yeah alright, I didn’t get to play there, but I didn’t go there to play. I was there to watch, to observe, to document, and to interview people.

And to talk to people! There were so many people!

Good Lord, Shimi! It was unbelievable.

I love it.

Did you see any of the interviews we uploaded to the PokerUpdate YouTube Channel?

Absolutely! I was following it as the videos came up.

Me and my buddy Daniel, right?

That was amazing!

In his room!!

I love the little clip that you sent me. Daniel knows who I am now.

Well, now he knows who you are. Well, speaking of that actually, we sort of have a surprise for you, Shimi. He’s not the only person we asked (if they prefer you or me). You guys probably want to watch this. Take a look.


R: So Jaime, very critical question here.

Jaime Staples: Okay.

R: On the Weekly Burn & Turn, who is your favorite co-host, me or Shimi The Fish?

Jaime Staples: You!

R: Oh, awesome! That’s it? Final answer?

Jaime Staples: This has been great, I think so, yeah.

R: Nice.


R: Jennifer, you’ve got to tell us here, at the Weekly Burn & Turn, who is your favorite co-host, me or Shimi The FIsh?

Jennifer Shahade: You’re definitely my favorite co-host.

R: Thank you very much. See, Shimi? I told you!

Jennifer Shahade: Sorry!


R: So, Daniel, for the Weekly Burn & Turn show, who’s your favorite co-host, me or Shimi The Fish?

Daniel Negreanu: Who is Shimi The Fish?

R: That’s right. That’s what I thought.

Daniel Negreanu: Haaaaa! See!


R: Jason why don’t you tell me here, at the Weekly Burn & Turn there are two co-hosts, me and Shimi The Fish. Who’s your favorite?

Jason Mercier: You!

R: Not Shimi The Fish?

Jason Mercier: No, definitely you.

R: Thank you very much.


Elky: I like Shimi The Fish!

R: Awh, No!

Elky: I like you, Robbie, because I met you. So you’re my favorite. Shimi The Fish is a good name, though.

R: Alright, you got one from Elky.


R: Who is your favorite co-host, me or Shimi The Fish?

Liv Boeree: I don’t know who Shimi The Fish is, so that’s good for you, but I was going to pick you anyways!

R: Oh, that’s very sweet.

Liv Boeree: Of course it’s you.

R: Not Shimi The FIsh!


R: Who’s your favorite co-host, me or Shimi The Fish?

Barry Greenstein: Well, I’ve never met Shimi The Fish, but without meeting him, I have to say it’s him.

R: Oh, come on!!


R: Who is your favorite co-host, me or Shimi The Fish?

Alex Dreyfus: You, for sure!

R: Me for sure? Not Shimi The Fish?

Alex Dreyfus: For sure.


R: Who’s your favorite co-host, me or Shimi The Fish?

Vanessa Selbst: You.

R: Thank you, that’s the right answer! Vanessa always gets it right.


R: Who, on the Weekly Burn & Turn, is your favorite co-host, me or Shimi The Fish?

Chris Moneymaker: Well, it’s not you. You’re more of a wallflower, so I’m going to have to go with Jimmy The Fish.

R: Okay! No, Shimi The Fish.

Chris Moneymaker: That’s what I meant – Shimi The Fish. Sorry man.

R: Alright.

Chris Moneymaker: Who the hell is Shimi The Fish, by the way?


Shimi: Three votes?

Robbie: Aha!

Woah woah, I want a recount!

Well, very simple. 7 for me. 3 for you.

Well, you know what? I’m going to give a shout out right now, to Elky, to Barry Greenstein, and to Chris Moneymaker, because way to go guys! I can’t believe Barry voted for me.

He clearly doesn’t watch the Weekly Burn & Turn.


He clearly hasn’t been watching the show because he clearly would have voted for you. Sorry man, but thanks for coming up to bat. But, Chris Moneymaker! That was awesome man.

He was funny. He’s like: “Who’s Jimmy The Fish?” I loved that. Well, this is Shimi The Fish!

Hi Chris! Thank you very much for your support. I liked it though, because it wasn’t as much voting for me as it was voting against you!

Okay, but 7-3, Shimi. You’d need to hit a 4-outer or something.

You know what? I’m used to playing from behind.

Can’t argue with that logic. I will use this opportunity to thank all the great pros who sat, took the time and interviewed with me at the Bahamas. It was amazing at the PCA.

It was fun to see you interviewing those people.

It was so cool. It’s the first time I’ve ever done in-person interviews.

They’re dynamic characters. I loved your interview with Vanessa.

Thank you.

I didn’t realize she was a member of the tribe. Well done, Vanessa! I’ve got to tell you, I especially loved when you started talking to her about tennis.

Oh yeah, because we play tennis!

Our viewers may not know this, but Robbie is an avid tennis player. I’m surprised you didn’t challenge her to a match. You know, Robbie’s not going to talk about this on the air, so I will. We actually scheduled a matchup between Shimi The Fish and Robbie STrazynski.

This is supposed to be a poker show!

Let me tell you, once in a while it’s nice to step out of my role of being Shimi The Fish, and let someone else be the fish for once in a sport.

Well, listen, we don’t have any money on the game of course.

In tennis, let me tell you, Robbie is the fish! Ask me why?


Robbie’s a fish because I kept sending him Aces and he didn’t know how to play them.


Oh Snap!! That’s right! I went there.

Well done, Shimi.

You got that Aces poker reference?

There’s no love in this tennis matchup.

There was a lot of love for me to all my adoring fans. You guys are wonderful. It was really amazing seeing you with all those pros. I loved the Chris Moneymaker interview.

