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At my weekly poker home game, one poker buddy mentioned that he’d read my recent article on whether a female player might make it to this year’s WSOP Main Event final table considering the near-miss in 2012 by France’s Gaelle Baumann and Norway’s Elisabeth Hille. Well, we know that it won’t happen this year, as the last woman standing, the talented Jackie Glazer, was eliminated in 31st place. A fine showing that deserves a hearty round of applause.

An accompanying photograph to the article mentioned above showed a snapshot of Baumann and Hille, both attractive young lady poker pros. As the cards continued being dealt and an alarming number of beers were consumed by the six of us seated at the table, the conversation flowed toward which woman player would win the title as the sexiest female poker player in the game today. Naturally, beauty is a matter of opinion and my tablemates and I failed to find common ground on the issue.

“Liv Boeree, without a doubt,” insisted Tom, who perhaps has the good fortune of having the greatest experience in wooing members of the opposite sex among those in attendance at the mostly-friendly home game. Quite the playboy in his younger days before one young lady managed to corral him into marriage, Tom had been seen with some dazzling beauties in the past, so his opinion had to be respected.

Liv Boeree, Pokerstars Pro

“I say its Vanessa Rousso,” said Eddie, who always did have a thing for blondes. Many heads nodded in agreement and concurred that the Team PokerStars pro should be rated quite highly. “She has the brains to match the beauty, as well as a background in music with DJing,” Eddie added. 

This led some of us to wonder if our ranking of the best looking female player should include attributes other than looks alone. “Well, sometimes common interests make you feel a greater attraction to a particular woman,” said Stoney. This was not a surprising comment from our friend who has been married the longest. Many of his pals believe that Stoney chose his life partner less on looks and more because both have Master’s degrees and a common zest for knowledge that is unparalleled.

After agreeing that our ranking should focus on beauty alone, a mini-debate ensued over whether a line should be drawn regarding minimum live lifetime poker earnings. Frankie Flush, who got his nickname due to his propensity to pull out flushes on the river, submitted his vote for Sara Jean Underwood as the sexiest female poker player. The former Playboy model and Victory Poker pro would indeed make any man’s heart skip a few beats, not to mention stir some activity below the waistline. But failure to locate any live cashes on the Hendon Mob database had some of us arguing that Underwood’s poker stardom takes a back seat to her magazine modeling endeavors.

Sara Jean Underwood, new face of Playboy Poker.


When asked my opinion on the topic, my ballot was cast for the lovely Evelyn Ng with a close second place to Jennette “Jay” Tan. My poker-playing buddies quickly attributed these choices to my travels to Asia that included several years of residing in the Philippines. I had to agree that my adventures in the Orient had developed in me an attraction and fondness for Asian ladies. But its a bias that many men would undoubtedly agree with when it comes to sexy lady poker players.

Evelyn Ng, Poker Professional

When our home game ended and it was time to call it a night, the debate had been far from settled. A huge list of sexy female poker players had been named as we made our bluffs and raises while discussing the issue. Shannon Elizabeth, Chantel Mcnulty, Szilvia Freire, Conie Glowen, Trishelle Canatella, Christina Lindley, Sofia Lövgren, Kara Scott and Tatjana Pasalic were some of the names bandied about.

Tatjana Pasalic, Bodog team pro and poker media personality

When next week’s home game arrives, a new topic will likely take center stage. However, last week’s affair was one of the most enjoyable games of recent memory. And it had very little to do with winning or losing on the felt.


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