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Fedor Holz is already a legend in the game of poker and is only in his mid-20s. The young German got his start in the game playing online as CrownUpGuy but quickly showed that his passion and skills transferred easily to the live tournament tables as well.

Since 2012, he has earned millions online and more than $20 million live. In the virtual arena, he won the most prestigious event – the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Main Event – for $1.8 million, along with other impressive tournaments like the PokerStars Sunday 500. He became the top-ranked online player in the world for the first time in 2015. And on the live tournament circuit, he won the World Series of Poker High Roller for One Drop in 2016 for nearly $5 million, European Poker Tour Barcelona Super High Roller the following month, along with numerous high roller, World Poker Tour, and other events. He tops the German tournament all-time earnings list and ranks eighth in the world.

With all of that, Holz retired in 2016. After the WSOP bracelet, he announced his retirement but went on to play in Barcelona and took yet another title. He does play fairly regularly, most recently having made two final tables at the January Aussie Millions Poker Championship series in Melbourne, but decided he wanted to pursue other avenues in life through travel. “People have very unique jobs or have companies that are very special and I feel like there is something out there for me that I might enjoy a lot more than poker,” he told PocketFives in 2016.

Lately, Holz has hinted at a new project via his social media accounts for several months. The project is set to debut in April, but no one has leaked any solid information about it. With the help of his online hints, we’re ready to take a few guesses.

Motivational Speaker

A recent Instagram post showed Holz being filmed while relaxing on a sofa with earbuds. His hashtags were #motivation, #mindset, and #growth.

Creating some content for my new project #motivation #mindset #growth

A post shared by Fedor Holz (@fedoire) on

Though he is not known for public speaking, he could be a motivational speaker. Who wouldn’t listen to and take advice from a guy who won well over $20 million in poker before reaching the age of 25? People regularly pay a lot of money to garner life lessons and tips from people with much less success than Holz.

Pool Guy

This recent Twitter post shows Holz being photographed near an empty rooftop pool.

He has shown through past posts that he does enjoy a good swim, so it is possible that preparing pools for people’s enjoyment is a hidden passion. And according to many adult film plots, pool guys often get a lot of attention from women.

Car Designer

It may seem like a stretch, but Holz recently attended a Mobility Pioneers meeting.

The February two-day event in Germany featured the “50 most promising early-stage startups in artificial intelligence, smart transportation, autonomous driving and connected car technologies.” He clearly had some interest in AI and transportation. Maybe he is designing the next self-driving vehicle?

Mindset Coach

Per his aforementioned Instagram post about #motivation and #growth, along with this obvious example of concentration and focus from his recent play at the Aussie Millions, it is clear that his head is in the right place.

He might be combining his deep thoughts at the poker table with his motivations for playing winning poker into the job of a life coach. All of that time spent waiting for hands and making good decisions could have prepared him to teach others how to get into the correct mindset for winning in life.

Food Critic

This post about Holz working on his next project might be stating the obvious. All of the food on the table is there for practicing his skills as a food critic.

Working on the next project! #bootcamp #lockdown #hustle

A post shared by Fedor Holz (@fedoire) on

After traveling the world for poker and likely eating at some of the best restaurants available, he has tasted his fair share of amazing food. As a food critic, he could motivate others to eat well while taking advantage of free meals and making chefs nervous. It is a dream job!

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