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Welcome to our weekly Weekly Burn & Turn, where we discuss the latest poker updates published during the week.

Episode 27: The One Where Shimi Trumps Robbie

Thank you so much for watching.

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(4:13) When Should You Move Up In Stakes At The Poker Table?

(8:18) Speculations Abound Before GPL Draft Day Commences

(20:25) What Your Online Poker Operator of Choice Says About You

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Transcription Below

Welcome everybody to another exciting episode of the Weekly Burn & Turn for the week of…you know what? It doesn’t matter what week it is. It’s time we number these episodes by number.

Let’s do it! What number are we on?

This is number 115,275.

We are not up to number 115,275.

Welcome to Episode 27, actually. It is my favorite number.

Do you realize how long we would have to do this to get to episode 115,275?

That would be a very long beard.

We would last longer than Doyle Brunson.

Oh, last longer bets. We’re going to go that way? I see. Episode 27 of the Weekly Burn & Turn – tons of fun stuff in store for you. Today, when this episode is being recorded, is GPL Draft Day. We’ve got a great segment for you, but before we get there, lots of great news.

Lots of great stuff happening.

Lots of great stuff to talk about. Go for it Shimi.

Let’s dive right in and talk about the team event. I’m really excited.

At the WSOP!

That’s right.

The schedule was just released, all 60-something events, lots of bracelets, but this one really takes the cake. A team event, and you’re looking at the team right here.

There you go. At least half of us will hit the payout.

$1,000 to enter this event. You can have between 2 to 4 players, which is already interesting. Look, you’ve got to give it to them – innovative. We haven’t had a team event since the 1980s.

Well, I’ve got to tell you, I’m a little bit upset about this event.


They stole my idea!


I’ve been saying teams for at least a week. Well, I’m actually running my own game which is going to be a team event.

Did you manage to get anyone else to play in this game, Shimi?

I’m looking to put together my team. We’ll talk. I honestly think they’re doing it a little bit wrong.

It’s a great idea!

It is a wonderful idea. I don’t want to knock the WSOP. It’s a wonderful idea but the structure that they have is basically everyone playing the same game at the same time – switching off in between hands if I’m correct – is that right?

Well, not in the middle of the hand. You can’t change how you’re going to play the turn now, and then tag someone in later.

It’s tag team wrestling basically. Not in the middle of a hand, but it’s like: “Okay, bad beat, tag me out and bring in the next player.”

Yeah, something like that.

You know what I want to see? I want to see teams put together where every single person on the team is playing their own game, their own table, against all the other members of other teams. Hold on, hear me out. Then the way it works is that the best overall finish for the whole team – as a whole – is how you win. Kind of like if you go back to Full Tilt. I don’t know if any of you ever played the matrix tournaments on there. You get one buy-in and all of a sudden it would split you up into four different tournaments, and in each tournament you would get a little payout based on how you finished up, but the main payout would be based on how you finished in all four tournaments. So picture if you have four players on the same team and every single one of them is split up into a separate tournament. Then at the end of it you look at the final structure – how everyone finished on your team, and if your team finishes the best then you win. This will get everyone playing at the same time.

I guarantee that Shimi will have a 1st place finish in this event because I just can’t see anyone else playing in such an event. I’m confused. I don’t know, it sounds a little complicated. A little over my head.

Well, it would definitely be something that I would be watching. It would be exciting.

How can you be watching and playing at the same time?

If you have one person on your team though, this is the beauty of the event.

How can you convince someone to be on your team Shimi?

That’s the best part. The team’s got to be randomized.

Ah, okay.

Bring on Phil Ivey, I want him on my team.

What I do think is that the team event at the WSOP has a great chance of succeeding and maybe next year they’ll even up the stakes.

Nice, nice.

New topic. Bring it in. We’ve got that new topic graphic thing going there. When to move up in stakes is our next topic here. Take it away, Shimi.

When would you move up in stakes? Have you ever moved up in stakes, Robbie?

Yes. I moved from $.25c/$.50c to $.50c/$1 and then to $1/$2.

Nice. Not bad, not bad.

That was it though, I have never played $2/$5 yet.

