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It has surfaced recently that Facebook are to team up with major bookmaker Paddy Power to allow users to place real money bets on the likes of football and horse racing. It is clear that the sports book giant has taken to Facebook in an attempt to expand their gambling market through Facebook’s incredible number of users.

Facebook, now with over 1bn users, 665 million of those active daily, looks like the go to place for any betting operator at the moment.

The news follows the announcment that ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino real-money gambling apps will hit Facebook in the UK in the near future. Surely it is only a matter of time before other major sport books indulge in the social media giant. 

One can only assume that this can only be nothing short of excellent for the poker world, as any sports book taking to Facebook will almost certainly add their poker rooms too, if the platform is found to be a success.

Let’s hope and pray that this will bring in a whole new audience to poker, capitalising on a whole new range of people. It would be a massive boost for the always growing poker community.

At the moment it seems that Paddy Power will trial a wager app to gauge the success of gambling on Facebook before investing a significant amount of money to bring their conventional client to the social network.

We can only guess at this moment in time unfortunately, but if, and most likely when Paddy Power decides to filter their poker room into Facebook, it will be a good day to say the least. 

If this is the case, experienced poker players will be jumping around their living room with joy when they find out that they’re playing on the same table as someone who has just come off their Candy Crush quest to play some 25NL cash games.

There are a huge number of ifs and buts at the moment surrounding the success of this new betting platform for the likes of Paddy Power. There are no results available for Facebook as a platform to host online gambling apps, but given the general success of games and apps on Facebook this will be enormous for online gambling.

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