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Hey everybody, it’s Robbie Strazynski! It’s been a December to remember her at, and I’m here to bring you the Monthly Roundup and tell you about some of the best articles we’ve published.

David Huber snagged an awesome interview with October’s PokerUpdate Baller of the Month Jason Somerville. They covered a number of topics, including the PokerStars VIP Program controversy, RunItUp live events, and of course live streaming online poker play on Twitch. It’s a fun interview, so if you’re wondering what JCarver’s going to be up to in 2016, you’ll want to check it out.

Next up, it’s the battle for the Commonwealth… or something like that. Jennifer Newell asks: Which Country Produces the Best Poker Players: Canada or the UK? I’ll give you a clue – it’s not the UK, eh? Read the article to find out what makes Canadians the better poker players as she delves into the stats for answers.

Here at PokerUpdate, we’re about a lot more than just Hold’em. Our resident Stud, er, I mean Stud aficionado, James Guill, lists 7 reasons why Stud 8 or Better is Better than Texas Hold’em. Whether you’re a stud, a wannabe stud, or want to be with a stud, this is a fun article that’s worth your time.

We’re going to end this session on Tilt; sort of. Every poker player gets frustrated once in a while, so for better or worse, tilt is going to happen. In Treat Tilt as Temporary Timeout in Poker, you’ll learn some top tips for temporarily treating tilt. Wow. That’s a lot of tee’s.

So, who’s going to be December’s Baller of the Month? Let’s hear that drumroll!

It’s Jaime Staples!

It’s safe to say that Jaime had one of his best months ever doing the poker thing.

Things started off innocently enough for the Canadian, as Staples took part in the WPTDeepstacks event on his homeland soil, at Grey Eagle Resort in Calgary. That’s 5 points.

While up in the great white North playing live poker, Staples scored some sweet breakfast at Blaze Bar & Grill. That’s another 5 points

Then, things kicked into high gear, as the Twitch superstar jetted off to play in his first ever live poker event overseas. Pretty baller to fly Air Canada Business Class, eh? 10 points. Plus another 5 points for some serious breakfast hype!

For his first international poker jaunt, Staples wisely chose Prague – a gorgeous city – where he spent a number of glorious days familiarizing himself with the local sights and Czech delicacies, like beer – Nazdravie!  We’re in the holiday spirit, so let’s give Jamie 20 points. Oh, and Narrow Streets Hype!!! That’s another 5 points.

Then it was time for Jamie to play at the European Poker Tour tables. Here’s some stack hype for you – 5 points.

Away from the felt, Jamie took the time to appear on EPTLive, with the lovable broadcast pairing of Joe Stapleton and Matt Broughton. Go ahead and take another 5 points why don’t you?

To top it all off, Jamie achieved SuperNova status on the world’s largest poker site. Shortly thereafter, he was announced as the newest member of Team PokerStars online. Congrats kid. Way to go. That’s probably worth more than any points we could ever give you J

With a total of 60 points, Jamie Staples brought all the baller hype to finish off the year.

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