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For the majority of us, the only job we will ever hold inside a poker room is that of “wannabe pro player.” However, there are many people who earn their primary income working for casinos or card rooms.

Anyone that has worked inside a poker room knows that it isn’t all glitz and glamour. Some jobs are hard work and others are completely thankless jobs. Today, we are going to look at five of the worst jobs to have inside of the poker room.

Cocktail Server

cocktail serverOn the service, one would think that this job wouldn’t be so bad considering the potential for huge tips. However, consider the fact that most servers are on their feet the majority of the day and most must travel back and forth a decent distance to fill customer orders.

The worst part of the job is for those servers that must wear “revealing” outfits during their shift in casino that are absolutely freezing. Anyone that has been in a casino knows that the AC is cranked high, so much so that hoodies are a necessity rather than a fashion statement.

Ever wonder why some server consistently offer coffee or hot cocoa? Imagine having to work 8 hour shifts in skimpy outfits. They’re just trying to warm up a bit.


Security is largely a cushy job, but there are times where it gets dangerous. Get a couple drunken players ready to fight and it is up to security to restore order. Throw in an idiot that decides to arm himself and the security officer puts his personal safety on the line to keep customers safe.

We have mad respect for all security personnel, but we don’t envy their job.


This is literally the dirtiest job in the poker room as they are in charge of cleaning up our mess and tidying up the poker room. No matter the mess, the janitors have to take care of it. Worst of all, they don’t receive tips and are often among the lowest paid workers in the casino.

janitor scrubs

There are times we REALLY don’t envy their job. Case in point – just imagine the poor man or woman that had to clean up after Antonio Esfandiari at the PCA.

Tournament Dealer

The job of a tournament dealer may seem cushy, but it pays like crap. Most dealers make a low hourly rate which is supplemented by tips. Tournament dealers typically must divide tips among themselves and that’s assuming that players tip.

A small casino where the winner only gets a few hundred bucks may only result in less than $100 in tips. Three or four dealers working a tournament may only get $25 in tips each, which is about $7.50 in tips per hour for a four-hour tournament.

That’s why many casino dealers would rather deal $2-$4 Limit Hold’em rather than deal a tournament.


Yes, being a railbird is job for some “poker players.” There are those out there that spend the major portion of their days railing poker games or poker tournaments in casinos in the hopes that they can talk someone into either lending them money or throwing them a bone to get into a game.


Credit: WSOP

On occasion, you can find some railbirds that will do you favors in exchange for a few bucks. If you’ve spent a decent amount of time inside of a card room, you probably know who the railbirds are. They are almost always watching the final tables or hanging around some of the livelier games. If they are every actually playing, they are playing in low stakes games and seldom win.

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