Best Online Poker Bonus for US Players

Best Poker Bonus for US Players

Not all poker bonuses are created equal. That being said, at PokerUpdate we scoured the internet in search for the best online poker bonus and signup offers available to US players from regulated online poker sites.


Best Online Poker Bonus for US Players

You don’t get a second chance to make first impressions – this cliché also works in the world of poker bonuses. You only get once chance to use an online poker bonus, so it should be the best you can get, the biggest bang for your buck!

Therefore, we have created this comprehensive guide to the best poker sign up bonuses!

All poker bonuses are chock full of terms and conditions you need to meet before reaping the benefits of the bonus. If you don’t play the required number of hands, you may not unlock the $1,000 bonus offer. And that would be the worst. So, we are now going to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about which poker bonuses to take!

What is a Poker Bonus?

Before we put the cart before the horse, we need to answer the simple question: what is a poker bonus? Essentially it is a cash reward from a US online poker site to players depositing and playing real money poker online.

Why Do Online Poker Rooms Provide Bonuses to Players?

online pokerEveryone loves a free gift, right? The poker bonus is a free gift incentivizing players to sign up and play at their online poker room.

While online poker rooms take a percentage of the pot in cash games, they also make their bones on entrance fees to tournaments and buy-ins, called the rake. The more players who sign up, the bigger the rake. Therefore, online poker sites want to get as many players as possible to play. Easiest way to do this? Offer generous poker bonuses!

But the benefit isn’t solely for the poker room, via a poker bonus, you get:

  • Increased playing time
  • Ability to gain more experience playing poker

It is a situation where both the player and the house wins!

What Does It Mean When a Poker Bonus Offers a Percentage?

Let’s say you join an online poker room offering a 100% welcome bonus up to $600. This means the poker room matches your deposit dollar-for-dollar for a maximum amount of $600. If you deposit $450, the room will match it at $450. It is important to note you need to play a certain number of hands for real money in order for the bonus to be “unlocked.”

Is it a Good Idea to Make a Big First Deposit to get a Big Bonus?

If you live by the adage bigger is better, then of course take advantage of the poker bonus. However, remember that you should only deposit what you can afford to lose.

What are the Different Types of Poker Bonuses Available?

Wow, there are many available, but we decided on a select few you are most likely to encounter in an online poker room.

Instant Signup Bonus

Though rare, some online poker rooms offer instant signup poker bonuses to players. You receive a small amount of free cash in your poker account, under $10, for signing up.

Reload Bonus

Occasionally poker rooms will offer a reload bonus – a cash reward when players deposit additional cash into their account. The money is not received instantly, but rather in increments, much like a signup bonus. You need to play a pre-set number of poker hands to get this bonus offer.

Match Bonus

Everyone loves a match bonus and are, therefore, the most popular bonus offer available. You make a deposit into your account and the online poker room will match it up to a certain amount. Typically, online poker rooms offer 100% for up to a few hundred dollars. But to receive the bonus, you need to play a certain number of poker hands. Like the reload bonus, the money is given in increments.

Friend Referral Bonus

If you bring a friend to play at the same online poker room as you, you may be eligible for a friend referral bonus. Often between $25 and $50, the amount you receive is dependent on the number of hands your friend plays.

These poker bonus offers differ from one poker room to the next. Some may look very appealing but the bigger the bonus, the more hands you need to play to unlock it.

How Can I Use a Poker Bonus Code?

There are two ways to use a bonus code once you are ready to sign up to an online poker room. First option is the deposit code. It is a mix of numbers and letters you are required to enter at registration. The second option is via a download link. Click on the link to claim the bonus code.

How Do You Clear Your Bonus Code?

Here are our three top tips for clearing bonus codes:

1) Read online pokerthe terms and conditions on all poker bonus offers. This information will provide more details as to how to clear the bonus, such as the number of hands you have to play, the number of points you need to get, as well as a time limit in which to receive the bonus.

2) The larger the bonus, the longer it takes to clear. If you don’t want to play a lot of hands, it is highly suggested you stay away from the larger bonuses. The larger the bonus, the more the online poker room wants you to play to increase their rake. If you are a casual player, stick to bonuses under $50.

3) Select the right bonus. At PokerUpdate, we cannot stress enough that there are many different poker bonus variations to select from. Welcome deposit bonuses, friend referrals…the list goes on and on. Find the one(s) that work for you and your playing style. And don’t forget to check out the expiration date!


 We invite you to check out the best poker bonus codes and bonus offers at regulated US online poker rooms!