Legal New Jersey Poker Sites - List Of Top NJ Poker Sites

Legal Online Poker in New Jersey

Following in the footsteps of Nevada and Delaware, New Jersey became the third state to legalize online poker. Since its launch, the Garden State has quickly grown to be the frontrunner in the online poker industry. If you want to know more about online poker in New Jersey and which NJ poker sites are the best to visit, read on.

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The Path to Legalized Online Poker in New Jersey

NEWJERSEY_300X300In 2011, New Jersey made its first attempt to legalize online gambling. State Senator Raymond Lesniak submitted a bill requiring New Jersey to create iGaming Regulations, thereby ensuring that all online bets occurred within state boundaries. However, the bill was vetoed by Governor Chris Christie, who was worried about internet cafes and nightclubs becoming online gambling hubs.

2013 came around and Lesniak submitted a new bill. The difference between the two is this one said that only Atlantic City casinos would be authorized to offer online gambling. Governor Christie issued a conditional veto. Changes made included increasing the tax on online gambling as well as giving a 10-year lifespan to the bill, so it could be reviewed at a later date.

Changes were made and on February 23, 2013, the bill was signed into law.
By November 26, 2013, New Jersey iGaming went live to the public.

How Do I Register to Play Online Poker in New Jersey?

New Jersey has strict guidelines for online poker registration. The primary way to register for online poker in NJ is online.

For online registration, first download the client software of your desired online poker card room. After it is installed, launch the software. It will take you to the log-in screen where you can register. All you need to do is create a username and password, and then enter in your personal details, including social security number. It is mandatory to provide the details for identification purposes.

After going through those steps, your online account will be set up.

Please note that you need to be physically located in New Jersey to play online poker. All online poker operators have geolocation software to identify players’ locations. Once your location is verified as being in New Jersey, you can log in to your online poker account and begin playing.

How Do I Deposit Money to Play Online in New Jersey?

Credit cards and debit cards are the most commonly used method for depositing money into an online poker account. MasterCard and pre-paid debit cards are the most frequently utilized options because of their success rates.

ACH bank drafts are also a common deposit method. It is free and the money comes directly from your checking or savings account.

Please note that there are still banks in New Jersey that do not process online gambling transactions. In this scenario, it is recommended to find a third-party funding system, such as Neteller, Skrill, or E-Wallet. (Keep in mind that these funding methods often charge a small transaction fee.)

Lastly, the live cages at affiliate casinos are a good place to deposit money. Here is the list:

  • Borgata Poker – Borgata
  • PartyPoker NJ – Borgata
  • 888 – Caesars AC
  • com – Any Caesars Property in AC (Ballys AC, Harrah’s AC, Caesars AC)

*For deposits at affiliate casinos, you need to present two forms of ID plus proof of NJ residency. This method is not recommended for visitors to NJ who want to play online poker.

What is the Status of Poker Stars in New Jersey?

When the bill allowing online poker was signed in 2013, many assumed PokerStars would operate in New Jersey. Because of the rule that online poker networks needed to be affiliated with a brick-and-mortar casino, PokerStars moved to purchase the Atlantic Club Casino in January 2013. But due to issues, the deal fell through later in April.

POKERSTAR_300X300In July of 2013, PokerStars entered into a partnership with Resorts Casino Hotel. However, by November, PokerStars did not get their license and the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) suspended PokerStars’ application for two years. The primary reason was because their founder, Isai Scheinberg, did not answer the initial U.S. Department of Justice indictment for his role in Black Friday.

Recently, PokerStars has been on its way toward operation within New Jersey. The Amaya Gaming Group, now known as Amaya, Inc. completed an acquisition of the Rational Group, the parent company for PokerStars. As part of the $4.9 billion deal, Scheinberg was required to leave the company.

Upon announcing this deal, Amaya contacted the DGE and have begun negotiations for receiving a license for PokerStars. Amaya already holds a license in New Jersey and many expect that their receiving a license for PokerStars is a mere formality.

In October 2015, PokerStars was granted authorization to to operate gaming sites in New Jersey. Many questions were asked after the announcements, including when will PokerStars launch. Currently, the projected launch date is sometime in the beginning of 2016. 

Where Can I Play Online Poker in New Jersey? is currently the top site in New Jersey. They partially share player pools with the All-American Poker Network.

Partnered with Caesars properties in Atlantic City, currently averages between 190 and 200 cash players daily. This figure jumps up to over 400 players during peak hours.

At present, the sites only share player pools in low-limit NL Hold’em games and in select poker tournaments. The sites will likely move to full pool sharing by the time PokerStars opens in New Jersey. Read Our Full Review >>


borgata_300X300Borgata Poker uses PartyPoker as their online poker platform. The site operates separately from but shares player pools.

Borgata was the #1 site in New Jersey for all of 2014 with an average of 150 cash players daily and nearly 375 players at peak hours. In early 2015, and 888 Poker decided to partially share player pools, dropping Borgata Poker to #2 in the state. Read Our Full Borgata Poker Review >>


888_300X300888 Poker started as a stand-alone site in New Jersey, operating as the All-American Poker Network. Partnered with Caesars Entertainment, the site partially shares low-limit cash game traffic and partial tournament traffic with The AAPN live casino partner is Caesars AC.

Traffic for the site has been in a state of flux due to various promotions. They are currently the #3 site in New Jersey with an average of 75 cash players daily with a peak of around 360.

If the AAPN and ever decide to fully share player pools in NJ, they would instantly become the #1 site. Read Our Full 888 Poker Review >>


parypoker_300X300PartyPoker made the decision to pull out of the United States following the passage of the UIGEA. At the time, their stock prices suffered but the decision left the door open for their return to the U.S. once New Jersey legalized online poker. operates as a separate site from Borgata Poker but shares players pools. The combined player pools boasts traffic of up to 375 cash players daily. Read Our Full PartyPoker Review >>