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Now that there has been a slight lull in the challenge between Douglas “WCGRider” Polk and Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky, we can begin to look at what is next for each of the players, but Polk more specifically. Polk has an enormous lead with very few hands left, so assuming he will win is more than safe. It now is more of a question of how much the final tally will actually be. Considering Polk’s dominating performance against Sulsky, WCGRider’s trash talk that had been seen as mostly bravado in the past becomes much more interesting and justified.

Polk has pulled no punches when criticizing people and has taken to almost all avenues to get his opinions of other players out there. His most recent place has been the 2+2 thread that he started about the challenge. When a lull appeared in the challenge, Polk started coming into the thread more often and made some really interesting comments. When you combine those comments with things that he has said during other interviews, you get a pretty good idea of where he thinks he ranks in the poker hierarchy, as well as what he thinks of other players. Considering all this, we are going to look at who his next opponents could be and what the storylines surrounding these matches may end up being.

Possible Opponents

Ben Sulsky: The first person that he could take on is Ben Sulsky. This would be round two of the challenge and it would be interesting to see if the result of the first contest was a bit of an aberration or if this initial result actually was a fair representation of the talent disparity between the two. It’s unclear if there is willingness from Sulsky on wanting to do this, and considering how nothing has happened lately with the challenge, people would be safe to assume that he might not be up for a rematch, at least at this time. It would be fun to see, though, as everyone likes seeing rematches and grudge matches. Even if this doesn’t happen as Polk’s next heads-up challenge, it’s something people are going to want to see eventually, and Sulsky will most likely want to also have another shot at Polk.

Victor “Isildur1” Blom: This is perhaps the one challenge that everyone is hoping will happen either now, or in the very near future. In his 2+2 thread, WCGRider said that he thought that Isildur1 was a “super whale.” I don’t have to write anymore to allude to why this is a very intriguing match. Blom has a history of taking on any player and winning, and losing, millions of dollars in a day. Saying that Blom is a “super whale” seems like a gross overestimation to his lack of skills. Thinking you have an edge seems reasonable, but Blom is far from a losing player. He has played millions of hands over the past couple of years and still plays in the highest games. That can’t be luck. Further, most top pros have said that he is one of the better players around. Every railbird is hoping that this match happens, and I do as well.

Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond: This is a less likely challenge unless either is willing to play a game that they normally don’t play. However, the backstory is there for sure. During an interview with the Two Plus Two Pokercast, Polk said that he thinks that Galfond is exploiting his workers at and thinks that we don’t even know if Galfond is all that good of a player at PLO. Polk also said that Galfond is definitely not one of the best at NL. Those words alone set up an interesting storyline and a good reason that a challenge could end up being a really interesting watch. If either would be interested in moving games, then this could easily happen and make for really good poker action.

Polk has not been shy about saying what he really feels about different players. He has made comments, mostly disparaging, of others, which has set up some really interesting matchup possibilities. If and when any of these challenges will happen is unknown, but considering the success of the first challenge, it will probably happen sometime soon. When more challenges are announced, PokerUpdate will keep you posted and provide the pre-match analysis that you have come to enjoy!

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