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Introducing a new blog series from Natasha Sandhu – The New Host of PokerTube 

“Natasha brings to the team a great energy and lovable charisma, along with a great inside knowledge of the poker high life!”

PokerTube is The World’s Largest Poker Media Website with over 20,000 Poker Videos, Community and Exclusive Promotions.

I’m Natasha Sandhu, aka Tash. Who’s Tash you must be thinking? Im a 27-year-old food loving, dog loving, music, shopping and gossip loving, half English half Indian, over excitable, photo and selfie taking addict (I hope this sums me up a little).

I have a happily married mum and dad, an older brother and a younger sister. My little sister is the VIP host for the Trickett room at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham at the minute so she is trying to get her head around the crazy world of poker!



I used to work for Thomsons travel agents which I used to love. I left to go and work in Cyprus for 3 months and live with my brother whilst he had a bar there I had one of the best summers of my life! I have a business diploma and a diploma in wedding planning. I recently planned my first charity event, which successfully raised almost £16,000! I love to plan and organise!

Pocket Pair

Now you know a little about me you may or may not already know that I’m also the fiancée of professional poker player Sam Trickett. We have been together for 8 years now into our 9th year. We are very happy in our home together and have 2 amazing doggies, I support him whenever and wherever he needs me to and its my main priority to look after him (feed him).



I have been very lucky to be able to accompany Sam on the poker circuit to various places around the world, I have been there with him through the ups and downs.

We’ve had some amazing celebrations after tournaments, but there have also been some downs that I have been there with him for too. Poker can be very cruel sometimes! (Especially that river card!) Being a poker player can take up a lot of someone’s time and energy it’s important to be an understanding partner!

Besides all the travelling and site seeing its not the nice restaurants and clubbing that me and Sam enjoy to do together the most its sitting at home on the sofa with a HUGE amount of junk food watching films!


I have joined forces with PokerTube because I think I can offer you all something great. I am extremely lucky enough to travel a lot and see some amazing sites and visit some great places, as well as this I sometimes get a front row seat at some really exciting poker events, I would really love to share all this with you!

I hope you will join me on my journeys via photos and videos, I can give you inside exclusives and exciting news. I will take you all with me wherever I go! Including the One drop at the WSOP in Vegas this year….I CAN NOT WAIT for this!!!



As well as this I am here to offer my advice and tips, If you are thinking of travelling the poker circuit I can offer travel and booking advice, the best places and times to book, also where I think is good to eat, what I think is good to do. You may have different tastes to me but I’m here to help!

Sharing memories

Before I go for now I just thought I would share with you one of my best memories from the poker circuit and travelling, it was Cannes 2011 when Sam won Partouche Poker Tour.

It really meant a lot because a lot of our close friends and family flew over with it being a delayed final and it was one of the best weekends of my life! I will never forget it, its one of the best finals I’ve ever watched, the lay out and structure was great, the rail was amazing. My sister and me even made banners!




Boy did we celebrate at the Black Pearl that night! I really suffered the next day I do not know how I managed to fly home with the hangover I was suffering with! Sam was allowed to take the big novelty cheque home and I got it framed for him for the house. That really is a weekend ill never forget. 

We were regulars at a bar called the Black Pearl which was a great bar, we played drinking games for hours in there! And of course to top it all off Sam won the tournament. I was so proud I was just crying and when he came over to the rail I got completely squished by all of Sam’s friends jumping over me haha!

I was so proud of Sam this was the third big win he had that year after the Aussie Millions High roller and Super high roller and I think people were starting to realise just how talented he really was. 

Over and out

That’s it from me for now, please make sure you follow me on twitter @natashasandhu and my PokerTube Instagram account. Especially over the next few days as im going to be offering some goodies giveaways!!

I hope you’re all as excited as we are – Please stay tuned as there’s much more to come!

Until next time!

Tash x

Check out Tash and Sam in Vegas for the WSOP 2013:

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