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The poker media loves giving out awards. You have the American Poker Awards, the European Poker Awards, various Player of the Year Awards, the OMG I Can’t Believe I Got an Award Awards – you get the picture.

Well we want to give out some awards too! As such, we are introducing the First Annual PokerUpdate Online Poker Awards. These awards will recognize the best and brightest in online poker, the online poker industry and beyond. We realize it’s May 2016, BUT better late than never!

This is where you get to participate! Below are several award categories with our top choices. Starting now you will be able to vote for your favorites and the top choices by our beloved fans will receive fabulous cash and prizes. OK, so maybe just prizes. We’re not quite sure how fabulous they are as we only have a shoestring budget. (Like $6.23 wrapped up with a shoestring.)

Again, voting begins on Sunday, May 1st and continues for 7 days.

Voting will close Saturday, May 7th at midnight EST.

Vote early and often for your favorites!!!


Best Poker Media Site

Here you get to choose your favorite site to learn about the world of poker. You will notice that we didn’t include ourselves on this list. We aren’t THAT egotistical. (Actually, Robbie is but he isn’t running this contest.)

Here are the nominees:

Online Poker Report – The #1 source on the internet for all things related to online poker regulation, especially in the United States. Chris Grove and his cast of amazing writers give you the skinny on everything you want to know, and some things you didn’t know you cared about, regarding iPoker.

PokerNews – One of the most well known sites for online poker news from around the world but with an obvious focus on the Americas. In addition to news reporting, they also cover many of the major live poker events around the world.

PokerListings – is an all-inclusive site that covers both poker and poker lifestyle. One of the premier alternatives in the media world, they have a solid spread of content that does more than just “reports about poker.”

PokerStars Blog – All PokerStars, all the time. Readers learn about everything connected with PokerStars including events, changes to software and how Team PokerStars Pros are faring.

PokerFuse – PokerFuse prides itself in being an “independent online poker news” site. Their coverage of the poker world is a bit different than other sites, covering all the bases with a freedom from worrying about “offending affiliate partners.”

Best Online Poker App

There seems to be an app for everything, including all things online poker. Some apps are great tools to help you improve your game while are clearly futile attempts by people thinking they are going to design the next Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja. Check out these picks for best online poker app.

Poker Notes Live – Aspiring super-spy Robbie Strazynski developed Poker Notes Live as a way for you to take notes on other players while you’re playing live poker. It gives you a wide variety of options for tagging and keeping tabs on your opponents.

Poker Income – This app gives you a variety of tools to help you track your profit and loss when you play poker. Tracking your sessions is a great way to spot trends, leaks and even when you should switch to a better / softer game.

Poker Journal – Poker Journal is a robust tracking app that goes beyond simple profit and loss. This app will allow you to track what you play, where you play, profit and loss and provide you with a detailed report on your overall poker health. Thorough note taking and tracking is essential to improve your game and this app can help you do that.

WPT Poker Trainer – This app will act as your own personal coach by helping you to master the fundamentals of great poker play. You play scenarios while the trainer gives you advice to improve you game. A solid tool for beginners or those struggling in certain aspects of their game.

Insta Poker Coach – Similar to WPT Poker Trainer, Insta Poker Coach scores you on your skills as you play poker and then gives you advice from pros Antonio Esfandiari, Huck Seed, Matt Berkey and Jonathan Little. A great app for both beginners and intermediate players.

Best Online Poker Forum

Oh how the internet loves forums and the poker community is no different. Players get to exchange ideas, share strategy and post pictures of shrunken penises and farting monkey memes. I wish we were joking about that, but anyone that frequents forums knows the score. Here are our choices for best online poker forums.

2+2 Forums – The most popular of all the online poker forums, 2+2 Forums covers every angle of the poker world and beyond. If you want to know what’s REALLY going on in poker, this is a forum you must visit. The same also applies if you’re a conspiracy theorist, strategy nerd, meme junkie, fart sniffer and general poker troll.

PocketFives Forums – An extension of the popular PocketFives website, this forum has a reasonable selection of categories with a noticeable focus on online poker strategy. While not as robust as 2+2, it also lacks the overwhelming number of trolls.

CardsChat Forums – CardsChat has done a great job at using their forum as an extension of their site. In addition to your standard forums such as strategy and general discussion, they also have sections on CardsChat events and freerolls.

Reddit Poker – Reddit is really more of a bulletin board than a forum. However, you can post content and links and make comments about said postings. It may not have all the bells and whistles of other forums but is great for those looking for a quick overview of what’s happening without having to filter 1,000 NyanCat photos.

FlopTurnRiver – If you love to talk poker strategy, then you should consider visiting here. While they a solid variety of threads, the Poker Strategy section is easily their most popular. There are over 600,000 threads in the strategy section ranging from small stakes online poker to mixed game live poker.

