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Welcome to our weekly Weekly Burn & Turn, where we discuss the latest poker updates published during the week.

Episode 28: PokerStars Welcomes You to New Jersey…if you can find it

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(1:05) Big Names Chosen on GPL Draft Day

(3:35) Looking at the GPL Draft, Part 1: Analyzing Results

(9:57) U.S. Online Poker Players Welcome PokerStars Return

(17:00) Who’s a Loudmouth at the Table? These 5 Poker Pros

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Transcription Below

On this episode of the Weekly Burn & Turn we’re going to talk about the GPL Draft, PokerStars hitting New Jersey, and loud mouths at the poker table, plus the ever popular Name That Pro, right after this.

It’s not just our wives who watch the show, come on!

At least 96 others. This is a big milestone.

That’s true, wow.

Way to go guys!

I think next time we’ll have a big celebration. It’s going to be awesome.

Big shout out to everyone who’s been sharing. You guys made it happen.

All 98 of you!

98 is a good start. I can think of many channels who don’t have 98 viewers.

Such as?

I can’t think of any.

Well, okay. Thank you so much everybody for tuning in each and every week. We love doing this for you and it’s going to be another great show – episode 28. Here we go. Everyone’s talking about the Global Poker League (GPL) draft.

Did you actually watch it? It was awesome?

I think I’ve been up since then. It’s been almost a week since the draft. I so need to sleep.

I’m not that hardcore. I watched it afterwards, in the morning when I was well-rested.

I was actually one of the moderators on the Twitch Chat. It was pretty cool.


Yeah, it was pretty sweet – thank you Alex Dreyfus. There were many thousands of people – like 8,000 people or so – who were watching simultaneously while this draft was going on. Look, I gotta tell you, not a single hand of poker was played over many hours.

Four and a half hours.

Yeah, I didn’t sleep because I’m way ahead of the Los Angeles time zone.


They didn’t play a single hand of poker and yet thousand of people were watching. It was really, really interesting. It was just like any other draft. The team managers got up there and made their picks for their team. There were four rounds and it was like a snake. The Rome Emperors got the 1st pick and they took Mustapha Kanit, and then Hong Kong got the 12th pick of the first round and the 1st pick of the second round. It was really cool.

They were all having a good time. There was a lot of camaraderie between the different captains of the teams.

Plus there was free food.

That’s always good, right?

Everyone loves free food. The only thing better than food, is free food.

There you go.

There was a ton of stuff going on at the GPL Draft at the SLS Hotel in Beverly HIlls. First there was the American Poker Conference, then the draft, then the American Poker Awards – amazing day. What’s amazing is what’s going to be coming after. That’s the start, they had Holly, what’s her name? I forgot her last name.

Oh, the announcer? Holly something!

Holly, right? Everyone will get to know your name. You know what? That’s one of the things.

It’s great that they brought her in.

Yeah, because she’s a sports reporter for Fox.

She added flair to the entire event.

She was a sideline reporter just like in real sports. It was really cool.

Well that’s what we’re aiming for. This is what Alex wants.

We? Right, Alex, so it’s ‘he’ then.

Now it’s we, because we’re with you buddy. The goal is to sportify poker.

It really felt like a sporting-type of event. What could they have done to improve it?

Well, I’ll tell you what, the one thing that I was really sad not to see was more branding. They needed to brandify the event.


Brandify, yeah! They needed to brand the event!

Like we are fishifying the show.

Hold on, I’m taking that word and I’m making it an actual word, but seriously there weren’t enough jerseys, there wasn’t enough sport paraphernalia.

Oh, like in the NBA when they hold the jersey up?

Absolutely. When they had players picked they should have been holding up a jersey. They should have been getting excited about being part of the team. Let me tell you, as a fan, I will buy anything that’s New York. I would have loved to see a New York Jersey for the team. That could be my next lucky poker shirt, because Lord knows I need it.

You need a lot more than a shirt Shimi.

I can get a few.

Rabbit’s foot, the four leaf clover, the whole deal.


As a poker fan I would never buy anything from New York because I’m from LA, but I would buy the LA Sunsets poker jersey – that’s Maria Ho’s team which is a really good team. Look, 12 teams with 4 players on each team right now.

The wild cards are yet to be picked.

Remember, pick us from our last episode. Well no, pick me.

