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Prior to the 2016 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, the organizers announced Kevin Mathers would be acting as the WSOP Twitter czar. As it turned out, it was one of the best moves the WSOP has made in years, as Kevmath was officially being paid for being the everything-poker answer man that he has been for years. The guy always seems to know what is happening, when and where it is happening, and has a link to the tournament structure. And of course, if there is a live stream, he knows about it.

As it turned out, Kevmath was so helpful to the WSOP last year that they made the wise decision to hire him again for the upcoming 2017 series. And with the reassignment of live reporting to PokerNews this summer as well, fans and players alike will likely have as smooth an experience as possible.

Of course, those pieces of news inspired some more ideas. Who else could the WSOP hire for the 2017 summer at the Rio in Las Vegas to make the experience more exciting?

Phil Hellmuth

The easy part of hiring Hellmuth is that he’s already going to be at the WSOP anyway, and he likely has a suite at the ARIA, if his frequent donning of ARIA ball caps is any indication. That means the WSOP can get away with not paying for travel or accommodation for Hellmuth and just compensate for his time.

What will he do? Talk about himself, obviously! As the winner of the most WSOP bracelets in the game and still just sooo close to getting his next one if not for the idiotic decisions of his opponents, he loves to talk about his WSOP successes. That is great press for the WSOP. And as is clear from his Twitter feed, he will go out of his way to promote any products that want to pay him to do so. In addition, he knows a lot of celebrities and athletes, so maybe he’ll bring some of them to the tables. Who better to talk about the WSOP via his own personal successes than Hellmuth?

Jason Somerville

As one of the most famous online poker streamers in the business, Somerville would be the perfect person to livestream from the Rio. His Run It Up show is immensely popular and would attract quite a few players and fans to watch him and participate in any tournaments or cash games he promotes. Considering he has been hired by such tournament series as the Aussie Millions and the WPTDeepStacks, he has the experience necessary for the job. And when he is playing tournaments, he can likely line up some pretty stellar guest hosts.

Ray Romano and Brad Garrett

Every time these guys show up at a poker tournament, hilarity ensues. Romano and Garrett love to play poker and have repeatedly played in the WSOP Main Event. They also love charity. Why not hire them to play more poker tournaments with their fees going toward a charity? It would be great publicity for the WSOP in addition to bringing humor to the ballrooms at the Rio. The day-after-day of tournament play can become a bit monotonous, but some comedians could change everything. Besides, TMZ might even show up and provide the type of press that only celebrity can buy.

Barack Obama

The freshly-unemployed 44th President of the United States might be working on a book and setting up some speaking engagements, but Obama is mostly trying to ignore all of the craziness that is going on in the White House today. Why not give him something fun to do?

Obama has been a fan of poker for many years, as was evidenced by his recognition of Daniel Negreanu at a campaign event before he was elected to his first term. With a little coaching from Negreanu – and likely Hellmuth – Obama could do quite well in a few tournaments. It wouldn’t hurt to extend an invitation, but it should probably be done without any mention of making poker great again.

Sean Spicer

The US White House Press Secretary is known for being able to spin anything. Should the WSOP happen to get into a situation that produces controversy or complaint from players, simply hire Spicer to hold a press conference. He has shown the ability to talk around any subject until it becomes so convoluted that the people with questions likely forget their original concerns and walk away scratching their heads. It is the perfect way to handle any conflicts that come up during the summer games.

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