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There’s a new multi-account “scandal” in online poker with one of the game’s biggest names. Bill Perkins recently had his account suspended for allowing Dan Bilzerian to borrow it to play online poker.

Such a “scandal” would normally tarnish the reputation of a popular poker player, but this is the rare instance where nobody really cares outside of the admins over at America’s Cardroom.

Bill Perkins Get ACR Account Banned Live on Twitch

For those that haven’t been paying attention to Bill Perkins’ online activity, recently he and Dan Bilzerian have been live streaming their online poker sessions on America’s Cardroom via Twitch. Perkins plays under the handle ‘gastrader’ and the pair have been sharing the account.

This isn’t some “rumor” or “accusation” of multi-accounting, but actual live physical evidence of such an activity occurring. Last week, ACR decided to uphold their Terms of Service and banned Perkins’ account.

The banning wasn’t a private matter either. It occurred while the pair were again openly multi-accounting live on Twitch. Below is the moment where the ban occurred:


How Does This Impact Perkins’ Reputation? Does Anyone Care?

The question now is how this recent ban impacts his reputation in the poker community. In the past, poker players that have committed multi-accounting breaches have been ostracized or at least heavily criticized.

In this case, we probably won’t see too many people upset over this ban for multiple reasons. The first is that Perkins is nowhere near a serious pro like those that have been caught multi-accounting in the past.

PokerNews has dubbed him the “Coolest Guy in Poker” and he has received a ton of press over the last couple of years for both his prop betting and his generosity in giving away packages to the PokerStars Championship Caribbean.


If anything, many see this incident as more comical than anything. Perkins and Bilzerian weren’t private about their activities and knew that such a ban was possible. You could even hear Perkins ask in the live stream, “You got booted finally?”

About the only thing that could result from this recent ban is any future partnerships between Perkins and online poker sites. Having openly violated ACR’s Terms of Service, one would assume that he would have no shot now of partnering with a site.

Then again, he doesn’t need a sponsorship deal. He’s a recreational player that’s simply out there having a good time and the lack of a sponsorship isn’t going to impact his life one bit.

Not needing a sponsorship might actually put him in a great spot to still get a deal. Perkins popularity is at its zenith presently and there are sites out there that would be willing to capitalize on that popularity. Hell, it wouldn’t be surprising to see someone actually allow him to continue his shenanigans with Bilzerian as long as they agree to live stream it.

A multi-accounting “scandal” often harms the offender, but this is one of the rare cases where the majority of fans don’t care. Perkins is a big fish that’s been throwing around his money and as long as he continues to do that, who cares about a TOS?

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