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Over at the forums of 2+2 there is a very interesting thread brewing that has already had some of the best and most well-known pros weigh in with their opinions.  A thread was started compiling arguments and accusations of people multi-accounting, and has sparked an intense debate about whether multi-accounting (MA’ing) is cheating or simply just angle shooting and further whether the results of a player should determine how you deal with them if you know they are MA’ing.

Tom “durrrr” Dwan has been very active in the thread posting his opinion and clarifying himself after being singled out in the original post saying that he didn’t think MA’ing was cheating, but much more akin to angle shooting.  Further he said “also to clarify i think people who are clearly fish multiaccounting b/c they prefer anonymity is pretty kosher and should be policed similarly to someone going 2mph over the speed limit.”  An important note here is that some people such as Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky believe that he is simply saying that MA’ing is far less bad than what happens in some live games, and people still play those.  The inferences to be made here are simply that, inferences.

Many other well-known players have also commented in the thread supporting Dwan: Ben Grundy, Daniel “Jungleman” Cates, and Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky.  However, many have also said that they do not agree with Dwan to any extent and are adamant about that point: Dani “Ansky” Stern, Alexei Martov, and Alex “Kanu7” Millar.  Stern went as far to say that he was “very disappointed” in Dwan for posting what he did.  The comments from these players are generally very well thought out, and refrain from needless bashing and do further the conversation and debate on the subject.

The accusations being seemingly confirmed through the thread are also important to note, because they involve huge names in the High Stakes cash games, but they are also not 100% confirmed.  The strongest accusation seems to be about Jared “Harrington25/Harrington10” Bleznick not only having multiple accounts, but also having up to 3 people sitting at the same table and telling all of them what to do, essentially playing 3 players at the table at once.

Other accusations that are thrown around, but not confirmed, are durrrr playing on a new account on Pokerstars while he was in Macau, Ben Grundy playing on new accounts to get ring game and HU action on Stars, and many other things are alluded to.  It’s important to remember that all of these accusations are light on evidence though, and there is not, as of writing this, anymore more than circumstantial evidence to support many of these claims.

This is still a developing story, and it seems to be a pretty evenly split opinion on what is happening and what should happen.  Keeping an eye on this thread, and any accusations that get followed up as a result of this thread would be smart for all players involved, even if you are not a high stakes player.  Knowing what the community is expecting and what can get you into trouble has infinite value. 

Also, the forums have proven to be a breeding ground for change, so getting involved early can make sure your voice is heard.  Many of the ideas being thrown around might gain steam, and if you are not a fan of finger print scanners, name changes once a month, or any other anti-cheating measures for personal privacy reasons, or any other reason, then make sure you are active in the all communities available to you.

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