Oh, there were a lot of great interviews! Chris was a hilarious guy.

He tried to throw out a bet against you.

What was the bet?

That you wouldn’t mess up. You made a mistake and you said it would be the only mistake and he asked if you wanted to bet on that.

Well, speaking of bets, everyone’s talking about this one. This was the bet heard round the world – the Antonio Esfandiari one.


Remember when we met him here?

No, I remember when you met him here!

Yes. Needle him! So he had this bet with Bill Perkins – who is a billionaire – for $50,000 that he had to lunge everywhere.

Like when you get out of bed, and you get dressed.

Everything. Like when you go to eat, when you go to the tournament room, everywhere. For 48 hours he had to lunge everywhere and if he managed to pull it off, $50,000 to Antonio. Now that wasn’t the whole story. You see him lunging through the hallways to the tournament tables, and he peed at the tournament table.

Lovely! We’ve got another wizz kid! He’s up there with Negreanu now.

Well, there was no live stream! He did not have a backdoor flush draw, it wasn’t like that.

That was pretty good. Backdoor flush draw!

There were a lot of articles across the poker media, and I’m sure here at PokerUpdate we put something up as well. It was a fascinating story. In the end, he ended up donating the money to charity because he wasn’t proud of it.

He was disqualified from the tournament. I love how he stepped up, though. You could really judge a person, not by the image they portray, but what they do when they make a mistake. He realized he made a mistake, he realized that it wasn’t appropriate, and he took responsibility.

Look, it’s definitely not okay. He came out and apologized profusely and he said he would have DQ’d himself.

Seriously, I’ve got to give credit to him. What a role model, because again, you really see someone when they’re portrayed in a bad lighting and he stood up and said that what he did was wrong and the fact that he donated the money to charity was just incredible. In his own words, he said that he doesn’t feel right taking the money for himself, and he gave it to charity. What an outstanding guy.

I will say, what’s really cool is that I was actually there at midnight when the bet ended.

That’s awesome!

It was really cool, and I’ve got to say the man really puts the ‘P’ in Poker.

Well done.

So, that’s basically it for the show, right?

No, no! Name That Pro, man! You think you’re going to get off easily?


Shira was supposed to be answering the questions, but you know what? Instead I’ll do it to you. Alright, here we go. We are back with Name That Pro, and Robbie’s back! Just for our viewers who may not remember, Robbie is the only person who has correctly answered a Name That Pro. Except for me, I did name you, but you weren’t technically a professional at the time.

I can’t give off the tells, Shimi.

Nice, I like how you brought out the sunglasses.

Well, I can’t give off the tells.

Alright, Name That Pro. Let’s get a preflop guess from you Robbie.

Phil Hellmuth!

Phil Hellmuth! Is it Phil Hellmuth? No it is not. Come on, you know it’s going to be hard. These questions were originally meant for Shira.

Alright, not Hellmuth. The glasses are off, the cap is on.

You had to have seen last week’s episode. Some revenge is in store.

I did. It was Celina Lin last week, right?

Yes it was. It was good stuff.

Okay, so I’m not guessing Celina Lin.

No, you should not guess Celina Lin. Alright, here we go. Clue #1: This pro became the first player in history to win two No Limit Hold’em events with fields of more than 2,000 players.

It’s a he!

There you go. He or she won a $1,500 No Limit with 2,713 players in 2010, and $1,500 No Limit with 2,105 players in 2013.

Bracelets? Hold on.

We should have the jeopardy music playing in the background.

Matt Matros!

Matt Matros. Is it Matt Matros? No!

Okay, well that was a good guess.

That was a good guess. Better guesses than I’ve had. I’m kind of ashamed that I’ve been guessing the same three people.

Okay, so we know it’s a guy and it’s not Matt Matros.

Clue #2: This pro is a former restaurateur.

Restaurateur? He used to run a restaurant?

There you go. This pro is a former person who used to run a restaurant.

I think Eli Elezra.

Are we going with Eli Elezra?

Reluctantly, but I think so, yes.

Is it Eli Elezra? No, sorry.

Come on! I’m sorry Eli, I try, for you.

No, although he might have been a restaurateur. I don’t know how to pronounce this. You wouldn’t expect me to be an English major.

I’m sure he’s eaten at many restaurants before.

Clue #3.

Is this the river?

This is the river. This is your last chance man. One card left. Last opportunity. Do you want to call off your “one time?”

No, I used that with Antonio. Remember when you were there?

No, I was not. Shut up. Here we go. Clue #3: This player’s first name, when translated, means immortal.


Oh wow, there was a light bulb over his head. Did anyone see that light bulb?

Prahlad Friedman.

Prahlad Friedman. Prahlad means immortal?

I think so.

Does it really?

Isn’t it Swahili or something?

Well it might, but it doesn’t here. I’m sorry.

Aww! Come on!

I’m not going to be able to pronounce this guy’s name. I’ll give you a hint. His last name has like 42 letters.

Athanasios Polychronopoulos?

Holy Freaking Cow!


Holy cow!

42 letters baby!

That was awesome, man!

So that’s like rabbit hunting, because I missed the river.

No, you ran it two times! That’s worth it. Give him the cheering!

It’s almost as long as Strazynski!

Pronounce that again.


That is awesome man.

Almost as long as Strazynski!

Wow, what’s the longest name you could pronounce?


Mine is _____. Anyway, thank you for joining us. Welcome back, Robbie! Make sure you follow us. Make sure you like us.

Subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

Absolutely, and share the video!

We had a lot of fun making this for you guys. Hopefully you have a lot of fun watching it. See you next week.


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