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Hey everybody! Robbie Strazynski here for to bring you the Monthly Roundup for January 2016.

Before we jump into the articles, I want to encourage you to check out all of the great exclusive interviews we recorded at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure with legends of the game like Daniel Negreanu, Jason Mercier, Barry Greenstein, and other big-name pros. To find ‘em, just subscribe to the PokerUpdate YouTube channel, which you can do by clicking

Now, let’s have a look at some of the top articles we’ve published to kick off the New Year!

In the UK, it’s all about God Save the Queen. Kind of makes you wonder if the poker gods are British – Mmm? Either way, James Guill compiled a list of Her Majesty’s Elite 7 Poker Pros. Along with names you’d expect like Barny Boatman and Chris Moorman, there are a couple of surprises who also appear on the list. Whether you’re of royal lineage or a simple commoner, Her Majesty commands that you read it.

Here at PokerUpdate, we’re big proponents of regulated U.S. online poker. Currently, online poker is only legal in 3 states: Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. For other states to get on board and take a seat at the table, legislation needs to be passed. Jennifer Newell penned a great article called 5 Ways States Improve Chances for Online Gaming Legislation. If you want the right to legally play online poker in your state, this is an article you should read and share.

David Huber wrote an article this month that tackled a tough question: Is Poker Media Fair and Balanced? Most poker media sites, including this one, are affiliate partners with the biggest online poker brands. Thus, truthfully, it’s up to you guys to decide whether sites like ours provide fair and balanced coverage about the big online poker rooms. I’ll just say that I don’t know of another affiliate site that published an article like David’s…

One of our most popular articles published this month was titled 9 Women Who Deserve to Be in the Women’s Poker Hall of Fame. Hundreds of women – and men, too – couldn’t help but share this piece with their friends while discussing which ladies ought to be considered for membership in the exclusive club alongside legends like Linda Johnson, Susie Isaacs, and others.  Check it out and decide who YOU think should get in.

Now it’s time to name the January Baller of the Month? Let’s hear that drumroll!

It’s Liv Boeree!

Our first lady baller – woohoo!

Let’s have a look at what set Liv apart from the pack in January.

She started the month off at Paradise Island in the Bahamas, where the surf was unquestionably up. That’s 5 points.

Other poker pros might not worry about swimming with the sharks, but it takes a special player to swim with the rays… 5 more points.

While competing in high stakes events at the PCA, Liv also took the time to play against some recreational players, playing Heads Up for Rolls and giving them the shot to win up to $1,000…plus a great story to take home. We love that: 10 points!

Midway through the month, Liv made a big announcement: she’ll be managing the London Royals as a member of the new Global Poker League. Look for big news to follow there. 10 points.

Ever the eloquent speaker, Liv also revealed a hidden talent for putting on some great accents, including Irish, Scottish, American Southern, and South African. 2 points per accent imitated.

Liv didn’t leave the PCA without first stopping by here at PokerUpdate for an exclusive interview, where she answered some questions that have been on everybody’s minds for ages.

We’ll give you 15 points for that, plus an extra 5 points for choosing kangaroos… we love ‘em too.

From the Bahamas, Liv headed further South to the Land of Oz, where she’s attending the Aussie Millions. Let’s just say it’s good Liv didn’t fly the plane, as she was caught away from the tables navigating a drone, well… see for yourself. Minus 5 points… but that sure was funny!

On top of all that, a full-length two-part interview with Liv called “Million Dollar Girl” just debuted on the popular London Real YouTube Channel. That’s another 5 points… times two!

With a total of 58 points, Liv brought all the baller hype to finish off the year.

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