That’s right, pick me. Thank you for all the shout outs from the people who are out there railing us on the sidelines. Shout out to Elky! I know you’re not a manager, even though I didn’t know that last episode, but I know that this episode. I knew you would pick me if you were a manager, so thanks Elky.

Well, we could be the wild cards, and anyone could be the wild card, but you know who I’d love to be the wild card? I’m actually a little upset because he deserved to be picked – Justin Oliver.

Oh, that’s right!

The Canadian poker pro.

Absolutely, we’re going to talk about the video he did.

Oh my God, what a video! First of all, there were 203 players who made themselves eligible – part of the GPI 1000 – and only one of them, Justin Oliver, went the extra mile. No one asked him to do it, and he paid out of his own pocket, to have a video produced to make the case as to why he should be drafted.

He had some outstanding points!

And it was a really great, well-produced video.

The guy knows how to stand.

He can stand! Negreanu can’t stand for more than 3 minutes at a time, right? But Justin Oliver can stand.

It’s a little upsetting that we didn’t get to see him as a pick, but maybe we’ll get to see him as a wild card.

Someone who wants it that badly I think would be a great ambassador and that’s what it’s all about. Let’s just take, for example, people like Shimi The Fish who only know a certain number of poker players. They know Negreanu, Hellmuth, Ivey, Ari Engel, and so on.

The ones who have really dynamic personalities.

I can’t name all 1,000 people on the GPI 1000. I can’t name the GPI 300, but I can name a lot of poker players. Most people who are casual poker fans, like fans of shows like this, can’t name every single person.

To be honest, out of all the players that were picked I only knew two of them.

Which two?

Mercier and Elky. I don’t really know many of these players, but this is such an amazing opportunity because for a player like me, I’m going to be following the GPL.

For a “player” like Shimi.

For a FAN like me. A railbird.


This is a great opportunity for these players to really establish themselves.

48 players are going to become stars. That’s what this whole thing – sportifying – is about. Think about the NBA – usually you follow your team, but you can name tons of players who are playing basketball professionally.

Absolutely. Patrick Ewing, Allan Houston, these are my New York guys. Yes, I’m old.

Welcome to 2016.

No, I liked the Knicks back when they had a chance. Did you know that they picked Patrick Ewing over Michael Jordan? It’s very sad.

Yes I know, he was the first pick. No, Olajuwon was picked first, and then Sam Bowie.

I don’t know. I was too young.

Yeah, you’re a big fan.

The point is that I know these players because they were on my team, and now I get to connect with all these new players. We can learn a lot about these new poker players. It’s a really wonderful opportunity.

We’re going to have 48 new stars. The hardcore fans know them, but we’re going to play Name That Pro and Shimi might actually be able to guess the pro.

All right, let’s not go that far.

We’ll get there. That’s what it’s all about, making true stars out of poker players. You’ve got USA Today giving them coverage. I mean, that’s huge! They’ve got a 4 year deal. People are going to be talking about this outside poker media, and outside poker shows like this. We’re going to sportify, brandify, and fishify poker.

Hopefully, I want to see fantasy sports for this. Get a fantasy league going for the GPL.

They have that I think. Alex Dreyfus owns everything.

Well, we don’t know enough about how the GPL is going to be run at this point.

Right, the schedule has yet to be released.

Right, and do we know how the games are going to be set up?

In The Cube!

Well that we know. That’s exciting but we don’t know how there’s going to be a match up.

They’re going to be standing.

We know for instance with the team event it’s basically a tag team, so you can swap in. How is the GPL going to be structured? Is everyone on the team going to be playing, or are they going to be switching off? I’m excited to see how it’s going to pan out.

Definitely one of the most exciting things that poker is going to be moving into in the near future. Gotta watch the GPL. Watch it on Twitch, or wherever you can find it. We love Alex Dreyfus and we totally support it.

Alex, seriously, well done! It’s a big step for poker.

Amazing! Can you imagine what it was like to be Alex Dreyfus at that moment? He put tons of money, a lot of time and effort into it with his whole team, and he’s seeing it around – all these people glitzy and glamorous, and there’s a draft. What an amazing thing. Good for you buddy.

You know, I’m sure you can imagine it a lot better than me because you met him.

I did meet him, at the PCA.

Such a jerk.

