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How many times have you found yourself trying to recount a hand history where you had to make a difficult decision to a friend, only to realize that you can’t remember some of the most important details key to the analysis? Anyone who has played live poker seriously has had this happen to them at one time or another. One of the most frustrating aspects of live play is that it can be difficult to track and visualize improvement over time.

But while it might be easy to shrug off the occasional lapse in memory, the truth is that these tiny holes in the knowledge you have available to you about your own game can add up pretty quickly into a serious problem.

Being able to analyze your game away from the tables is one of the most critical aspects of being a winning player in 2016. Serious pro players used to solve this problem by bringing a notebook to the table with them in order to take notes about any interesting hands, and record their wins and losses. And while the goal remains the same, it is definitely time for an update of the method.

The Poker Analytics app for iPhone is an attempt at getting rid of the pen and paper and instead providing players with the ability to keep track of every aspect of their live poker game – hand histories, win/loss sessions, bankroll management, even sleep time – with the same ruthless efficiency that online tracking software offers online players.

You shouldn’t be playing another live session without this app. Below is a breakdown of just a few of its key features:

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The most important aspect of a manual tracking device is how quickly you can input new data. One of the best things about Poker Analytics is that it provides a minimalist, intuitive design. A variety of options about game type and blind levels allow you to quickly set up the parameters of the game you are playing in.

poker analytics app for iphone

This is especially important for the hand history feature. You don’t have much time to input a hand at the table before you begin to forget the details. With card ranks/suits as well as streets clearly labeled and neatly organized, you won’t have any problem capturing your most important hands.

Statistical Data and Analytical Reporting

Poker Analytics provides great analytics that allows you to track your progress at all times in across key areas of your game. The app generates clean stat sheets that provide insight into a variety data points and how they interact, including your hourly rate and biggest winning/losing sessions.

But having data is only one half of the app’s capabilities. It will also generate reports of your data, showing how they interact with one another so that you can properly prepare for you sessions and put yourself in the best possible situations for making money.

Want to know what the best time for you to play is on just 6 hours of sleep? Now, there’s an app for that.

Sleep Metrics

poker analytics app - sleep metricsMy favorite part of Poker Analytics is it’s ability to monitor and track how your sleeping schedule impacts your results at the table. To me, this feature is revolutionary, providing a technological aid that matches the development in poker theory during the last few years.

Poker’s best players treat their bodies as if they were professional athletes, with a healthy diet, constant exercise, and proper sleep. Adding this important concept not only provides optimization opportunities, but keeps the concept squarely on the top of a player’s mind. Just having the ability to be constantly reminded about the need for sleep to be taken into account when working on your game makes this app worth downloading.

Recommendation – Get the App

With plenty of great features across a sleek, intuitive design, anyone who owns an iPhone and is serious about their poker game shouldn’t play another session without downloading the Poker Analytics app.

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Bradley Chalupski

Bradley Chalupski made his first deposit onto an online poker site in 2009 and has been paying rake and following the poker scene ever since. He received his J.D. from the Seton Hall University School of Law in 2010.