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What’s goin’ on guys? Joeingram1, a.k.a. ChicagoJoey here coming to you with a second episode of my series for Shout out to them!

Alright, this is my second episode. In the first episode, I like what they did so much. They put these little cool cut scenes in and there’s like people moving and videos… I’ve never seen anything like that in one of my videos. So they asked “Joe, you ready to do another video?” and I said “Of course I’m ready to do another video!”

This time though, I wanted to take you guys back to a story towards the beginning of my career. This is something I think a lot of you guys out there are going to be able to relate to, for better or for worse. When I get into the story, you guys are going to be saying “shit, man, he’s describing me right now!”


OK, so, back in the day… I was 21 years old, so it’s like 8, 9 years ago… Man I’m getting old, I’m almost 30! So, I’m 21 years old. Now, I’m legal age in the United States to go to the casino. I decide to go to the Majestic Star Casino in Hammond, Indiana; over here in Chicago.

I go there and play $1/2. I sit down, I play a bunch of sessions. I win a couple. I lose most of them. I guess the routine was, I drive to the casino, I lose my money, I go to work the next day at TGIFridays, I make some tips, I go back to the casino, I lose my money… Eventually I change jobs, I was working in Chicago, back to the city. I’d then go with my friend; he’d come pick me up, we drive to the casino, lose all our money, we drive home on the Skyway. We’d be like “dude, what do you think about just driving off the fucking Skyway right now?” Sometimes there would be a Semi and we’d think to turn right into the Semi and just end it!

Looking back, of course there’s more to life than gambling wins and losses, but at the time – and like I said, I’m sure that a lot of you guys are going to be able to relate to this – I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about.

Sometimes I might not have money; I might have to borrow from a friend. I didn’t usually borrow, but I might’ve racked up a couple hundred dollars in debt to my mom or a friend or something like that.

One of my friends, Krystle, big shout out to her, made me this book – and this might tell you how bad some people thought my gambling issues in the casino were. You see this book: Joe’s Self Help Book. She made this book out of love! She wrote me a note, included a test I could take to see if I’m actually a gambler. I knew that I wasn’t no fucking compulsive gambler – I knew that! How to treat gambling addiction. A letter at the end.

So I see the book and the first thing I’m thinking about is “Am I addicted to gambling? Do I have a gambling problem?” I was looking at it and I’m like “I don’t have no gambling problem! I go to work, I like to go play poker! I like Texas Hold’em! I watch it on TV! This is fun! I just happen to be running bad. I’m good! I’m good at the game! I beat all my home game buddies! Of course I’m good at poker!”

I’m sure a lot of you guys out there, you think you’re good – you beat your friends at the home game. Even if you guys don’t beat your friends at the home game, I think you THINK you beat your friends at the home game. That’s what we think; we think we’re so good. We think we’re running bad. We think everyone else is terrible. We think we’re getting unlucky. Maybe at this time that might not have been true in retrospect.

The Moral of the Story

I think we need to have a moral to these stories. I think I finally broke through after 2.15 years. I went on a Vegas trip and I played in the $40 O’Shea’s tournament that they used to have when O’Sheas was around – you guys remember those? Those were awesome, they started at midnight. I won that tournament. Took that money turned into $1,000 at the Venetian.

But we don’t go to the Venetian no more. We don’t got love for the Venetian.

Then I came back, played some poker online. I was reading a lot more on the 2+2 forums… But those are stories for another time. I have to keep this to a certain time limit as per the terms of service to

The moral of the story is that:

You guys are out there. You got a job. You love poker. You think you’ve got a future at poker. But you go home. You go to the casino. You lose most of your money. You keep doing it. You get suicidal thoughts. You want to die. You don’t feel good about yourself.

People make you a book like this.

The moral of the story is:





Because you want to know what happens?

One day, you’re making videos for a website called because you had some poker success in your life and you didn’t give up.

Never give up. Never give up. Keep fighting. Keep grinding. Keep working.

Hopefully you won’t lose your family. You won’t lose your wife. You won’t lose your spouse. Unless you don’t like her. Maybe you should start gambling if you want to lose her. But you don’t want to lose your house. You don’t want to lose your assets. Nothing like that. If you get to that point, then maybe you got to take the book’s advice.

I’m past the time length. That’s all. Until next time, I’m Joeingram1. Let me know what you think. Shout out to Robbie. Shout out to those people who put those cool things in. That’s it man!

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