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In case you missed it, Cate Hall easily dispatched Mike Dentale in #MikeAndCatePlusHate on Sunday. Following the win, she tweeted the following:

That’s an interesting question, and one that already has a preferred answer – Dan Bilzerian.

Bilzerian Threw Down Gauntlet to Women’s Community

A week prior to the Hall-Dentale match, Bilzerian essentially threw down the gauntlet to the entire women’s poker community when he told Hall, “I don’t even know who you’re playing, but I want to bet against you because you are a woman and women can’t play poker.”

That tweet has since been deleted but Bilzerian’s tendencies to treat women as merely playthings is well documented.

Bilzerian is a ready-made villain for such a match. It’s hard to imagine a single woman that would support him in such a match.

Considering the insane number of fans that Bilzerian has on his social media pages, there’s still a large number of people that would actually root for him to crush Hall.

Play for Charity or to Humiliate the Other?

The last grudge match was used to raise money for charity but many poker fans didn’t seem interested in spending their money on worthy causes.

Instead, perhaps the players would consider some type of prop bet punishment for the other player.

Some hinted that Hall could make Bilzerian into her own personal table à la in his Women’s Day tweet.

Certainly she can come up with something more creative. Maybe have him serve as a personal dealer for a women’s final table in a LIPS championship or other high profile women’s tournament.

Whatever the punishment, it would have to be something epic enough to make players want to tune in, not lame like some of the prop bet punishments on “The Final Table.”

Bill Perkins Would Probably Back Him

Following Bilzerian’s comments to Hall last week, Liv Boeree tweeted the following:

In case you missed it, Bilzerian admitted last year that he’s recently lost millions playing high stakes poker.

Of course, if he’s a little short on “poker cash,” he can always hit up his friend Bill Perkins. The pair have famously playing together on Perkins’ ACR account and live streamed it over Twitch – that is until ACR decided to pull the plug for cheating.

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Will We See Hall-Dentale II?

Hall easily dispatched Dentale on Sunday and most agreed that she ran like wildfire. On Monday, she made a couple of comments about the match.

I don’t know about you, but if I were Dentale, I’d consider that a bit of a challenge and would be talking to Matt Glantz right now about a rematch. Poker fans would definitely tune in.

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