I like to play in games where you buy-in at a lower level. You start at $1/$2 Limit poker, that way you’re not risking too much.

Limit? Who plays Limit poker?

Some people who need to see that river card. We’ll be fishing for that river card so we need to make sure we don’t get pushed out of the hand. If you’re playing $1/$2 Limit and you double your buy-in, I usually get up from that table and go to a different table. In theory I haven’t actually managed to double my buy-in yet, but that was the concept to raise the stakes a little bit.

Interesting. I don’t know.

Usually what happens to me is I bust out and go down to just one $5 chip and then I run to the craps table and I quickly win back my buy-in.

Come on, really?

Seriously. I’m a monster at the craps table. The last time I played craps at the casino, they called security on me. Not for any legitimate reason but just because I was standing there and I was rolling the dice for about 30 minutes.

Really? You were shooting for 30 minutes?

Yeah. I had a whole crowd of people that were gathered around making tons of money off of me, and meanwhile I made about $100.

I see. Ran it up from $5 to $100.

I didn’t just do that once. Once I went up to $100 I went back to the poker table, lost it back down to $5 and this process went on for a few times. Craps is definitely my game. Do you know how I’m so good at it?

Let’s hear it. How are you so good at craps Shimi?

Every time I’m standing there I just picture I’m playing a game of Settlers of Catan. I’m sitting there and I’m like: “I’ve got 15 cards in my hand. No seven, no seven baby,” and that’s how I don’t roll sevens.

Interesting. Well since this is a poker show let’s talk about poker because I actually did a little bit of running up. You know those free tournaments on PokerStars? I played one of those. I actually put together like 3-4 tournaments, and I got a few cents here and a few cents there. I had $1.10, which I managed to get from nothing.

Okay, nice.

Now one second, it doesn’t stop there.

It’s respectable. A chip and a chair.

Then I started playing $.01c/$.02c, and this is all in the same day. I said enough of this free play, let’s run this thing up. I ran it up, I am not joking Shimi, to $122.

$122 – okay!

I was playing something like $.10c/$.20c.

Then what happened to the $122?

So I said to myself: “Man, wow, that was a sick run from literally nothing.” So I decided to play $1/$2 – I play $1/$2 live all the time – and that was a mistake. The $122 is a great memory that I have, and that is the story of my running it up. So don’t raise the stakes too soon. I guess that’s the lesson to learn.

Yeah, you need to pace yourself. I know people that get a big score in online poker – obviously not me – who get a $6,000 payout and all of a sudden start playing $300 buy-ins.


Yeah, and that payout is going to go very, very fast. You know what I did like though, now that we’re talking about raising the stakes? They used to have a format with steps. I don’t know if you ever played this, where you buy-in for something like $3.

Like satellite steps?

Exactly, and it gradually goes up and if you get to the final step – which I think was step 10 – you got a buy-in to the main event, which was worth $15,000.

You mean you won a buy-in?

Yes, you win it.

You got to buy-in?

Instead of giving you the money you get a ticket to the main event. So it’s a satellite to the main event.


And obviously, I mean listen, if you do the math, to go from step 1 to step 10 is pretty daunting.

What do you know about math?

I do know that 1+1 is 2.

Aha, and shout out to the Two Plus Two forum.


All this poker talk, what’s really on everyone’s mind is today – a huge day – The GPL Draft Day. Are you excited? This is the most exciting thing.

I am! Have you been following the list of players?

Oh my God, we’re at 203.

Oh yeah!

Oh snap! 203 eligible players, you have 12 team managers who are going to be drafting 4 players per team. You’ve got the Moscow Wolverines, and the LA Sunsets.

New York baby!

What’s their name? The New York Saber Rattles? I don’t know.

I don’t remember, I just know that they’re going to suck because all my New York teams are terrible.

Wow, Bryn Kenney, sorry dude.

I’m going to root for you guys, but New York does not have a good record.

Yeah, well, Las Vegas Moneymakers is a great team. The draft is going to be live on Twitch and I’m going to be tuning in, as well as Shira, and maybe Shimi too. It’s definitely going to be exciting. There’s going to be a conference, and then an awards show. A big huge day in Beverly Hills.

