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Pokercube has redesigned its software and now offers a cloud-based heads-up display (HUD) with functions that include hand storage, hand replays, and social networking that allows players to exploit their opponents as well as improve their game by sharing hands with friends.

Perhaps the best features of all are that the PokerCube software is free to download and is compatible with more than 100 poker rooms, including the industry’s most popular. PokerCube is designed for either cash or tournament Texas Hold’em players. The software is downloadable to a Windows-based computer and offers easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Pokercube PACE HUD

Simply visit and create an account quickly by providing either your Facebook or Twitter credentials. PokerCube functions on hand histories, so it is crucial to set up each poker client in order to save hand histories on your computer’s hard drive. The software features are highly intuitive and have the ability to recognize where a number of your hand histories have been stored. Should PokerCube fail to locate any hands for certain poker sites, simply inform the software where the directory of hand histories can be found.

With PokerCube running as you play on the online poker sites of your choice, you can use the PACE HUD that provides the vital statistics needed to get the best of those competing against you on the virtual felt. The heads-up display has a clear design that includes a fast forward button enabling you to see a number of statistics pertaining to you and your opponents on different streets.

Pokercube check your stats and share

Many poker pros recognize that analyzing your play by reviewing hands after a tourney or session has concluded is crucial to improving your game. Hand storage is accomplished via PokerCube’s cloud and enables you to access your HUD from different computers. The number of hands that can be stored is dependent on the subscription package selected. However, the basic package is free and allows players to try out the PokerCube software before commiting to any expenditures.

PokerCube’s HTML5 hand history replayer offers a sleek design that makes reviewing hands and sharing them with friends a most enjoyable exercise. When searching for hands, various filters such as date ranges, card combinations, profit and loss ranges, and the different poker sites allows the user to locate a particular hand in speedy fashion.

Pokercube Hand Replayer

You can watch and share the hand with friends on Facebook or Twitter, as well as on Skype or any popular online poker forum by using a web address provided for each hand. That address also enables you or others to view the hand via any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Social networking is also at the forefront in PokerCube’s gamification format that allows for the opportunity to win achievements and badges. These awards are won by hitting hand milestones, making rare hands, or scooping huge pots. The badges and achievements are converted into coins and experience points. If so desired, you and your poker-playing friends can compete socially by giving bragging rights to the player or players who happen to accumulate the greatest number of coins.

PokerCube is a vital tool for the serious poker players who want to exploit their tablemates by using the additional information available by storing hand histories. It is also quite handy for the social or recreational players who enjoy competing against friends and will perhaps one day make the leap to that of serious grinder. Whether you fall into either of these categories, PokerCube is free to download and try, so nothing is lost by checking it out.

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