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Welcome to our weekly Weekly Burn & Turn, where we discuss the latest poker updates published during the week.

Vidcast for the week of: Sunday, October 11, 2015

The One With the Gerbils

Thank you so much for watching.

If you would like to read the articles discussed in our vidcast, please see the links below!

(0:40) 5 Reasons Why DFS SHOULD Matter to Online Poker Players and 5 Reasons DFS SHOULDN’T Matter to Online Poker Players

(4:08) PokerUpdate’s Bradley C Won $349 on FanDuel?

(4:26) Feature Interview with Twitch Streaming Star Jaime Staples

(8:17) 9 Distractions to Avoid While Playing Online Poker

(11:28) The Most Memorable Televised Poker Hand of All Time

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Transcription Below

Welcome back everybody to the Weekly Burn & Turn for the week of October 11th, 2015. I’m Robbie Strazynski.

I’m Shimi Weiss.

Shimi, congratulations, what a great shave.

Thank you very much, and nice haircut!

Thank you. I had them put the gray in for that more dignified look.

They did a good job with that. They managed to get it in all over the place.

So, let’s entertain you with some poker. We have some great articles to talk about this week that have been published at PokerUpdate. The first one is actually a pair of articles. It was a point counterpoint about DFS, Daily Fantasy Sports. Should it or should it not matter to online poker players?

Let’s go. It should.

It should not!

It absolutely should.

It should absolutely not!

Okay, you first. Go.

There’s a reason the site is called, not I don’t have anything against DFS. It’s obviously everywhere. The ads are everywhere, you see it on TV, you see it on the internet, everyone is playing it, it’s a billion dollar industry, scandals, this, this, and that. BUT, that’s DFS, not poker. You have all the poker media outlets reporting about it. Once in awhile, I understand, there might be a little connection to it, but everyone’s tweeting about it, and it just doesn’t matter.

It’s a pretty big connection. If it’s going to have an effect on the poker industry then that’s something very important and obviously connected. DFS is a billion dollar industry, and it’s essentially gambling, and if we’re looking to legalize online poker in the US then this is a really good way to lead into it. They don’t want it to be connected, but you know what, it’s practically the same thing that we’re talking about. We’re talking about online gambling. If one is legal, then there’s no reason why we can’t jump into the second one and push for that.

Okay, I hear what you’re saying, so perhaps it should matter a little, but it shouldn’t matter that much. It shouldn’t be everything that everyone’s talking about in the poker world. Again, go make a dedicated website for it. Everyone can talk about whatever they want, but I’m a poker purist. Don’t alienate the poker audience. I mean yes, we’re talking about DFS now, but this is exactly the issue.

This is clearly being spoken by someone who’s never participated in DFS.

I’ve never played DFS. I have no interest in playing DFS.

I play, and I am terrible at it, but for some reason I still won.

Right, kind of like in poker.

Yeah, basically.

Well look, we obviously have our differences. Whether we agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter, but that’s just one point of contention. James Guill wrote the article that I’m a proponent of, that it shouldn’t matter, and he had five great reasons. David Huber wrote the counterpoint, five reasons why it should matter. Decide for yourself. Definitely worth checking out.

You know what, comment. Let’s see what you guys think. Let’s put it to a vote. Let us know in the comments section. Are you for, or against?

Yes, and find us on twitter @PokerUpdate, #DFSDoesMatter or #DFSDoesntMatter and link to the article, and tweet it and share it because we want you to come and visit our website.

Well, that was very subtle.

Wow. Okay. I tried. Here’s a good segue. We did produce a fun article there, and here’s a shoutout to Brad Chalupski, one of our writers.

Bradley C.

Oh, right, Bradley C.

He’s world renowned Bradley C.

Everyone knows Bradley C from the commercials.

Because he’s a big winner!

On FanDuel I believe. He won a buck and a quarter? Or something like that.

He won $349.

That was Bradley C.

You guys can be Bradley C.

If you’ve seen Bradley C on the commercials then this is definitely an article you want to read that he’s the real Bradley C. So yes, if you’re into DFS, that should be the thing. But again, it doesn’t matter. Not that much.

Okay, so onto our next topic, Jaime Staples, very, very popular. He’s a Friend of PokerStars, a sponsored friend, if you will. He’s risen to fame on Twitch. He’s an ordinary guy that was playing online poker, and everyone knows Twitch is the live streaming service, where he’s going ahead and playing, commenting, and getting all these followers. Everyone’s interested in what he has to say. Everyone knows Jaime Staples’ name right now.

Really nice of him to do an interview. He seems like a very outstanding guy.

David Huber sat down with him and asked him a whole bunch of questions.

I think what’s amazing, though, is that he didn’t start off as a high stakes player.

No, he’s not your traditional pro with all the bracelets that you always see on TV.

But people are still very interested in watching him play. They’re very interested in tuning in to his channel.

I think he’s just very good at engaging the audience. He won’t go ahead and just pretend he’s talking and no one’s listening, but he’s aware of all these followers. Everyone’s commenting and asking him questions. He always shouts out their names.

He’s replying to them directly, he’s giving them shoutouts.

Speaking of shoutouts!

Go for it.

There we go. Beautiful. Well set up, for the spike. Shoutout to Yishai and Jonah who were kind enough to RT us on Twitter. You can do it to. If you want to hear your name on TV, your own shoutout, that sort of thing, just pay attention to our Twitter feed @PokerUpdate and you may hear your name next.

