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Since Black Friday, the iPoker network has vied with Party Poker for the No. 2 spot on PokerScout’s traffic rankings. While iPoker has closed the gap on PokerStars and Full Tilt in terms of traffic, the network has always lagged behind the Big Two in terms of software:

This may be starting to change, however. Last year, iPoker skins like William Hill rolled out both new features and improvements to existing software.

  • New player status visibility. The person next to act has a flashing avatar, and when he or she acts the avatar will change colour.
  • Resizable tables. Players can now (finally) change the size of their tables.
  • Dealer area added. The dealer chip tray was added to the top of each table. The tray is now a “Get more chips” button for cash game tables and a “Rebuy” button for tournaments.
  • Player chat improved. The player chat on the lower left side of the table now contains player notes, statistics and hand history. Players can also choose to close the chat area by clicking on the X button.
  • Waiting List button modified. Button has been split into “Join Waiting List” and “Join Similar Table”.
  • All in odds position changed. When players are all in, odds are displayed in the box next to the avatar.
  • Hand strength position changed. Players can now view their hand strength in the bottom right corner.
  • Player timer redesigned. When it is your turn to act, the timer will appear in your avatar box.
  • Folded cards. You can see the cards that you folded by hovering your mouse over your avatar.

Now even more changes are being rolled out to the close the gap on PokerStars and Full Tilt. Here is a run down of the software changes from iPoker and a few screenshots.

Hot Keys
A basic betting keyboard with slider came with the latest release.

Hand Replayer
Finally iPoker players can review hands in detail.

A “Back Bet” is a bet on something to happen, also known as a prop bet.
Players can now place side bets on the outcome of their next pocket cards and community cards, like betting on the board pairing and monotone coloured flops.

There are also other changes in the pipeline. For example, synchronized tourney breaks, time bank notes and late registration are all in the works. These changes will help iPoker finally close the gap on PokerStars for software quality.

Click here to read more about Playtech, who own and operate the iPoker network.

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