The main question is: “How do you get drafted?”

You have to be one of the top 1,000 ranked members on the GPI.

You can put your name forward.

They have to opt in and sign the contract to be a player. After all the teams are sorted there’s going to be a snake thing – 1st pick and then they get to picks at the end. Hong Kong has two picks – the 12th pick, and then the 1st pick of the next round. After all of that is settled, the managers then get two wild card picks, and chances are they’re going to pick themselves. Duh, who doesn’t want to play poker?

Can they basically pick anybody?

They can pick anybody from all over the world, and I guarantee you that this guy – me – is getting picked. I would be the best GPL wild card.

No way, no way! If you’re going to pick anyone from this show it’s gotta be me.


I’m the entire personality. Shimi The Fish is such a great name. What is Robbie? Robbie Strazynski. You don’t even have a poker name.

But I would be a much better wild card than you.

You’re not actually going to get playing time. You’re just there for the entertainment.

You know what? I challenge you to a debate.

A debate?

Yeah, a debate. I’ll kick your butt in the debate just like I would at the poker table.

Oh, okay. You know, strong words, bring it on.

It’s time for the GPL Wild Card Debate

Shira: Hi everyone, and welcome to the first ever GPL Draft Wild Card Debate. Let’s welcome to the stage Shimi The Fish. And now let’s welcome Robbie Strazynski. And now let’s welcome, Shimi The Fish. Mr Fish, are you ready?

Shimi: I am ready. Bring it on. Let’s do this.

Robbie: I’m ready too. I was born ready for this.

 So let’s get started. The question goes first to Mr Strazynski.

Thank you. By the way, you look beautiful today.

Thank you very much. You know this doesn’t influence the votes, right?

Doesn’t influence the votes? Well, okay.

Do I still look beautiful?

You look like you have a PokerUpdate shirt logo thing on.

Alright. What would you do for the poker world if you got voted in as the GPL wild card?

Well I would do anything. I was born for this sort of a thing. I love promoting poker. For years now I’ve been involved in the poker world. I’ve got my own blog, I’ve got a podcast that I do, I’ve got a poker app, and of course with PokerUpdate I do all these videos, I interviewed the pros, I went to the PCA and I know what it’s all about to promote poker. I seriously enjoy doing this. I do this for fun. The reason I don’t sleep is because I’m always doing poker stuff – monitoring Twitter, monitoring Facebook, talking with the pros. When it comes to suggesting that other people should play poker, I’m excited about it. I’m not trying to do it so I take people’s money, I just love the game and people have told me that my enthusiasm for poker is infectious and I certainly believe that wearing a GPL logo would make that infectious as well, but in a good way obviously. People would love poker if I was promoting it. As the GPL wild card, you know who to pick.

 Thank you very much for your answer. Let’s turn to you now, Mr Fish. What would you do for the poker world if you were voted in as the GPL wild card.

Alright, let’s get serious for just a minute. If I’m voted in, first and foremost we’re going to be dealing with the rakes, because when you split up the 99% and the 1%, the 99% should be paying for most of the rakes. Let’s get rid of the rakes for the professional players. If you’re one of the 99% of America, do you own a swimming pool? Or three? Or four? No! So you have a lot more money that you could be shelling out for things like rakes. I want to see the professionals with better benefits. That’s what I’m going to do when you vote for The Fish.

I think you’re aware, Mr Weiss, that the GPL events have no rake.

Wait, who is this guy? Seriously. Get rid of the rakes for the professional players. Shimi The Fish 2016.

Okay, thank you both for your answers. Let’s move on to Question #2. We’re going to start with Mr Fish. If you were voted in as the GPL wild card player, what would you do to help promote women in poker?

I am all for women in poker. I totally think that there should be women in poker. If you’re playing at a poker table and there’s a woman there, that’s just a good thing. I have a daughter, I love her and if I could date her I totally would, but I can’t because that’s not appropriate. Women in poker – definitely appropriate. Shimi The Fish 2016.

Alright, now the question goes to you Mr Strazynski. If you were voted in as the GPL wild card what would you do to help promote women in poker?

