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Daniel Negreanu is famous for having a lot to say about most everything, poker or otherwise. Lately, he is very vocal about his views on politics. Frankly, some people are getting a bit tired of seeing political post, not just from Negreanu but from everyone.

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If you’re of the same mindset, here are five things you can do besides listening to Daniel Negreanu rant about politics.

Go Play Some Poker

Why do we follow Negreanu? He’s an amazing poker player and many fans want to be like him someday. While listening to his opinions on politics will help you learn about his values and political stances, it isn’t going to help you improve your poker game.

What will? Actually going out and playing some poker. Ok, you don’t have to go out and play. You can stay home and play online poker. Either event, buy-in to a game and try and spin up a bankroll.

Play PokeMon Go!

While I am not exactly onboard with the whole PokeMon Go! craze that’s gripped our country, I’d rather see you roaming about looking for imaginary creatures than getting drug down by the ongoing political war on Twitter, Facebook and general social media.

There has been more hate spewed by Americans during this election than I have seen at any other point in my life. Each believes wholeheartedly that their candidate is the best and many are going to extremes to make you believe it. Thankfully, Negreanu has not normally been one of those extremists, but he has drawn the ire of some over certain comments.

Some positive benefits of PokeMon Go! include getting exercise, reducing stress and even socializing with other people in a positive manner. You don’t see a lot of positive interaction lately regarding politics.

Simply Unfollow Him (Or Just Click the Big X in Your Tab)

Negreanu has made it clear that it will not upset him if you choose to unfollow him over his political views. Personally, I feel that this type of action is a bit silly but for some it may be the only way to regain their sanity.

I cannot see the logic of unfriending or unfollowing someone based simply on their views on politics. Doing so makes it seem like you believe that they are a bad person because of their choice to follow a particular candidate or share their political dogma.

Personally, I employ this ancient secret technique to remove myself from things I don’t want to see. I go to the side of the tab in my browser and I click the x to close the tab. Is Daniel or anyone still talking about politics? I can’t know for certain because it is not in front of me. Out of sight, out of mind people.

Watch Some Poker on TV, YouTube or Twitch

Don’t want to put up with politics but still want your fix of Daniel Negreanu  or other poker pros? There’s a universe of poker content available to you on TV, YouTube or live streamed on Twitch.

Follow Jamie Staples, Jason Somerville or Doug Polk on their Twitch channel. Watch the WSOP or other old poker programs on YouTube. Find Poker Night in America or the World Poker Tour on TV. Some of you can even watch Poker Central either online or on cable.

You can get your Daniel and poker fixes at the same time – politics free!!

Actually Do Some Research on the Candidates

If you are listening to Negreanu talk about politics because you’re genuinely interested in what’s going on with our country, I completely understand and actually share your believe. However, there’s no reason you can’t formulate your own opinion by going and conducting your own research on the candidates.


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By research, I mean looking up the actual facts on the candidates and not rely on the emotional spin put on them by supporters or the opposition. What really happened with Benghazi? Is Trump truly qualified to improve our economy? Can Hillary help small business? Will Trump start World War III? Did Trump really say those things everyone claims that he has said?

Don’t rely on others to formulate your opinion. Form your own by becoming educated on the issues. While it is entirely possible that you will still share the same views as Negreanu, at least your view will be based on facts and research rather than simply adopting a lemming mentality and mirroring the views of the hero you follow.

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