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Hey everybody, it’s Robbie Strazynski. We got an extra dose of February this year at, with 29 poker packed days on the 2016 calendar. Here’s the Monthly Roundup of some of the top stories we published.

Poker is all about the money, which means that in Canada it’s “all about the loonies and toonies, eh?” Everybody knows that Daniel Negreanu sits atop the Canadian all-time money list, but do you know who sits in 3rd place, or in 5th, or 10th? So as to help take away some of the guesswork, we published the list of the top 20 for you. We think it’s about time you had a look…

Interestingly, not a single Canadian appeared on our next list, of 7 Young Stars at the Poker Table, Who DID make an appearance, however, were a German, a Serbian, a Brit, a couple Americans, and Dzmitry Urbanovich, who could probably buy his home country of Poland with the amount of money he’s already won playing poker. Check out the article to see who else made the cut.

Clearly anyone successful enough at poker to appear on a career money list must be luckier than everyone else… right? Well, that’s what FanDuel CFO Matt King would have you believe. Our writer, David Huber – along with numerous other members of the poker community – took King to task for claiming that poker is not a game of skill. If you think your blood’s boiling now, just wait until you read the full article!

One game that perhaps ALMOST rivals poker in popularity is watching the U.S. Presidential election reality show … er, I mean debates. Among the many issues the candidates have positions on are whether or not to legalize and regulate online poker. To find out where the Presidential hopefuls stand – and if you’re looking for a good laugh or two – we recommend that you take a look at James Guill’s great article.

Are you ready? I said: Are you ready?! So, for the very few people in attendance and for the even fewer people watching this video around the globe… ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready for the Baller of the Month.

It’s Joe Hachem!

The proud Aussie set off on a round-the-world trip with his family that culminated in something truly awesome. Let’s see how the 2005 World Series of Poker Champion earned a new accolade and became February’s biggest baller.

Joe started the month off in the UK, where he and his boys took in an Arsenal match. That’s 11 points… you know, one per player.

Then it was off to play some poker, London style…at the Vic, of course! There’s gotta be close to £5,000 in that stack! Sick pic, sir… 10 points.

What would a stop in London be without a photo op in front of Buckingham Palace? Good form, Joe. 10 more points.

Next up, Paris! Good stuff, but then again, everyone takes an Eiffel Tower picture… Just deux point (2 points), one for each of your sons in the pic

The fun continued in the Far East, with the Hachem crew taking in Chinese New Year in Macau. Bright lights, big city, and 15 points… we love Macau!

Even all of that amazing world travel just can’t compare to a life highlight of watching your daughter get married. Congratulations Joe, from all of us here at PokerUpdate! No points necessary.

The wedding festivities might be over, but we raise our glass to Joe Hachem who, with a total of 49 points, is our February Baller of the Month!

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