I think that the whole fact that we want to get more women in poker and everyone is aboard that idea is a great thing. Look at the managers of these teams, you’ve got Liv Boeree managing the London team, Maria Ho managing the LA team, Celina Lin is managing the Hong Kong team – women in poker, that’s what it’s all about. Look, if you ask me the ideal table should have plenty of women around, maybe a 50-50 mix. I’m all for women in poker. Again, I mentioned my blog before, and I wrote a 5,000 word article about why more women should be involved in poker. We talk about women in poker on the PokerUpdate Weekly Burn & Turn all the time. Everyone should be into poker so long as you’re of age, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. I am very pro-women in poker and I certainly think that as a GPL wild card pick I could convey that message to the media in everything that I would write, tweet, and post. Men in poker, women in poker, everybody in poker!

Thank you guys very much for your answers. We move on to question #3. We’re going to start with Mr Fish.



As it should be. Mr Fish is always first. Shimi The Fish 2016.

Alright, no problem.

Okay. Are you ready?

I was born ready.

Alright. Do you agree with the notion of having all GPL events in a cube?

Absolutely not! I do not agree with that notion at all. Let me tell you something, poker should be in the casino. We need to keep poker in the casinos. Now I hailed from the city of Atlantic City, and if you ask me, I think you should be bringing it back to the casinos there. Trump Plaza, Trump Taj Mahal – these are great locations for an event like this.

Thank you very much Mr Fish. We now take the question to Mr Strazynski. Do you agree with the notion of having all GPL events in a cube?

Well, actually, it’s not ‘a cube’ it’s The Cube. GPL was founded by Mr Alex Dreyfus – love you Alex, I remember meeting you at the PCA – a great guy, and everyone is getting on board the Alex Dreyfus Train. The Cube is a 20×20 structure where basically all the players are in there and everyone is watching from the outside. It’s actually soundproofed so they can do whatever they want to do in there, and you have potentially a whole stadium worth of people cheering on their teams against each other in this cube while the players are standing – raising against each other, betting, laughing, and table talk. That’s what the beauty of this cube is. It’s creating a sporting environment for poker. Alex Dreyfus wants to sportify poker so it makes perfect sense. UFC has The Octagon, Poker has The Cube – I’m all for it. If I’m voted in as the GPL wild card pick, you can better believe that I will be in The Cube and also rooting for it from outside The Cube. Go Cube!

Alright guys, thank you very much. We’re running a bit short on time so let’s finish off with some closing remarks. Mr Fish, the floor is yours.

Alright, I didn’t want to do this but I’m going to play my trump card against Mr Robbie Strazynski over here. If I am elected as the draft pick for 2016, number 1 priority is to close the borders so that way poker is just America. That’s right, you heard it first here, let’s keep everyone else outside America until the rest of the world sorts out all of its problems. You know, just America, and the smaller America to the north that has the maple leaf flag. That’s the way you do it in this country. Shimi The Fish 2016.

My closing remarks are pretty simple. You want to know who’s good for poker? No one’s ever thought outside the box, or the cube, if you will. No one’s ever said: “Hey, what if I chose a poker media member as part of my team?” I would rock those interviews. Everyone’s like: “Yeah, I can play,” and maybe I’m not a professional poker player, but you know what? When no actually money is on the line, it’s just a competition. Anyone can win the day. Chris Moneymaker – the manager himself – has proved that anyone can win, maybe a poker media member as well. Again, I’m no professional, but what there is to know about poker, I’d be happy to tell the world about it, whether it’s on a podcast or this or that. I’ll stand all day and do interviews. I love to promote GPL. Pick me for your wild card for the GPL draft. Good luck everybody. Not Shimi The Fish.

Well I want to thank you all very much for coming and I hope that this was really enlightening for everyone watching.

Well naturally, now that they know who to pick for the wild card of the GPL draft.

Shimi The Fish 2016.

Wasn’t that the best?


You are looking at the winner of the debate, and Shimi The Fish.

Vote for Fish. You know it will be better with me there instead of Robbie.

