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The World Series of Poker has announced that 888poker is the official sponsor of the 2016 WSOP. The agreement made last year is now continued to the upcoming summer series, which again gives 888poker exclusive rights to offer official WSOP satellites online.

The partnership is no surprise, as the newly released WSOP schedule offers Crazy Eights as Event 54, which is played eight-handed, requires an $888 buy-in, and guarantees $888,888 to the winner. Beyond exposure from that 888-centric tournament, 888poker will also receive exposure during live reporting, live streams, and ESPN broadcasts, as well as on the WSOP website and at the Rio in Las Vegas.

As there are no other sponsorships yet announced for the summer games, we have some suggestions for the WSOP and brands that might mesh well with the poker crowd.

Old Spice

Everyone at the tables may not appreciate the smell of Old Spice, but most players prefer it over body odor. Old Spice makes deodorant, soap, and even body spray, so male poker players could use whichever they prefer. The smell is strong enough to cover up nearly any smell that may waft from players’ bodies.


Assuming that the WSOP again will offer food for players in the Poker Kitchen area of the Rio Convention Center, players will need relief from some of the menu options. It’s bad enough that players have to spend well over $10 for a plate of reheated food, so they shouldn’t have to suffer the resulting heartburn for hours afterward.


A poker player’s WSOP schedule is not conducive to keeping one’s system regular. With a mix of random food choices, infrequent and short bathroom breaks, and stress, many poker players experience “issues.” Instead of sitting with the pain or sharing farts with everyone nearby, players should be given ample supplies of a fiber product.

Dip Spit

Every man – and some women – should have a spittoon. Dip Spit makes dark bottles with sturdy caps. Men don’t as often chew tobacco as they simply hock up something from the depths of their guts, and it has become commonplace for them to lean over a trashcan in the hallway of the Rio and let the loogie just roll past their lips. No more.

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This company makes slippers and comfortable shoes and boots for men and women, though mostly women wear UGGs. For the women at the WSOP who think it’s a good idea to wear high heels or super-cute shoes for a 12-14 hour day of poker, they often realize the mistake midway through the day. UGGs are the perfect alternative to sucking up the pain or walking through the Rio with bare feet. And when players like Antonio Esfandiari forget their shoes, they get a pair, too.


Every player should keep a small pocket-sized Mead notebook in his or her pocket. When they get the urge to say something to another player – whether out of anger, frustration, lust, ignorance, or even what you think is complimentary – they should be encouraged to write it down. Then read it. Then have someone else read it. Then tear it up and throw it away.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

It is tough on poker players who loan money to other players when they have to constantly monitor those people for repayments. Duane “Dog” Chapman is one of the most well-known bounty hunters in North America, and he can do the job for them. He can track down players who cash in tournaments, escort them to the cage, and collect any money due on the spot.


Sure, poker players can use the extra energy from the juice that contains carbohydrates and electrolytes. But the container can then double as a pee bottle. For male players participating in crazy prop bets or those too focused on the game to take a bathroom break, they simply drink the Gatorade and then pee in the bottle under the table. The challenge of remembering what’s in the bottle makes it fun for friends and fellow players alike.


The cheese company is known for its lactose-free dairy products. And cheese is the perfect product to market to poker players because they already bring their own whine.


This is for poker players who take the time to ask everyone in person and on social media – or overworked Kevmath – for tournament details. What time does it start? How long is late registration? What is the structure? Google it.

google it

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