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While poker is seen as a game focusing primarily on the individual, a number of players from the same family have had remarkable success on the poker table. Sometimes, in the case of Doyle and Todd Brunson, family members just find themselves playing the same game as each other. Other times, it is very much a family affair, with members learning the game through playing against one another.

There are a number of family members all over the world who play poker, both professionally and for fun, Below are five of the most famous of those families.

The Brenes Clan

Two-time WSOP Gold Bracelet winner Humberto Brenes is the most prominent poker figure of the Brenes family, having a total of 58 in the money finishes at the WSOP over a three decade span. The 62-year-old is not the only member of his family to have success on the felt, however.

Brother Alex Brenes is an accomplished poker pro in his own right, having been in the money at 22 WSOP events. He has also made final tables at World Poker Tour and Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) events. Another brother, Eric Brenes, is also a poker shark, having won the $6,000 No Limit Hold’em event at the 2004 Poker Classic and the $1 million cash prize.

Humberto’s son, Roberto, is also following in the footsteps of his father and uncles, having cashed in a number of Caribbean Adventure and LAPT events to date.

Doyle and Todd Brunson

Doyle Brunson’s status as a legend, pioneer and king of modern day poker certainly overshadows the accomplishments of his son. Then again, however, Doyle Brunson’s status almost overshadows every other accomplishment anyone else has made in poker.  

He is a man who needs no introduction; 50-plus year veteran of the game, one of seven players in the first ever WSOP back in 1970, ten WSOP Gold Bracelets to his name…the list goes on and on.

Todd certainly has a lot of poker acheivements of his own, though. He has a total of 33 in the money finishes at the WSOP, just two fewer than his father. Like his dad, Todd also has a Gold Bracelet to his name, although he still needs to win nine more to equal the amount won by the elder Brunson. He also has a number of WPT and EPT in the money finishes to go with his WSOP accolades.

The Mizrachi Brothers

Michael ‘the Grinder’ Mizrachi is the most notable Mizrachi in the poker world, having won three WSOP Gold Bracelets and having made to 12 final tables at the WSOP so far. He also holds titles in other major professional poker events, including two in the WPT, all of which contributed to him being dubbed the 2006 Player of the Year by CardPlayer Magazine.

He isn’t the only Mizrachi to find solid success in the game, with brothers Robert and Eric also being accomplished poker pros in their own rights. Robert Mizrachi has also won a WSOP Gold Bracelet and as has numerous in the money finishes at various WSOP, NAPT, WPT, EPT and Partouche poker events.

While Eric Mizrahi doesn’t have a Gold Bracelet to his name, he too has a number of in the money finishes in the WSOP, Caribbean Adventure and the WPT, resulting in a relatively successful poker career to date.

Annie Duke and Howard Lederer

They are quite possibly the most successful brother and sister duo in professional poker today. The siblings have a whopping 82 WSOP in the money finishes between them and 3 WSOP Gold Bracelets.

Lederer has also had poker success outside of the WSOP; winning the $100,000 No Limit Hold’em event at the 2008 Aussie Millions and winning two events at the WPT which have contributed to total live tournament poker winnings of over $6 million.

Annie Duke has also made a name for herself in the game of poker, being the woman with the most amount of WSOP in the money finishes. Duke has also used her status as a high level poker pro for a number of high profile charity initiatives which have involved poker.

Blair and Grant Hinkle

The young brothers made history at the 2008 WSOP by being the first brothers to each win a WSOP Gold Bracelet in the same series. For Grant Hinkle, his Gold Bracelet win was the first ever WSOP tournament he cashed in. Since then, he has gone on to have moderate success in the WSOP, having eight total in the money finishes to date.

Brother Blair has him beat in the WSOP cash out though, with 16 to his name. He has also been successful in other poker series, finishing in the money at a number of WPT, NAPT and Mid-Series Poker Tour events since 2008.

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