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Legal Online Poker in Delaware

Delaware’s official nickname, the First State, was given because it was the first of the 13 original colonies to ratify the Constitution on 1787. But to online poker enthusiasts, the nickname also refers to the summer of 2012 when Delaware became the first state to legalize online gambling, including poker online.

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Play Legal Online Poker in Delaware

Welcome to Delaware Lawmakers in Delaware pushed through bill HB 333, also known as the Delaware Gambling Competitiveness Act of 2012, in May of that year. The original intent of the bill was to give the Delaware State Lottery authority to offer various online casino games through the state’s three racinos.

While the bill easily passed the House, it faced strong opposition in the Senate. The senate worried that online gambling could increase the game’s social costs. But, despite opposition, the bill passed and moved on to be signed by Governor Jack Marshall.

On June 28, 3012, Delaware because the first state in the U.S. to legalize online gambling

Over the next year, Delaware worked tirelessly to create online gambling regulations and infrastructure. By November 2013, real money play was launched.

There was some concern that the Federal Wire Act prohibited interstate online gambling. However, in late 2012, the U.S. Department of Justice clarified the act – it only applied to sports betting. This paved the way for Delaware to eventually create an interstate network cooperation with Nevada.

Which Online Poker Sites Are Available in Delaware

Delaware is in a unique situation compared to that of other states. They operate as a single provider system. That means every “online poker site” in the state is based on software that powers 888 Poker.

Each of the states three racinos offers online poker. Delaware Park, Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway have their own downloadable online poker client. Anyone that is familiar with the layout of 888 Poker will quickly recognize the layout of Delaware online poker sites.

Delaware Poker utilizes a shared player pool system and is part of the interstate online poker network. This means that players from all three iPoker sites are in the same pool. Also, Delaware Poker and in Nevada share player pools, giving players even more opportunities for action.

What Does it Mean That Delaware Has a Single Provider System?

In New Jersey and Nevada, online poker is regulated by the state gambling authorities and each casino chooses whether to participate and who they will select as a provider. Online poker and general iGaming in Delaware is offered as an extension of the Delaware Lottery. The sites may be branded with the logo of the three racinos but they are actually Delaware Lottery games.

Since iGaming is being offered by the lottery and not the individual racinos, it didn’t make sense to bring in three different providers. Instead, the Delaware Lottery chose to go with a single provider for online poker and iGaming.

The choice for the Delaware Lottery was easy. 888 Holdings was already the provider for online lottery services prior to the regulation of iGaming. It made sense to extend their contract to cover iGaming and online poker.

Having a single provider for a state such as Delaware is ideal as it helps to keep the system uniform and ensures that all players have same gaming experience regardless of which skin they choose to play on.

There is an additional advantage in choosing the parent company of 888 poker as the provider. Since they are also the backbone of, they have prescience in all three regulated states.

This has allowed Delaware and Nevada to share player pools of and the door is open for New Jersey to share player pools of 888 Poker NJ and in the future. Any state in the future that chooses 888 poker as a provider will have the same option to join the interstate online poker network.

What Are the Best Delaware Poker Bonus Offers

Delaware Poker bonus offers are a bit different than offers you might see on other sites. While offers are admittedly limited, each site does offer a solid deposit bonus. Unlike most deposit bonuses, these are not “pending bonuses.” Instead, make your deposit and you account is credited with the immediately playable bonus.

Dover Downs has a three tiered first deposit bonus systems that awards depositing players as follows:

  • Deposit $30-$69 and get a $8 bonus
  • Deposit $70 – $150 and get a $15 bonus
  • Deposit $151 or more and get a $25 bonus

Delaware Park has the same type of first deposit bonus with the following rewards:

  • Deposit $50 – $100 and get a $10 bonus
  • Deposit $101 – $199 and get a $20 bonus
  • Deposit $200 or more and get a $30 bonus

Finally, Harrington Raceway offers their own first deposit bonus with similar rewards a follow:

  • Deposit $10 to $49 and get a $5 bonus
  • Deposit $50 to $199 and get a $10 bonus
  • Deposit $200 or more and get a $20 bonus

For those that love casino games, please note that you can use your bonus funds to also play in casino games. Also, this bonus offer is exclusive to online poker deposits. Casinos games have a different bonus system at each casino.

To learn more about this bonus offer or to check out Casino bonus offers, head to your racino’s homepage and click on the Promotions link.

How Do I Make a Deposit to Play Online Poker in Delaware?

Deposit options in Delaware are somewhat limited. Credit card deposits via Visa and MasterCard are accepted. The only electronic method currently accepted is an ACH withdrawal from your bank account.

Your other option is to make a live cash deposit at any one of the three racinos.

*For in-person deposits, you need to present identification plus proof of residency. This method is not recommended for out-of-state visitors to Delaware.

How Do I Cash Out?

The withdrawal minimum is $20. There are two options for cashing out:

  • ACH withdrawal to your bank account
  • Request a check

Can I Play Online Poker With My SmartPhone or Tablet?

Unfortunately, at this time, online poker in Delaware can only be played on desktop computers and laptops. Internet poker in Delaware is not optimized for mobile devices.

How is the Online Poker Traffic in Delaware?

Currently, Delaware online poker traffic is a bit lacking. Peak hours have approximately 30 players in the network. To find the best action, it is best to visit a site during the weekend.

Once interstate online poker launches (as more states legalize internet poker), the numbers are expected to grow.

What is an Interstate Compact and How Does it Impact Delaware?

Interstate compacts provide states the opportunity to enter into agreements with other states to have a shared player pool. Player pools are expanded and players enjoy the protections of their individual state regulations. Because of the larger player pools, there is also increased profitability for individual poker sites.

Currently, Delaware has an interstate compact with Nevada. New Jersey is expected to join in the future.