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Players aiming to step up their profitabilty on the poker tables will be pleased to know that PokerVIP has recently launched an iPhone application that provides valuable poker training and incredible offers from online poker sites.

The iPhone app is nearly identical to the Poker School & Training Android app released in November that has proven to be quite popular among serious poker players in just two short months. With nearly 10,000 downloads already, the application leads the way among poker training apps within the Android store.

The app is 100% free and is equipped with more than 500 questions on various poker scenarios ranging from beginner to advanced that allows players to increase their knowledge and know the proper plays to make in order to maximize effectiveness during in-game situations. The app was designed for iPhone and iPad by well-respected professional poker players with the goal of making pros out of any players who aspire to reach that level.

Included in the app are poker strategy articles that will help to eliminate any uncertainty that players may encounter in those critical bet, call, raise or fold situations.The Poker School & Training app will assist in changing crucial decision-making situations on the felt into relatively easy decisions that become almost second nature to the serious student of poker.


Poker School app on iPhone

Poker School app on iPhone

“I’m a complete poker noob and can already tell this is exactly what I’ve been looking for to help me improve my game,” said a satisfied Mark Hughes about the PokerVIP app. “The Poker School starts with the basics and ramps up the lesson difficulty as you progress and introduces things I would never have considered such as bankroll management.” 

That five-star recommendation was seconded by ‘Jonny1981ab7,’ who called the app “completely unique” and admitted that the Poker School & Training application was quite instrumental in him gaining the confidence needed to move up in stakes. “I’ve played for a few hours and feel a lot better about my game now.”

Learning to play poker like the pros has never been easier. After spending some time gaining valuable tips and advice on the app, you’ll be ready to put your newly-developed skills to the test for real money at any one of a number of iPhone and iPad compatible poker rooms showcased in the PokerVIP deals area.

Again, the Poker School & Training app is 100% free and available to any players ready to take the next step in improving their game. You can’t afford not to check it out if you’re truly serious about poker.

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