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Poker players are always looking for new and improved ways to keep track of their poker sessions, take notes on opponents they play against, and remember the general tendencies of those players and how they may react in specific spots. This is especially true for the younger generation used to online poker tracking software. The Poker Notes Live app is a very useful little tool created for this very purpose … but it’s designed exclusively for live poker.

It features a graphic interface that allows you to select the number of players at the table with a single tap, and you will have before you a small table ready to be filled up with players and relevant notes. The first seat you select at the table will be reserved for you, and this is where you can keep track of all relevant information for that table: buy-in amount, win/loss, tips, and any other custom made notes you find important. After you are done with that, you can proceed to add other players and match their seat placement around the live table at which you are seated. The information you can enter for every individual player includes their name, three different tabs for taking general notes, pre-flop and post-flop tendencies, tags for general style of play (TAG, LAG, fish, maniac, etc.) that come with small descriptive icons, as well as customizable color tags if these are not enough for you. There is also a section devoted to keeping track of the overall aggression, win percentage at showdown, and hands played percentage.

In many of its features, the Poker Notes Live app mimics HUDs available for online tables these days. Paying enough attention at the table and taking detailed notes on how particular hands went down can, in the same way, serve as a powerful tool against live opponents in the future. Unlike online HUDs, you will have to take the notes manually. The app unfortunately cannot do that for you, but your time between hands will now be used in a productive fashion.

Do You Get What You Pay For with Poker Notes Live?

There’s a Free version of Poker Notes Live as well as a Premium version ($9.99) available at the App Store and Google Play. The main difference between the two is that the free version can only support one table at a time, so as soon as you start a new table, the old one is forgotten (i.e., your notes don’t get saved). It will come in handy if you only play occasionally, as you can keep track of your profits and keep notes on a couple of players that you tangle with often. If you are a more serious player, the money you spend for this application will most likely turn out to be a good investment. After all, you probably don’t think TOO hard to call a $10 bet – the $10 you’ll spend on this app is definitely a great bet!

Features of the premium version include saving an unlimited number of new tables, a database that keeps track of all your notes and all the players you have ever tagged, as well as the stats for your results across all the sessions you have ever recorded. There is even a database backup feature that will help you make sure you can keep your valuable notes safe even if something happens to your phone or tablet. Additional perks include changing table themes, which is really not necessary, but is certainly cool. What poker player doesn’t get bored of the same background after a while?

One Minor Criticism

The only thing that did not appeal to me about Poker Notes Live is the fact that there is absolutely no access to player lists or session history features in the free version. While I can fully appreciate the fact that the creator wants (and deserves, in my opinion at least) to make some money with this app, it would be nice to have at least some type of access just to see how it works. Even if it was just for a couple of players and the last five sessions or something like that. I am guessing that seeing the entire picture of what the app has to offer would go a long way in helping people with the decision to buy the full version.

Conclusion and Our Recommendation

In any event, whether you are a serious live grinder or just a regular recreational player, this is an app that you will probably want to have. While it may take some time to get used to, especially if you do not have much experience with online poker, it is intuitive enough for anyone who plays poker to get a hang of it quite quickly. Since there is a free version available, there is absolutely no reason not to take it for a spin and see how you like it. Poker Notes Live will certainly help with keeping track of your live poker play and give you easy access to your notes for future studying of your opponents. If you need a better way to take the notes while at the table and have difficulties with finding what you need in the sum total of information you try to gather on people, then this app is exactly what you are looking for. And if you just find it hard to keep your attention at the table when you are not in the hand, it might become your new favorite pastime.

Download Poker Notes Live App – Free or Premium

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