Another thing that happened right at the start of the GPL draft, PokerStars announced that they are going into New Jersey.

Big news! New Jersey!

Shimi’s from New Jersey.

I am from New Jersey.

Even though he said he’ll buy anything from New York, he’s actually from New Jersey.

Well let me tell you, New Jersey is basically just a stepping stone to New York. We like to pretend we’re New York and those who deny it are liars.

I heard it’s more like the armpit of New York.

That is surprisingly accurate.

Us LA boys. Anyway, yes, it was announced at the GPL draft. I guess PokerStars had sponsored the GPL draft and so it was timed appropriately. They realized that everyone was watching the GPL draft, so what a better time to announce it than during the draft. After almost 5 years, PokerStars is coming back to the United States of America.

It’s exciting! Even though the real money play is only open to people who live in New Jersey, they are opening up play money to anyone in the United States.

Shimi, our play money expert.

No, no, no, here’s the deal. If I understood this correctly this is very clever. You can open up a play money account and if you travel to New Jersey you can use that account to play with real money, which is actually really cool!

That’s right, you don’t have to live in New Jersey. We can get on a plane and go to New Jersey right now – or after March 21st which is when this is happening – and open an account and start playing.

So we’re going to fly to New Jersey to play online poker?

I mean some people might. It’s a ring fence market so they can play with everyone else who is in New Jersey, not the rest of the world, but the fact is that if they have big series and stuff like that people will come from neighboring States.

You know what I want to see then? In hotels, especially in areas like Atlantic City, I would love to see those hotels with a setup to play online poker. You know what I mean? For the people who are too lazy to get out of bed, you can go back to your hotel room and be able to click in and continue playing online on PokerStars. That would be a very cool feature.

Maybe they’re even working on that right now.

You know what? We are patenting our idea.


Yes, Robbie and I will patent that idea. You can contact us for rights. W

Well, speaking of rights, and nothing to do with rights, the fact is PokerStars is entering New Jersey and I think it’s our responsibility to make sure that everyone knows a lot about New Jersey, or at least to see what they do know.


So you know what? Maybe we should go out to the office to see what people know about New Jersey.

That’s great. Let’s teach them a little bit more. Do you want to do it right now?

Yes, let’s go.

Okay, come on.

So we’re here for the Weekly Burn & Turn. You know that PokerStars will be entering New Jersey on March 21st and we want to find out what people know about New Jersey. Would you like to answer some questions for us?

Employee #1: I don’t know anything about New Jersey.

How familiar would you say you are with New Jersey?

Employee #2: Not at all.

Who is the current President of New Jersey?

Employee #1: Bill Clinton?

Bill Clinton, uhm, no.

Who is the current President of New Jersey?

Employee #3: I don’t know.

Employee #4: There is no President of New Jersey.

Employee #5: President of New Jersey? Do you want me to say Trump now?

How many ways are there out of New Jersey?

Employee #6: None.

Employee #7: Four.

No, the correct answer is ‘Not enough.’

Hi, I am Shimi The Fish here with’s Burn & Turn. We’re going to ask you a few questions about New Jersey. Are you ready?

Employee #8: Yeah, go for it.

Okay, can you find New Jersey on a map?

Employee #8: Yeah, right…this is New Jersey, no?

Where is New Jersey on this map?

Employee #9: Right here.

That is correct.

Jersey Shore is: A) The name of a reality TV Show; B) The Eastern portion of New Jersey; or C) A big manufacturing hub where they produce jerseys?

Employee #10: Wasn’t it A – The reality TV Show?

The answer is incorrect. It is actually America’s first line of defense.

How many times have you been to New Jersey?

Employee #11: Zero.

Why is that? It’s the smell isn’t it?

Employee #11: Yeah it is.

Okay, True or False: Atlantic City is the Capital of New Jersey.

Employee #12: That would be false.

That would be false indeed. It’s true that it’s false, I mean.

If you had to describe New Jersey in relation to New York, would you describe it as A) The head of New York; B) The armpit of New York; C) The foot of New York; or D) The younger, yet more attractive, sibling of New York?

Employee #13: I would say the armpit of New York.

Everyone knows the story of the founding of New Jersey. Can you please tell us what happened to Old Jersey?

Employee #8: …

Can you please tell us what happened to Old Jersey?

Employee #1: Nothing? It’s still there.

