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Welcome to our weekly Weekly Burn & Turn, where we discuss the latest poker updates published during the week.

Vidcast for the week of: Sunday, September 20, 2015

The One Where Robbie and Shimi Moved to a New Location

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If you would like to read the articles discussed in our vidcast, please see the links below!

(1:26) 9 Questions on Everyone’s Mind About PokerStars in NJ

(3:58) PayPal Helps Legitimize Regulated Online Poker in the US

(5:27) 7 Deadly Sins of Poker Tournaments

(8:12) Global Poker League Bets Big on “Sportifying” Poker and Alex Dreyfus Announces Global Poker League’s 2016 Inaugrual Season

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Transcription Below

Welcome back everybody to another exciting episode of the Weekly Burn & Turn for the week of October 4th, 2015. I’m Robbie Strazynski.

And I’m Shimi Weiss.

Happy to be back with you, in a brand new location. I’m very excited.

Check it out! Nice and spacious.

I know right. We’re totally moving up in the world. I don’t know, maybe will be on the top of a building next time. We’ll see, but it’s just exciting to be in a nice, new location here. Before we get into our topics for the week, I want to thank everybody for voting in our special competition to determine the most memorable televised poker hand. Great brackets which we talked about in our last episode with the fun jackets.

Round 1 is over, right? We’re moving on to round 2.

We are moving into round 2, so now’s the time to go ahead and cast your votes. You can go ahead and find it on, just look for the multicolored, beautiful bracket. Let us know – what is the most memorable televised poker hand of all time? Cast those votes and we’ll see who makes it to round 3.

Professional players, make sure you give a shoutout to your fans so that they’ll vote you through. You’ve got to keep the action going.

Give a shoutout to us because we’re the ones shouting all the time. So, beyond the shouting, we’re going to get into the four topics we’re going to discuss today. The first one is something that’s on everybody’s mind. Everyone is talking about this: Poker!


Joizy! PokerStars is in New Jersey. So, we’ve got a great article by James Guill – 9 Questions on Everyone’s Mind About PokerStars in NJ – but, James, I’ve got to tell you, there’s only one question on everybody’s mind: Can I play in New Jersey?  Can you play in New Jersey?

I’m actually still signed up as a resident in New Jersey, so I guess it works for me, I’m still in.

But, but, but… you can’t actually play yet, because they’ve only gotten approved so far. This is like the big news, and that’s it. You can’t actually play. You can’t actually do anything about it yet.

We have an estimate though as to when we can start, right?

Right. I think the estimate that’s being mentioned across the industry is some time within the next few months or so, in the first quarter of 2016. So definitely very exciting news. Again, it’s not like it’s going to be just like it used to be – where everyone is playing all the time from all over the place – but the Department of Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey (DGE) gave PokerStars its approval. They did a very thorough investigation and it was really a groundbreaking announcement – a breakthrough. Finally, some good news for online poker.

It’s exciting stuff. It’s nice that New Jersey actually put something positive out there. Well done New Jersey. I’m allowed to make fun of New Jersey since I’m from there, right?

Yes, and even if you’re not from there.

You know we got a dislike because of our Delaware antics? So we’ve got to be more careful. One person disliked the antics we were making.

That’s like half the people from Delaware!

That is the entire population from Delaware! Sorry.

It’s just really good news that PokerStars has been approved. I assume that this means Amaya, the parent company, can also get Full Tilt rolled in, maybe. The bottom line is we don’t really know what’s going to happen over the next few months but it’s a positive move. People in the State of New Jersey will be able to play. It’s going to be ring-fenced, which means that you need to physically be in New Jersey to be able to play. The State doesn’t have any agreements with other States like Nevada and Delaware to combine player pools, it doesn’t yet have agreements with the international player pools, but it’s a good first step.

It’s only a matter of time, though. This is a really, really good move. It’s a good sign.

It’s definitely a big domino to fall, that’s for sure.


Very exciting stuff. Way to go, PokerStars. Great job and way to go again to New Joizy.

Segueing into our second topic, actually, it’s very easy to sign up for it. Or, will be very easy to sign up for it.

To fund your account, you just take money out of your wallet and give it to the DGE. No, not really, but just like all things are done online these days, PayPal! You’ve got a PayPal account right?

Everyone’s got a PayPal account!

Everyone has a PayPal. YOU (the viewer) have a PayPal account!

And now you can actually use your PayPal account with your gaming account.

That’s right! Again, I guess the chips are falling into place. You know, everyone really does have the PayPal account and now it makes it the easiest way possible to go ahead and fund your account. The banks are also going to cooperate. Again, the dominos are falling.

The fact that PayPal is cooperating is a very, very big deal. They are very strict with protecting your money, protecting the buyer, and the fact they came onboard with this lends so much legitimacy to the gaming community – their money’s safe!