Best Online Poker Training Sites

The only way you’re going to improve your game is through study and there are hundreds of “online poker training sites” out there claiming that they can help you play better. Of course, only a select few actually are worth reading and even fewer are worth paying money to subscribe to. – A spin-off of Ivey Poker, is Phil Ivey’s premium training site. The staff of coaches covers every angle of poker and the poker lifestyle and players can access videos through three subscription tiers. Videos are updated on a weekly basis and players can communicate with coaches through the message board for input or additional help on topics covered. – Originally founded in 2005, CardRunner is one of the first and considered by many to still be one of the best online poker training sites. The have over 3,000 hours of world class poker training that includes videos, blogs, forums and podcasts. – The name is self explanatory. If you’re looking to improve your poker tournament play, this is a site to consider. They have a large staff of coaches that includes WSOP bracelet winners, WPT Champions and winners at just about every buy-in level in both live and online tournaments. – This is not your average training site. Rather, this site will teach you how to “understand the behavior of your poker opponents.” The content of this site is focused exclusively on reading tells from other opponents. You may not learn how to triple-range merge but you might be able to spot when that hyper-aggro is actually shoving with 6-3 instead of the nuts. – Jonathan Little heads this site that features content on nearly every tournament form in existence. Little spends a lot of time in personally providing content for the site along with a couple dozen other coaches with a vast array of experience.

Best Online Poker Tournament

Tournament poker is what brought about the Poker Boom in 2003 and it is still the lifeblood of the game in 2016. Every online poker site has them but some tournament series are bigger and better than the rest.

PokerStars WCOOP – The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker is the premier event in online poker. Winning a WCOOP event is equivalent to winning a WSOP bracelet. As such, it is fitting that the winners get a WCOOP bracelet for their wins.

PokerStars SCOOP – The PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker is a close 2nd to the WCOOP in both popularity and prize pools. Millions are awarded each spring and this is really the kickoff for the major online tournament season.

Full Tilt FTOPS – The Full Tilt Online Poker Series is one of the more popular online tournament events awarding jerseys to the winners. Although the events are not as big as in the past, these events still have served as great proving grounds for many of today’s top online tournament players.

WSOP Online Bracelet Event – When Nevada regulated online poker, it was a matter of time before an online bracelet was awarded. The first was awarded last year and the online bracelet event returns this year as a one-day re-entry event. This is the quickest path to a WSOP bracelet, but it will not be an easy task for the eventual winner.

PokerStars Common Cents Kick-Off – This event set an all-time record in 2015 for most players in a single tournament. A total of 253,698 entries were collected last October to set an all time record. This $0.01 buy-in event took only 7 hours to complete. DaDumon won the event for a cool $10,000.

Best Online Poker Promotion

Online poker rooms are always looking to pull in new players and retain those that have signed up. They use promotions to keep us coming back but some deals are so good that we don’t really care if they are gimmicks. Below are some of the best gimmicks that players found too good to pass up.

888poker Live the Game – New and existing players can receive free entries to tournaments with guarantees of $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000 just by making a deposit of $10 or more. It was a great way to build your bankroll.

PokerStars $1 Million Freeroll – Announced at the end of 2015, PokerStars held their first $1 Million Freeroll on March 19, just the first of four planned freerolls by the World’s Largest Poker Site in 2016. At least $20,000 is going to first place with between 30,000 and 50,000 players paid. Player of the Year – For MTT players on, the Player of the Year promotion is the ultimate reward for excelling in tournament play. The ultimate POY received a POY ring, attendance at the 2016 Poker Hall of Fame awards ceremony, VIP seating at the 2016 WSOP Main Event final table and $10k in cash.

PokerStars Ronaldo Spin & Go – Want to be a Millionaire? You can get your shot at $1 Million for just .50 in the $1 Million Spin & Go Cristiano Ronaldo Edition. Unlike many Spin & Go events, this one has additional top prizes besides the $1 million top prize. You can win your choice of a supercar, a TAG Heuer CR7 Special Edition watch, ROC by Monster headphones or a Ronaldo Documentary DVD.

iPOPS (iPoker Network) – Similar to FTOPS, the iPoker Online Poker series offers a wide variety of online poker events with buy-ins starting as low as €1 and prize pools up to €250,000. There is also a mini-iPOPS version of this series for players with smaller bankrolls.

Best Twitter Personality

The poker world loves Twitter. In fact, it is possible that the poker world and the poker media acclimated to Twitter faster than to any other social media platform. Some players and poker personalities have used the medium to grow their careers while others are known primarily for their work online.

Daniel Negreanu – While Daniel really doesn’t need any more awards in his trophy case, there are few players that tweet more often or have a more dedicated following than Negreanu. He always has an opinion and he will gladly share it with anyone willing to listen on Twitter.

Alex Dreyfus – The mastermind behind the Global Poker League, Alex Dreyfus is one of the most respected minds in the poker industry today. He uses Twitter to keep the world updated on the GPL, its players and his quest to “Sportify Poker.”

Kevin Mathers – If you don’t follow Kevmath, then what’s your problem dude? Kevmath is a living encyclopedia of poker knowledge and the go-to person for the majority of the poker world. His exploits on social media are legendary and will keep him employed for a decade after his death. (Kevmath 2.0 currently in development)

Phil Hellmuth – Whether you love him or hate him, chances are that you follow him on Twitter. You never know what Phil is going to say but chances are he will drop a name or two while doing so.

Kara Scott – One of the premier poker presenters in the world, Kara Scott has a solid Twitter following. She is always personable with her fans and exhibits the same grace online as she does behind the camera.

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