If I were to ask you to name three streets in Atlantic City, would you be able to do that?

Employee #14: Absolutely not.

Have you ever played Monopoly before?

Employee #14: Yes.

What are your favorite properties to buy in Monopoly?

Employee #14: They’re in Belgium.

Would you be able to name any of the streets in New Jersey?

Employee #15: No.

Well we’ll make it a little bit easy for you. How about in Atlantic City? Could you name three streets in Atlantic City?

Employee #15: No way.

The motto of the State of New Jersey is: A) Liberty and Prosperity; B) Welcome to the Garden State; or C) We’re glad you’re here?

Employee #16: I know New Jersey is the Garden State, so I guess I’m going to go with B, ‘Welcome to the Garden State.’

Incorrect. The answer is actually D, ‘New York is that way.’

Would you be able to name any of the streets in New Jersey?

Employee #13: No.

Let’s try Atlantic City. Any streets in Atlantic City?

Employee #13: No.

Would you be able to name any of the streets in Monopoly?

Employee #13: No.

Wait a minute, are you even from New Jersey?

Employee #14: No.

Well what the hell are we interviewing this guy for?

Would you be able to name three streets anywhere?

Employee #13: No.

How often will you be playing on your PokerStars account?

Employee #17: Once a month.

Once a month. You heard it here, PokerStars, you’ve got a new client waiting for you.

How many times has PokerStars approached you to open an account in New Jersey?

Employee #12: Zero.

As we know, PokerStars is going to be opening up in New Jersey on March 21st. Have you opened up your account yet?

Employee #1: No.

Will you be opening up your PokerStars account?

Employee #1: No.

When will you be opening up your PokerStars account?

Employee #1: I’m not going to open it.

And how often will you be playing on it?

Employee #1: I’m not going to play.

This has been a very educational experience for us.

Yeah, I’ve learned a lot about New Jersey, and about how much people don’t know about New Jersey.

This is Robbie Strazynski and Shimi The Fish, signing off.

All right, not bad. That was pretty cool.

Well at least some people know about New Jersey.

Yeah right.

And those who didn’t, well now they do.

I would hope so.


That was really fun. Thanks everyone.

Let’s go to our last topic. Let’s bring out the graphics. Let’s see if they choreograph that right, and we’ll move it down. We’re going to talk about something a little bit fun. We get to talk about loudmouths in poker, a great article about some of the famous loudmouths. If you had to name one loudmouth in poker, who are you going to name?

Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow!

If you had to name a second one who would you say?

Phil Hellmuth.

There you go. Obviously those are the two that everyone knows. I’ve got to tell you though, what really sets people off when they’re loudmouths, are the bad beats.

Well yeah, of course.

Because no one goes ballistic when they’re winning. It’s only when they lose when suddenly they blow up.

Totally. That’s some of the most famous TV poker footage that there is.   

Absolutely. I’ve got to tell you, as a poker player myself, I like to try to tone it back so that when those bad beats happen – if they ever happened to me – then you try to stay calm and just take it. I actually heard a great poker player once who wished as many bad beats as possible on you. Do you know why?

Because it probably means you’re playing very well.

Exactly! If you’re playing bad beats it means you’re playing awesome. I’ve got to show you this one hand. Robbie and I actually just came back from a home game that we played. It was the worst bad beat.

It was the best!

Hold on a second, I know everyone hates hearing bad beat stories, but let me just show you this.

Have a look at Share My Pair here.

Donkey Robbie?! Are you kidding me? I won the hand!

That was the biggest donk move I’ve ever seen.

I had kings!

I know! Who calls with pocket kings? Seriously, four all-ins before you, and you think kings are going to be good?

I knew that was going to be good.

You know what? You know how that hand should have ended? There should have been a five on the river and a three-way split between the AQ, the AQ, and the AK.

Yeah, that would have been real fun.

I would have been happy. I would have actually contributed some of my winnings to give to you as consolation. I would have given you a big blind.

I’m glad he’s living in this fantasy world. Instead he actually contributed his losses to me. Totally worth buying the pizza for everybody.

That’s right, I came out on top because there was free pizza and breezers.

Well, I made plenty of money besides that and it was pretty wonderful.

You know what? I will give you credit Robbie, you played it like a pro, and if you played it like a pro let’s go straight into Name That Pro!

