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Spring is in the air! That means it’s time for the Monthly Roundup for March, 2016; I’m Robbie Strazynski.

Here’s a look at some of the top poker updates that we’ve recently published:

One person who got some great news to start off the month was Joe Stapleton. Poker’s top funnyman was announced as the latest addition to the Poker Night in America crew. Before you tune in to the show’s latest episode, we invite you to have a look at the great interview that Joe granted to our writer, Jennifer Newell.

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about rake in the poker world. One online poker operator in particular announced a shift in their player loyalty program from rake-based rewards to achievement-based rewards. James Guill wrote up a nice summary of the announcement and gave us his views on how likely the new model will be to succeed.

While the second annual Poker Central Super High Roller Bowl isn’t set to begin for another couple months, the $300,000 buy-in event is ALREADY sold out. The Aria, in Las Vegas, will take center stage as 49 poker players compete for a top prize of over $5 million. Get hyped for the event by reading our article and seeing which players have locked in their seats.

Last, but not least…oh boy! Does the name Ray Bitar ring a bell? Many poker players who use to play online at the old Full Tilt Poker harbor plenty of resentment against the company’s former CEO. At the risk of fanning some old flames, you might not have heard that Ray got married recently…and it was one heck of a party. If you’re wondering where the money came from to pay for the lavish affair, you might want to check out the article!

Now it’s time for the moment you’ve all been waiting for: who’s going to be the next Baller of the Month?

It’s Kara Scott!

Kara’s month started off with a bang, as she was announced as the newest face of 888poker. Have a look.

8 points!

Kara got right to work, attending her first 888Live poker event, at London’s Aspers Casino. 8 more points

While playing, Kara found time to enjoy some brunch, in Stratford. Let’s give her 8 points for the self-deprecating humor.

Oh, and back in the tournament area, she enjoyed some sweet dessert. 8 more points.

Riding a hot streak – or maybe it was something in those cupcakes – Kara ended up making the Final Table, leading to this great shot… OK, it’s posed, but still… great shot! 8 points.

While she didn’t win the event, she did finish in 3rd place, netting over 10,000 pounds!…. and 8 more points.

From there it was off to Ljublanja, Slovenia, where Kara currently resides. While there, she found some late night fruits and veggies … and 8 more points.

Once night turned back into day, it was off to the marina, where daydreams of setting sail won the day… and 8 more points.

Ah, right… this is a poker segment…. OK, so Kara also visited a local casino and talked poker… 8 more points…but not for that… it’s for the aged rum!

How many points should we give Kara for getting her 888 patch in the mail? 8 points? OK…

Finally, Kara eked out one more victory…over her laundry pile. It may have been a small one, but it was an important one. 8 more points.

With a grand total of… wait for it… 88 baller points, Kara Scott certainly is deserving of being March’s Baller of the Month.

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