You just sort of get the feeling that a positive storm is brewing. You have the PokerStars news, you have New Jersey, you have the PayPal news, and you sort of get the feeling that over the next few weeks and months more good things are going to happen, that more people are going to be able to play online poker, it’s going to be easier for people to fund their accounts, and it’s all going to be licensed and regulated. Yay!

This is very exciting stuff!

This gives us a lot more to talk about on the next episodes of the Weekly Burn & Turn. So, great news and we’re happy to bring it to you. Go ahead and share this news with your friends. Next topic is not news related. It’s a strategy piece by James Guill – 7 Deadly Sins of playing in Poker Tournaments.

Right, when you’re playing in tournaments you really need to be careful. There are a lot of pitfalls that you can fall into. The one that I love the most, because I know this about myself, is that when you start getting close to the bubble you start tightening up because you want to hit that payout. You don’t want to be the guy that goes out 5 people before the cash. That’s really the time when you should start loosening up because most people will start anchoring down, is that the right word?

Hunkering down.

Hunkering down! That’s the word I’m looking for.

Yeah, you start waiting for a big hand and there are some big stacks out there that are going to start bullying you on the bubble.

Absolutely. I even remember getting hands like a big pocket pair, and you just don’t want to play.

I don’t even remember getting high pocket pairs. I don’t usually get them. I get suited connectors a lot, and then it’s like: “But they were suited!”

It’s a common mistake. You just have to remember that that payout, the one right after the bubble, is not what anyone is aiming for. You want to get to that final table. The only way to get there is to take advantage of these opportunities, and when people are starting to play tight, that’s when you want to start loosening up and start stealing some blinds.

Not a deadly sin that you want to commit. Also, when the antes are put into the blind structure and it’s not just blinds out there but also antes, you have to adjust your gameplay.

You’ve got to adjust your game. There’s a lot more chips on the table, and it’s worth it to try to take them. At the same time, at the beginning of the tournament (this is a big mistake I see a lot of new players do) players get involved in these hands that they really have no business being involved in. You want to avoid big hands, especially at the start of a tournament.

Especially in a freezeout, you only have one tournament life and you don’t necessarily want to risk it. I know that many of the great poker players always say that you don’t need to get into unnecessary confrontations so early in the game. It’s a long tournament, you’re not going to win the tournament in one hand, unless it’s the last hand when you’re heads up with somebody.

It’s about patience. You really have to just sit back and have patience.

Exactly, it’s not like a cash game where you can just go ahead and reload. A great piece of strategy that James put together. We went through a couple of the seven deadly sins. Let us know what you think. We’re always happy to hear from you. On Facebook, look for the Facebook Page.

What’s your worst deadly sin? What’s the worst thing that you always make the mistake of when you start getting into one of these tournaments?

Hashtag “DeadlySins” when you’re on Twitter. Look for us, @PokerUpdate on Twitter. You can always find us at [email protected] You can always send us an email. One thing, our email box has been flooded. Huge news.

This is amazing.

Gigantic news has come out from Alex Dreyfus. Way to go man, you’re just really leading the poker community.

Revolutionizing the entire game right now. Really just revolutionizing it for everyone.

Because Kings now beat Aces. It’s unbelievable. No, we’re just kidding, but it is really huge news. I don’t want to take anything away from it. Alex Dreyfus has come out with the Global Poker League. There’s a big press release about the details of what we can expect. The Cube!


Wow. What a cool thing. On the one hand it’s like, “oh yeah, why hasn’t that been done before?” but it’s a concept that will really work. It plays off like what the UFC has done with their Octagon. Poker will now have, according to the Global Poker League vision, The Cube.

It’s turning it into a sport, which is amazing. I like the plan that he’s set out. He’s picked different cities in America, Europe and also in Asia, and what it’s basically going to be is a league. The players aren’t even buying in.

Based on their performance, they’re going to get points and be able to be drafted by the team owners. What this cube is, basically, you have to imagine, you’re taking what happens with eSports right now. You have sporting arenas full of people and they are watching people play games and that’s the concept that Alex, with the Global Poker League, wants to bring to this with this Cube. It’s going to be one way glass. People who are inside the cube, the players, can’t see what’s going on out there.

But there’s still a tremendous amount of interaction.

Exactly, and everyone sitting out there, in the arena, can see what’s going on in this cube. It’s going to be high tech, with RFID Technology. Really, really incredible stuff.

It’s exciting.

This news is so big that we wrote two articles about it. David Huber and Brad Chalupski wrote some great pieces definitely worth checking out on Before we leave, just one more reminder to you all. Round 2 of the sweet 16, for our most memorable tv poker hand competition, is now open. You should cast your votes. Tell your friends about it. And that’s about it. That’s the Weekly Burn & Turn for this week. I’m Robbie Strazynski.

Shimi Weiss. We’ll see you next week.

Yes, and Shimi Weiss, okay. See you next week.

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