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We’ve often been told that your choice of online poker screen name can help define your playing style to other players. How about your choice of online poker site? It has been our experience that a player will choose an online poker site based on their style of play or their personality.

After some thought, we determined that online poker sites are sort of like social groups from high school and even college. Many of our choices during our teen and early adult years often reflect the type of social status we enjoyed in school. It’s reasonable to assume that it would also influence our choice of online poker site. Continue reading to see how you’re site stacks up in the social pecking order.

PokerStars – Part of the In-Crowd

PokerStars is like the cool kids party in high school. You wanted to go there because everyone else was going. It’s possible you didn’t even want to party but you went because you wanted to be cool.

PokerStars is the world’s largest poker site. The majority of online poker players either frequents the site or spends part of their online hours playing there. It is clear that a solid number of players dislike some of their policies, but you go where the action is at right?

If you’re a pro, where else are you really going to play? Sure, you could try and get yourself established with one of the other sites, but none have the visibility of PokerStars. Becoming a PokerStars Pro is like signing a contract with the New York Yankees. You instantly become relevant in the online poker world.


888 Poker – You’re a Band Geek

Playing at 888 Poker is equivalent of being in the band in high school or college. To the rest of the world, you looked like a geek but anyone that was in band knows that you were actually hanging with the real “cool kids.”

There’s a reason that “this one time at band camp” became so popular in American Pie, and flute stories are among the tamer stories told. 888 Poker is the second largest poker site in the world with all the players that have chosen an alternative path than PokerStars to make their living.

That doesn’t mean that you may not play at PokerStars but you don’t live there. You don’t care about being among the cool kids because YOU ARE the cool kids.

888Poker – NERDS!!!! is the #1 online poker site in America. Since it is only available in two states, if you are playing here rather than another site, you’re the equivalent of those that opted for D&D or WoW on Friday nights rather than partying.

In short – NERDS!!!!

But that is OK! There’s nothing wrong with being a nerd, especially in online poker. Once online poker expands, you will have a leg up on those that chose to sit out or went overseas to play with the cools kids. In the meantime, you are using your advanced game theory to build a sizable nest egg so that you can retire at 34 and a half with enough money to buy a small island.

Remember, it is the nerds that often employ the popular kids. Be a nerd! Play at

PartyPoker and Full Tilt – Reliving Your Glory Days from High School

Remember back when you were on the football team in high school? You single handedly led a comeback against Central City High that clinched the district title. Afterwards, you were the big man on campus. Those were the glory days.

It’s 20 years later and your living room is decorated with items from your glory days in high school. Unfortunately, the last 20 years haven’t been nearly as successful. However, when you hang around the old buddies, you can relive those days and feel like a big man again.


That’s sort of like playing at PartyPoker and Full Tilt. They were both elite sites back in their heyday but now are second or third-tier sites at best. Full Tilt has slid so far that PokerStars is merging them with their platform in a few weeks.

When you play online poker at PartyPoker and Full Tilt, it takes you back to the early days of online poker when the fish were plentiful and they were the top sites in the market. Now they are a shell of their former selves but there are still the memories of when they were great. You can relate right?

Unregulated Sites – Fight the Power!

You like to play at unregulated online poker sites eh? You’re a rebel aren’t you? You’re that guy (or girl) that would make smartass comments during assembly or constantly challenge the authority of your teachers.

You don’t like being told that you have to follow the rules and you choose to play at sites that like to break the rules as well. It doesn’t matter if they take your entire bankroll because it’s just money right?

You’re anti-establishment, anti-government and anti-PokerStars. Who cares about regulation? You want to play online poker.

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