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A recent survey conducted by eGaming Review indicated that almost 1/3 of respondents felt that PartyPoker’s relaunch of new software is coming a bit too late for to gain some of the lost market share in the online poker market.

Bwin has suffered a decline in poker revenue of roughly 35% so far in 2013, but believes that its new offering will allow the company to close the gap between itself and its nearest leading competitor, 888. That difference is currently only 100 players in a seven-day average, according to PokerScout.

The fourth-ranked 888 Poker currently draws 2,100 players in that average weekly time frame, while PartyPoker clocks in at 2,000 even. That 100-player difference is certainly not an insurmountable number, and one which makes me wonder what 32% of those polled were basing their beliefs upon.

On the brighter side, 15% of respondents believe that PartyPoker’s bent toward socialization and gamification in its new poker product will produce immediate, positive results on revenue numbers. Another 25% believe that given some time, the new offering will eventually pay off in the way that is banking on, by increasing player traffic and revenue.

Bwin also has plans to step up its mobile gaming revenue numbers. Only about 9% of its generated revenue is obtained from mobile devices and the company has set a goal of increasing that amount to 50% by the end of 2015. A full 28% of those responding to eGR’s poll felt that mobile gaming is the area that represents the best opportunity for bwin to grow in the future.

As reviewed yesterday here at PokerUpdate, the new PartyPoker software debut was found to exude fun and exciting new features that are clean, fast, and easy to navigate. The overall design is seen as simplistic, but efficient and sharp at the same time. The innovation that includes socialization features similar to Facebook, as well as focusing on player missions and achievements, caters to the more casual players.

It is this trend toward attracting recreational players and making the game fun that many in the industry believe is needed in order to properly balance a poker room’s eco-system. To say that PartyPoker’s new offering comes too late to make an impact doesn’t seem fair in light of the fact that the product has only been available for some 24 hours as of this writing. Those 32% of polled players who doomed PartyPoker to the netherworld haven’t even given the product a solid sampling.

It is unknown how many players responded to the unscientific poll conducted by eGR. But whether it was 3 or 3,000, it is much too early to conclude that PartyPoker will not move up the online poker player traffic ranks and gain greater revenue following the release of its innovative software that focuses on player interaction and participation. Just give it time!



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Charles Rettmuller

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