Absolutely. Retweet us and Robbie will give you a shoutout. We have to set a limit. What is it? The first 1,000 Retweets?

What, everyone’s going to get a shoutout?

Go for it.

Well, I think next episode will be only shoutouts.

I think Robbie can run through 1,000 shoutouts.

Make it really creative, like I know Jason Somerville for example always asks his legionnaires to be very creative and they do a whole bunch of photoshops. So do something cool and maybe you’ll get a shoutout during the next PokerUpdate Weekly Burn & Turn. So yes, really interesting interview. There was actually one question where I don’t know if he was the right person to ask. There was a question that David asked, “What do you think about the whole regulation of online poker?” Obviously, it’s not like Jaime’s a State Legislator, or incredibly and ridiculously active on the legislation front.

Right, but it’s still nice to hear his opinion on the matter.

Right, because yes, on the one hand he’s the ordinary guy like you and I – so who cares what we all think about it – but it’s interesting, and this is why I think it was a good question, because Jaime has this huge audience. This audience might not necessarily be interested in poker that much, they might be from the gaming audience and might not be aware that there’s an online poker legislation issue. So the fact that he talks about it is great publicity. We need people to become active in this fight to make online poker regulated and licensed in the US – as many States as possible. I think Jaime had a very good answer, and every poker pro, anyone with an influence in the poker world, or outside the poker world, that can talk about the regulation issue, is a good thing.

Everyone who speaks up helps. It can only benefit moving forward.

I agree. The only thing that doesn’t matter about that is Daily Fantasy Sports. It does not matter.

We’ll wait till we see the comments.

You can also comment, by reaching us at [email protected] and of course on Facebook just look for the PokerUpdate Facebook Page. So we’ll get to the last topic we’re going to talk about here.

This is a really fun one.

9 distractions you should avoid when playing online poker.

I really liked how, for some reason, significant others suddenly turn into your wife.


I’m not sure how that happened.

I think the statistics are like 10-20% of online poker players are women, you know? I mean, I don’t know.

You have the other one, that if nature calls while you’re playing it’s one of the worst distractions you could have. I’ve got to tell you, when I’m playing online poker, I count myself lucky that my wife is a poker player because I can turn to her and ask her to keep an eye on things while I run off. Then she’ll shout, “You’ve got Aces!” and then I’d better run back for that.

I did that lots of times when I was playing online. You get that 5 minute break where you run to the bathroom and then run back.

But you don’t time it perfectly.

But when you gotta go, you gotta go. You know, one person who timed it in a very funny way, I don’t know if people will remember or not, Daniel Negreanu (and yes, this is another Daniel Negreanu mention)…

…Oh, he was the real whiz kid right?

He was the WIZZ kid. He put the “P” in poker, when he was playing online and he was doing a twitch stream and he had a real, live stream.

Hah, stream!

Live stream, he went to the bathroom (of course he didn’t show anything) and he actually peed while he was looking at the camera and playing. I remember it was very funny.

It’s important though, you really want to avoid these distractions because you’ll be in the middle of the hand and if you’re getting distracted it could cost you in the long run. You could be sitting there with pocket aces and think you’re golden, while not realizing the other guy flopped two pairs.

Or girl!

And all of a sudden he’ll knock you out. The other guy could have called with Q7 and flops two pair. This is a personal story, really.

A personal story. Someone may have lost with Aces to a Q7.


Yeah, that was kind of rough, but something you really don’t want to be distracted by is, gerbils.

Gerbils. *Lifts “No Gerbils” Sign*

Don’t be distracted by gerbils! In James’ article about the 9 distractions he obviously talked about pets. If you have a dog or a cat, you don’t want them cuddling up too close.

No, no, cat’s don’t really care about you. As long as they’re fed, they’ll just wander around. It’s dogs that require attention, and gerbils.



But you don’t want gerbils distracting you when you’re playing online poker. Any other distractions that you should be avoiding when playing online poker?

I liked what he pointed out about kids, and that’s really important because I’ve fallen into that pitfall so many times. You begin a tournament and you think it’s okay, they’re going to watch a movie or do homework, they’re not going bother me, and then all of a sudden, yeah, no. If your kids are awake, it’s not going to go well.

If they’re sleeping, they’re going to wake up when you’re in the middle of a very important hand. It happens every time.

You’re better off just waiting till they’re married and out of the house before you sit down for that poker tournament.

Or getting a gerbil, which you don’t want to be distracting you. So before we sign off I just want to remind everyone about our Most Memorable Televised Poker Hand Competition. It’s still going on and we’re now in round 3. It’s the countdown.

It’s the final countdown.

*Both Sing: It’s the final countdown!*

It’s not really the final countdown, but the clock is definitely ticking. Be sure to get your votes in. Visit the PokerUpdate.Com and it’s right on the homepage, just click and cast your votes. Very interesting videos over there, and I’m going to pick a favorite now. I think the one that’s going to win to the finals is Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi vs Matt Jarvis. That hand where it keeps flip flopping as to who’s in the lead. Incredible hand. That’s my personal favorite to win, and that’s my pick. Go ahead and pick yours.

I’m going to have to vote for the Royal Flush vs Quad Aces. That was just amazing.

And the guy goes “WOW” in the wife-beater and the red hair. It’s just a memorable scene. So, again, cast your votes. We’re down to the elite 8 in round 3, and remember, no gerbils.

No gerbils.

See you later, this is the Weekly Burn & Turn for

I’m Shimi Weiss.

And i’m Robbie Strazynski. See you next week. No gerbils.

No gerbils.


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