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In some parts of the country you can’t find a limit holdem game for hundreds of miles, but in other places where mixed games are common, or in states with a cap on the amount that can be bet, limit holdem is still going strong.


Holdem Excellence and More Holdem Excellence by Lou Krieger – Both of these books are very easy to read and well-written. For years, Lou beat up on low limit “no foldem holdem” games in California and these books will help you grasp the basic strategies necessary for beating these loose games with solid practical advice. Either book is a good choice for beating low limit games and getting started with fixed-limit games.

Small Stakes Holdem by Ed Miller and David Sklansky – This is the best book on advanced limit holdem strategy and very well put together. If you only own one book on the game and want to really crush it, then let this be your study guide. Small Stakes Holdem is a little harder to read than Krieger’s books, but still very readable and much more advanced. The advice in this book will help you beat any limit holdem game below $60/120. Read it twice and take notes if you are looking to be a serious limit grinder.

There are other books that may be useful, but many are hard to read, unnecessarily complicated, or outdated. A great many math wizards have had their say on how fixed-limit holdem should be played, but reading the words of a math nerd can be a dry and painful experience and almost no one finishes those books.

Many people will wonder why David Sklansky’s seminal work Holdem for Advanced Players isn’t on this list. While it was the bible for many years, Sklansky’s work has been supplanted by Small Stakes Holdem. We know more about the game now, and the newer work with Ed Miller teaches new principles and is much more readable.


The 2+2 Limit Holdem Forums have some excellent information. The digest thread has tons of links to good posts to keep you busy reading for weeks. There aren’t any sites that compare to this forum in terms of sheer knowledge, just watch out for the grumpy old limit grinders if you ask a question, they can be a little snappy.

Training Sites

Because the younger players who tend to join training sites are only now starting to discover the unique challenge of fixed-limit games, most training sites have not covered the game. This is mostly good news because the game will stay soft longer if the information is harder to find, but it makes it tougher for a beginner to get really good, really fast.

CardRunners has some excellent limit holdem videos from two very strong players in Mike “Schneids” Schneider and Kyle “KPR16” Ray.


There are excellent limit holdem coaches on the list at Limit Holdem coaching can be very effective in a short period of time if you are playing online and using tracking software or saving your hand histories for a coach who loads them into his or her tracking software.




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