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Welcome to our weekly Weekly Burn & Turn, where we discuss the latest poker updates published during the week.

Vidcast for the week of: Sunday, September 13, 2015

The One Where Robbie Can’t Do A Good Segue

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(0:35) Poker Pros Need to Speak Out Against Poker Software : Patrik Antonius gets the ball rolling …. sort of

(3:27) Microgaming Poker Network to Allow Screen Name Changes

(5:53) 7 Top Female Poker Players

(9:14) Poker Jargon – Learning the Lingo of Stud Poker

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Transcription Below


Hi everyone and welcome to the Weekly Burn & Turn for the week of September 15, 2015, I’m Robbie Strazynski…

…and I’m Shimi Weiss…

…and we’re here to bring you some poker-tainment.

Oh, no. It hurts when you say that.

No? Okay then, we’re going to try to bring you some poker-tainment!

No, that hurt right in the heart!

Okay then, we’re bringing you something related to poker!

Entertainment with poker!

We hope you’re entertained. We’re going to jump right into the first topic. It’s a good opinion piece written by Charles Rettmuller. He was talking about how Heads-Up Displays (referred to as “HUDs”) need to go. One of the poker pros to speak up against is was Patrik Antonius – who is well known for appearing on a lot of poker TV shows.

He didn’t directly speak against them, but he did it in a roundabout way. He said he’s stepping down from it. We hope that people start to actually speak out against it.

I sure think so. I’ll speak from personal experience. I used to play a lot of online poker and the moment I stopped is when I realized that they’ve got this extra software that is displaying all the data about me – about what I’m doing and what I’m not doing. I guess that’s how the pros are playing 16 tables at a time.

It’s hard for recreational players. I have enough tells as it is, I don’t want them to have the statistics right there.

Yes he does have a lot of tells! He doesn’t know what they are and I’m not going to tell him because we play in the same home game. I just realized that these players are playing poker like a video game, with all the statistics on display. It just doesn’t work for me. when all I’m trying to do is play poker. I understand that poker is a game of edges, and everyone is looking for an edge. I’m not going to fault someone for using it but at the same time, as an industry, when you want to attract recreational players to the game it’s not going to work when you show them all the sharks that are waiting for them, especially when they’re going to have all the statistics on them.

It’s not the way to go. You might as well be playing with your cards face up if you’re a recreational player.

I’ve always been of the opinion that if a professional player is so skilled, he’ll want to beat the fish without the HUD. That’s just my opinion, but the fact is that if Patrik Antonius feels that he can’t beat the game anymore I don’t think that it’s even the matter that the “HUD-guys” are too good, but that they’re playing a different game.

It’s a big deal, and it’s good that he actually came out and said that because it surely puts some weight to the issue.

I do think that more pros ought to come out against it. If you want the game to thrive, and you want online poker to flourish, you have to promote something that recreational players can appeal to. There’s always going to be those guys looking for an edge, but I don’t think the software is the way to go. I also think that the operators need to come out against them too. They’re the ones that want more players to come and play.

Exactly! They have to take responsibility. They’ve got to be the ones that make the move. Let’s be honest here, the players are not doing anything wrong, but it’s something that pushes away the amateur players. Recreational players are on a different level and they can’t play against an edge like that.

The Microgaming Poker Network (“MPN”) did something that was discussed by Bradley Chalipski, in his article on The MPN are allowing players to change their screen name.

That’s a great option! I’ve got to tell you, I went to check what the stats are for my screen name, and they were between 40-70%, I would love to reset that. I don’t want that number hanging over my head.

I think his screen name is Shimi The Fish!

Let’s not talk about that!

I think Bodog where the first to introduce anonymous poker gameplay. You wouldn’t be able to know who anyone is at the table. I think that mirrors the live poker experience quite well. I think the way the MPN are doing it is that, every thousand hands, and once per month, you can change your screen name.

You get a clean slate and you can come back in. You don’t have to feel that you are at a disadvantage against the better players.

I think so, and I think that if we see some of the larger operators like PokerStars and Full Tilt (that are both owned by Amaya) take a step back and decide that they want to appeal to the largest possible audience, and not just the grinders and the guys who are using their HUDs, it will be better for the poker economy and we’re going to see a lot more people not scared to dip their toe in the water for the first time, or players who will get back into it. Personally, if everyone stopped using the HUDs, I’d definitely give it a shot again, because I think I can play pretty decent live and if I’m not playing the wizards with their HUDs everywhere, it will be better overall.

It will also give you a chance to sit down at the ring games again. I only feel comfortable playing in large tournaments because it’s a lot harder to track what a player is doing. I love the ring games and I would love to sit down and play them, but when you’re with players that have this amount of information on you, it makes it very difficult.

Right! When you think of ring games, you think of women! No?


Okay, no!

We’re going to have to make a top ten list of the worst segues we’ve ever had. Here’s a good segue though: If you’re anonymous, you don’t even know if the player across from you is a guy or a girl.