Name That Pro! Wait, so Name That Pro is sponsored by Share My Pair?

You know what? Maybe! We just gave a shout out to you guys, let’s get a sponsorship.

Well, it’s not actually sponsored by them, but that would be nice!

Maybe one day! Bring those clues.

Here we go!

Don’t even try it. All right, before we begin let’s just review. Robbie has missed his last two attempts, and as it turns out Shimi’s on a winning streak.

If you want to see those, by the way, just look at our playlist on our YouTube Channel.

Absolutely! Don’t watch any of the ones where I’m guessing, except for last week’s episode. Here we go. Robbie, do you want to throw out an answer?

All right, I will throw out an answer.


I’m going to go with my man, Jason Somerville.

That was a great guess, but still wrong. Jason Somerville would be a good one to try to stump you on. All right, clue #1, are you ready?

Of course I’m ready.

Clue #1: This player won the Ultimate Bet Online Championship Main Event in February 2011 for $231,000 and was unable to get a dime of it thanks to black friday. Shout out to Shira, she would get this in two seconds.

I know it was on Full Tilt, therefore I know this is the wrong answer but I’m guessing it anyways to know that I know pros: Blair Hinkle.

Wrong! I love that X, I love it so much, especially when you’re the one guessing. Well, I’ve got a surprise for you Robbie. Clue #2 is not going to be ready by me. We are going to take it away with Jaime Staples.

All right!

Jaime Staples: Hey guys, what’s going on? This is Jaime Staples coming at you with the question of the week for PokerUpdate. Here we go. This player came up with his online screen name thanks to the movie ‘Shade’ with Sylvester Stallone. Good luck.

Thank you Jaime Staples.

I wish I could snap-call this because I actually watched that movie.

Did you?

I did. I was sick one day and had nothing better to do and I was like: “Wow, this is a pretty cool thing – a poker movie, Sylvester Stallone, Shade. Do I get points for having watched the movie?


It was such a long time ago. The movie was from 1996 I think, or 2006, I don’t know. A while ago.

That was my Bar Mitzvah.

I don’t know. I will pass, but gracefully because I saw Shade.

You’re not even going to guess? What the hell! You threw out Jason Somerville as a guess without having heard any clues. You need to guess something.

That’s true. Hold on a second, because I thought I needed to guess the screen name, but I need to guess the pro. I’ll throw one out there. John Juanda.

No. Seriously dude, you were gonna pass. It’s like in poker if there’s a guy who folds before there’s a bet.

I know someone like that.

Yeah, you do.

Thank you Jaime. Good to see you again. Remember when I saw Jaime at the PCA?

You’re such a jerk. Okay, last clue. This would be three wrong times in a row Robbie. Here we go. This player has a BCOP title, a UCOP title, a WCOOP title, a WSOP bracelet, and he was also drafted in the third round of the GPL draft.

Okay, that’s a good one. Wait a second.

I know for a fact that Robbie has seen the entire four and a half hours of the GPL draft.

I saw the draft! Uhm, argh! I hate this. Jonathan Duhamel!

Uhhh, nice try, but no! I’ve got to tell you, James, who often writes these clues, has specifically requested that I do not give you any extra hints. I don’t know. I don’t like being told what to do.

Good, I could use a few extra hints.

This player’s first name sounds like a popular character from Disney’s Aladdin. This is how Shimi The Fish gives hints.


No! Okay, what was the parrot’s name?


Yeah. Are we getting it? No?


Thiago Nishijima!

Really? Like I’m going to get that!

He’s actually a fun player to watch. In 2015 he took down 1st place in the $3,000 no limit event.

How the hell do you know that?

Because I do my research baby.

Yeah, because you see the name of the pro in front of you.

It does rhyme with Iago!

That’s true. That would have been a good clue.

You know what? Robbie asked for points because he watched the movie. I’m going to give Robbie some extra credit points because he knew the name of the parrot. Well done Robbie.

Well, you know our names. This is Robbie Strazynski here with Shimi The Fish. Thank you very much for tuning in to the Weekly Burn & Turn. This was episode 28. Happy to be here for you every single week. Be sure to like and share, even if you don’t like it, like it, even if you don’t want to share it, share it.

Be subscriber number 100.

You could be the 1,000,000 millionth subscriber actually. Subscribe to the YouTube channel. We’ll be back here again next week.

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