You know I’m going to be the best GPL wild card. I’m looking at you, Chris Moneymaker buddy.

Chris voted for me!


That’s right. Chris, don’t forget about me. Oh my goodness, Chris, yeah, Shimi The Fish.

Eleven other managers, you could totally draft me. I’m waiting for the call baby.

Uhm, isn’t Elky one of the managers also?

Elky loves me!

Elky voted for me too! That’s right baby, I got two managers and you got nothing.

I’ll still play the field. Ten managers, totally vote for me! It’s gonna happen.

Elky, Chris, you can talk to my manager, or Shira.

You know what that says about you, Shimi?

It says..?

I don’t know what it says but what I do know is what your choice of online poker operator does say about you.

Okay, well what operator do you play on?

Well first of all we’ve got to bring the graphics in again. Titles here again. Gotta love them.

Gotta move it down. There you go.

If you’re playing, for example, on I don’t know.


PokerStars, there you go, that’s an example. If you play on PokerStars it clearly says that you play online poker because everyone’s playing on PokerStars.

It means that you know what you’re doing, or you have a lot of money you want to give away.

And you’re not located in the United States.

Oh, yeah. So, what if you’re in the United States?

Then you’re probably playing on because you’re in Nevada or New Jersey.


Not Delaware.

Not Delaware?

Not yet.

What about Full Tilt? What’s that going to say about you?

Who plays on Full Tilt anymore?

I used to play on Full Tilt. I loved it.

I never played a single hand on Full Tilt. Now it’s going to be integrated with PokerStars. They’re merging player pools.

Oh, that’s sad.


I gotta tell you, the Full Tilt commercials they used to have were the best commercials.

Oh they did, they did.

They were outstanding commercials.

With Phil Ivey right? That was the banned commercial.

It wasn’t just that, they had a lot of other pros. The one where it’s all dark and you see the table.

The black and white one.

Yeah. The one where it goes something like: “Sometimes you got it. You’re playing on Full Tilt.” Those commercials made me love poker. I deposited on Full Tilt because of those commercials. It gets you excited.

This is the old Full Tilt, right?


So in other words you didn’t get your money back from them.

Well not for a long time.

Aha. Now they’re merging together. A mind meld as Jason Somerville would say. 888 Poker is another great place to play. What would it say about you if you’re playing on 888, Shimi?

I wouldn’t know. What do you think I play on?

Probably Zynga.

You know what? That’s actually legit. I do play on Zynga because what’s Zynga going to say about you?

That you’re a fish.

That you’re a fish!

I think he’s the mascot for Zynga Poker.

When I play on Zynga I’m the shark because if you think I’m a fish, oh my God you have to see the other players on Zynga. I want to see some sort of gaming commission take charge and make sure that Zynga is legit because I’ve never seen bad beats like I’ve seen on Zynga.

He’s bragging about Zynga!!!

I’m not making this up, they have a feature where you can tip the virtual dealer.

Really? Is that how you make your bankroll – tipping?

No, that’s how you lose it. I’m positive that if you tip your virtual dealer they give you an edge, so that way when you have A2 vs KK, you’re going to hit two 2s. You won’t hit an ace, you get zynga, so you hit your two 2s.

You got Zyngad?

That’s correct.

Well for the rest of you, I hope you’re all playing on legal regulated online poker sites, certainly not on the unregulated sites. I get it, if you’re in the States and you really want to play and you’re not in Nevada or New Jersey, you don’t have many options for you but lobby your legislators and get them to legalize poker in your State. I’m from California and hopefully that’s next on deck here. Pennsylvania is also a great place. Let’s get poker legalized and regulated in the United States of America because there’s going to be a lot of pros playing there also, and we’re all about recreational players and the pros! It’s time for: Name That Pro!

Oh! I’m the one reading the clues, right?


I am. You did it last week. I got it last week.


I didn’t. Let me point something out to you, okay? Yes, it is true, I have never guessed the Name That Pro correctly. However, Shira has also never guessed it correctly, and not only that but the past two times in a row, Robbie has missed.

Aha, you’re not going to get this one.

I get a guess beforehand, right?

You do get a pre-flop guess.

