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Hey everyone, I’m Robbie Strazynski. With April 2016 in the books, it’s time for another exciting edition of the Monthly Roundup. So, without further ado, here’s a look at some of the top poker updates that we’ve recently published:

We’ve just concluded the Monster WPT Tournament of Champions, and Farid Yachou emerged victories atop a Final Table to remember. Speaking of final tables, anyone who’s ever made one knows that there’s etiquette to be followed. James Guill gives us a rundown of the do’s and don’ts in this article.

PokerUpdate Editor Shira Stieglitz was on hand in Florida to cover that season-ending WPT tournament series. Among the many professional poker players she spoke to there was Jonathan Little, who had a TON of interesting things to talk about. You should definitely check out the interview!

Apropos Jonathan Little, he’s a proud member of the Las Vegas Moneymakers, who are off to a great start in Season 1 of the Global Poker League. Among the many exciting innovations the GPL has brought us is some great software. Earl Burton takes an in-depth look at it and why it’s so great in this article.

Finally, as we all know, the Global Poker League is all about creating buzz for and sportifying poker. One thing that always gets buzz is professional wrestling; i.e., “sports entertainment”. Is Alex Dreyfus the Vince McMahon of Poker? Well, if he uses the wrestling tactics that David Huber suggests in this article, he just might be.

We love our ballers here at PokerUpdate and this month is no exception. Are you ready for the big reveal?


April’s Baller of the Month is the lovely Kristy Arnett!

Ever since leaving the media side of the poker world, Kristy’s been grinding for a living as a professional poker player… and having a blast!

April started out for her in Reno, where she busied herself playing $10/25 at the Peppermill. She Tweeted that she loves that place – no kidding! 10 points.

We don’t know how much Kristy won or lost while playing in Reno, but she was certainly self-aware, realizing that moving up in stakes means yet another poker learning curve. 10 points.

Lest you think she spent all her time playing poker while in northern Nevada, Kristy took to the slopes for some…other kinds of risks. Have a look. 10 points!

Then it was time for some family bonding, as Kristy took a trip to South Korea to explore her roots. 10 points, plus another 5 points for taking along her parents!

Something something Under Armour spokesperson. Something, something handstand… Something something 6 points, because why the heck not!

With lots of social media activity, we’ve learned over the years that Kristy is pretty big on sharing. On her way home from Seoul, she shared a picture of these adorable socks. But where are the poker chips and cards? Just 2 points… Aren’t they cute?!

If there’s one thing that defines our ballers, it’s that they’re awesome, and people who embrace change are awesome. Cheers to the new do, Kristy. 10 points!

With a grand total of 63 baller points, congrats to Kristy Arnett on joining our exclusive club of Ballers of the Month.

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