Share this on stumbled upon an absolute gem on Youtube today. It was an incredulous video uploaded by ‘BigThink’ to  on April 23rd 2012, showing poker industry outlaw Howard Lederer talking about business ethics, poker ethics, money borrowing ethics and honesty. Miraculously it went unnoticed for days with just 3 views.

One can only assume that ‘BigThink’, being a worldwide media sharing company, have had this video in their database and forgotten to share it until now. It seems as if they have done so unwittingly as the description provides no sign of knowledge on ‘The professor’s’ current status as a villain in the poker community. One can only assume that it was shot well prior to the events of Black Friday when Full Tilt poker was in its prime.

“Honesty is the best hustle”

Lines such as “You can’t borrow a bunch of money and then say sorry, I don’t have any money….you can do that in business but not in poker” and “The best advice I ever got was that ‘Honesty is the best hustle’ ” will do nothing to ease the anger and frustration felt towards a man who has played his part in causing the community so much anguish and financial suffering since the events of black friday.

[YouTube id=IS7Cv04hwjc]

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