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Online poker has just become sexier, with the launch of Playboy Poker offering real money games in a way that only the world’s biggest name in adult entertainment can.

The game is already available on PC and Mac and will be coming to iOS and Android soon, with a host of fun promotions, including a trip to the Playboy Mansion.

The company, which as of 2009 was among the 20 most recognised brands in the world among 18 to 35-year-olds, according to RBC Capital Management and The Guardian, is hoping to attract a host of new players and casual gamers to poker. The company is hoping to use poker as a vehicle to give aspiring players a glimpse into the poke lifestyle.

That seems a natural fit for a glamorous game that offers thrills and bountiful cash in equal measure.

But Playboy Poker isn’t the first to marry sex and poker. The World Poker Tour has featured the Royal Flush Girls since season nine, designed to add some eye candy to the world’s biggest poker series. They are more than just pretty faces, they keep the players and the audience in check.

So stressed out by a hand that could devastate your modest mountain of chips? Well, just look over at a Royal Flush Girl or four (only four are ever present at any given game), and be rejuvenated with courage.

While the girls are on tour, they can also be found doing countless photo shoots. They make the ambassadorship of publicity look fun – just look at their countless spreads, social events, and the locations they get to tour (such as the Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV).

In many ways, the combination of sex and poker is an obvious one – they both go hand in hand (excuse the pun). For example, like poker, in sex you need to know how to bluff. You can also go far with a straight hand in both activities. Finally, three of a kind always beats two of a kind.

However, whether Playboy will be so explicit in its poker offering, is still open to question.

The site has launched with a variety of promotions, including two tickets to a special party, limo transportation, and $3,500 for spending and travel. A qualifier on July 21 will send its top two finishers to the Playboy Mansion, which features the iconic Grotto. Ways to get into the qualifier include winning a daily $50 freezeout, finishing in the top three of Playboy’s Depositor Freerolls, and depositing $50 or more and earning 100 points before July 19.

“We are offering one-of-a-kind promotions that will appeal to both serious and recreational players. Our promotions and loyalty program will be focused on giving our players the chance to experience the Playboy lifestyle,” said a Playboy representative. “Getting the site up was a great experience. We have been customizing technology to fit with Playboy’s brand. The first version of the site looks great and this is only the beginning.”

If you visit the Playboy Poker website, you’ll see Sara Jean Underwood’s picture smack dab in the middle of the page. She was recently seen on an episode of A&E’s “Storage Wars” as one of Barry Weiss’ “angels” and formerly worked with Victory Poker.

Playboy Poker is part of the Ongame Network which is the 17th largest worldwide and holds down a seven-day running average of 520 real money ring game players with a 24-hour peak of nearly 1,300.

The room is trying to attract new players in droves via a free $11 Welcome Package with no deposit required. The package consists of $5 cash and five $1.20 tournament tickets.To claim it, create your Playboy Poker account and then fire off an e-mail to [email protected] asking for it. You can get a Welcome Package until July 31.

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