There you go! Much better. Another great article that was published this week is about 7 top female poker players, written by James Guill. Anyone who’s been a fan of poker for a long time would expect names like Maria Ho and Vanessa Selbst to be there, but there were a couple other names there that might be a little controversial. I don’t know if they should be there, maybe there were some snubs. Vanessa Rousso made the list. I mean, what has Vanessa Rousso won lately besides the hearts of some people on Big Brother?

Right. I think it’s more about female poker personalities, because she’s very much in the news lately because of that. We spoke about her in a previous show.

Probably 3 episodes ago on another Weekly Burn & Turn.

Something like that. You should definitely go check it out. I love lists like this though. My wife plays poker and I can’t tell you how many times someone has come up to me and is surprised that my wife plays poker. The game is not a men’s game, and you see a list like this and you see how talented they are. I would be terrified to sit down and play any one of these players. We need to stop looking at it as being a game for men. How many of these women do we see listed where one of their achievements is being the last woman standing in an event? I can’t stand that concept.

I agree. It’s over and done with. I mean we get it, you’re the last woman in the field, and only around 4% of the field was women.

Let’s be clear, the only reason there aren’t more women at the final table is because there aren’t a lot of women in the tournament. It’s a matter of statistics, and patting them on the head as if to say “good job, well done you’re the last woman standing” isn’t right. It’s like we’re at preschool again; “Oh My God, it’s a girl!!”

Obviously with so few women in the game these days, it is good to push some of the most successful women in poker. It’s good to have articles like this.

Absolutely, but let’s focus on their achievements.

Enough with the last woman standing! ESPN, Norm, etc, enough with it.

Who was the last woman standing this year?

Wasn’t it Maria Ho?

No, it was Kelly Minkin, and you know what? Her achievement was not being the last woman standing, but getting 29th place in the WSOP Main Event! That’s the achievement!

That’s amazing! I’d love to finish 29th in the Main Event.

Let me tell you, if you sit down at a poker table and you think the women at your table are any less talented, or any less capable than men, you’re going to find out that the pocket pair that they’re playing is a lot bigger than the one you’ve got on.

I love the double entendre. Oh wait, that wasn’t a double entendre? For its time, when the World Series was debuting on ESPN, when people were still getting used to the broadcasting, it was a good idea having the last woman standing. We get it, but it’s an idea whose time has passed I think.

Now it’s doing more damage than good. It’s pushing women away. It’s really time to stop. That’s not what we should be shining the spotlight on. I think we should call out the WSOP on it. Let’s make a change on it – No more last woman standing!

Okay, enough about women. Let’s talk about studs.

Oh, nicely done! For those who are not aware, Robbie was segueing into our final topic which is the lingo in Seven Card Stud.

All sorts of Stud games really. We have another article by James Guill. I’m a very big fan of Stud. In our home games I always call Stud in our Dealer’s Choice games. It’s unlike all the flop games, it’s not like Hold’em or Omaha. The latter two are among the most popular games, while Stud is slightly less popular. When you want to play it for the first time you realize that there are some extra words in there that you don’t always hear when you’re playing Hold’em.

You want to be very careful because you don’t want everyone to know that you’re a newbie at the table.

This is a good article to familiarize yourself with the lingo. He talks about Seven Card Stud, Stud Hi/Lo, as well as Razz (which is also a Stud game). Let’s quiz you a bit. Do you know what the wheel is?

The wheel? That’s the thing on the car right? No, seriously, the wheel is from Ace to Five. Right?

Correct. The wheel is always the best thing to get when you’re playing in a Seven Card Hi/Lo game. That’s one of the things you’ll hear being talked about at the game. Next. When you hear someone saying that he wants to be dealt a baby card, what does that mean? What is a baby card, Shimi?

Okay I’m going to have to throw out a guess here. A baby card is a card that is Eight or lower.

Exactly, eight or lower! That’s good. There are other terms like the bring-in, and complete, that you just don’t find them in Texas Hold’em or Omaha. This is great to be able to expand your poker horizon, and that’s what we’re all about here at PokerUpdate. It’s all about poker, and not just Hold’em or Omaha, but also Stud games. Give it a try next time, and before you do, be sure to read this article to learn about the game.

When you sit down at the table, let them think you’re one of the pros. Throw out those terms like a boss!

Exactly, like a boss, and when you’re at showdown just go on and say that you’ve got a split pair, which means that you’ve got one Ace at the top, and one Ace at the bottom. One pair that’s not going to split anytime soon, is this pair right here; Robbie Strazynski & Shimi Weiss. That brings to an end this week’s Weekly Burn & Turn for Be sure to reach out to us. Thank you again to our new subscriber. Be sure sure to subscribe to our channel on Youtube. We’re also on Facebook as Poker Update, and on Twitter @PokerUpdate, and of course you can reach us at [email protected] via email. We’re happy to come back to you with some more poker-tainment each and every week. So be sure to tune in next time and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. See you next time.


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