Okay, I’m starting to think that they’ve been messing with me a little bit because last time was Daniel Negreanu, which means they want to trick me with players that I might actually know.

You realize that this time it might also be Daniel Negreanu, right?

No, we can’t do doubles. That’s just boring. There’s so many players to choose from and I know like six of them so there’s no reason to double up.

Go for it buddy.

I’m going with Antonio Esfandiari.

If you’re going to go, you go like Antonio.

Nice, nice.

Remember when we met him in person?

No, shut up.

Unfortunately, you’re wrong buddy. It’s not Antonio.

I’m going to lunge my way to it. No?

No. Okay, first clue. Are you ready?

I am always ready.

Here’s the flop, sir. This pro is currently #3 on the GPI. The top player list.

Well I guessed Antonio, but he would have been #1.

No, he’s not #1 or #3.

He’s not? But he was the #1 money-earner.

No, we’re talking about the GPI here – the currently best ranked players list.

Okay, well it’s not Phil Hellmuth because I’m pretty sure he’s #1. See that, I know things.


I’m going to go with Phil Ivey.

Phil Ivey?! No.

It was a good guess though, right?


Was Phil Hellmuth #1? Was I right about that?

No. I believe Byron Kaverman is #1 right now.

Really? Does this change from year to year?

It changes from week to week buddy. Where are you?

Oh, well this would be something good to know.

Zynga Poker! Anyway, the turn. Clue #2: Because Clue #1 was actually to throw you off and has nothing to do with the question, this is time for you to guess another pro. That’s it. That’s the clue.



Read that again.

I quote here: Because Clue #1 has nothing to do do with the actually pro, this is clue #2 and we’d like you to guess another pro.

Just randomly?

That’s correct.

Come on! What?

Really. It’s not Ivey, and not Antonio.

But there’s no hint. Is that a hint?

That’s what you get for looking at the answers.

I didn’t look at the answers.

Go on Shim.

You know what? Even though I guessed him every single time, I don’t want Shira to get the best of me with Ari Engel, so I’m going to go with him just so I don’t lose.

Ari Engel? Very wrong. And what we’re going to do for the river, clue #3, is actually read the clues because none of those were actually what’s written here. I completely made that up as we were going along.

You’re such a jerk!

Because you looked at the answers in advance.

I did not look at the answers!

You looked at all three clues. This is Clue #3 Shimi, lots of information coming up. Are you ready?


This poker pro once entered a 2-7 Lowball event at the WSOP and went on to win the event despite never having played the game before. This pro was the star of a reality television show in 2012 but the show was cancelled after just one season. This pro is very active in charity and hosts an annual charity poker tournament in Las Vegas for the Nevada ASPCA. Those are your clues sir.


Lots of clues.

I really wish I had gotten three guesses for this one. What was the reality television one?

This pro was the star of a reality television show in 2012 but the show was cancelled after just one season.

So that can’t be High Stakes Poker, because I think High Stakes Poker went on for two seasons, right?

We’re calling the clock.

No, no clock. And the charity one, you know what? I’m going to have to go with the Robin Hood of Poker then.

Who? That’s not a name.

Barry Greenstein.

Barry Greenstein is not the answer!

Give me another hint.

A real clue?

Yes let’s run it twice.

Okay. It’s a woman.

Wait, but we spoke about Annette Obrestad, she’s going to be on Survivor.

Is that your guess?



Jennifer Harman.

Jennifer Harman….is the right answer!

Oh baby!! Oh My God! YES!

This is called rabbit hunting.

Oh snap! That’s right, yes! Shira! I got it. Shira is now the only person that has not correctly guessed the pro for Name That Pro.

Okay, now that we’ve made Shimi happy we’d like to make sure you guys stay happy.

Jennifer I love you! Shout out to Jennifer!

Each week we hope you keep on coming back again. This was episode 27 of the Weekly Burn & Turn. Stay tuned next week for episode 28 for more fun stuff. Be sure to like this video, if you do like it, and leave your comments. Subscribe to the PokerUpdate YouTube Channel. Love to see you here every week, and we hope you enjoyed the show. Thanks a lot!


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