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Poker Players Alliance Vice President Richard Muny is being called out for behavior that many would view as highly unprofessional and even childish for advocating that players photoshop images of Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson in an unfavorable light.

The ruckus began when Adelson delivered an op-ed piece in Forbes denouncing online poker and gambling. Online poker players will certainly disagree with the views expressed by the billionaire casino owner. And Adelson’s influence in the industry doesn’t bode well for those still hoping for online poker legislation on the federal level.

But the matter reached an all-time low of about the 3rd grade level when Muny began a thread on 2 + 2 urging others to create photoshopped pictures of the elderly anti-Internet gambling proponent in ways that would bring ridicule to him and his opinions. As pointed out at Flushdraw, the thread was deleted after about a couple dozen posts. But the damage had already been done and may linger for quite some time.

“Adelson attacked us and our right to play,” Muny stated on 2 + 2. “Seems like a great target for photoshop.” The PPA mouthpiece even provided a link to thousands of online photos of Adelson to choose from.

Not surprisingly, 2 + 2 posters lambasted Muny with comments such as “a PPA rep should keep some kind of image rather than creating these childish threads.” Other players chimed in with “it’s seriously embarrassing someone like you is the face for our interests” and “spend your time figuring out how to do something worthwhile.”

Muny insisted that he was posting as an individual and not on behalf of the PPA. Yet his post clearly lists his affiliation as the group’s VP. If he was posting as an individual, one would assume that he would have the sense to do so without the PPA logo underneath his name.

The PPA boasts membership of over 1 million strong. However, after this latest debacle, some of those members must certainly be questioning their support of an organization whose VP doesn’t seem to understand that his immature actions may tarnish efforts to advance online poker legislation.



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Charles Rettmuller

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