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Did you ever wonder how recreational players might view the current situation at PokerStars?

Of course, I’m referring to the ongoing three-day player strike brought about by the announced changes of rakeback cuts to high stakes and high volume grinders. Do you think that casual players are rejoicing over the fact that multi-tabling pros will be severely impacted financially?

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Are recreational players silently cheering that the pros who have been making a living for years off of lesser-skilled players will see their incomes slashed once the VIP program changes take effect on January 1, 2016? Can that cheering be heard at the micro stakes tables at which the rec players can be found? Actually, for some, the opposite may be true.

The Dream is Dead

While the above tweet may not be indicative of the feelings of the majority of casual players, there are certainly a good number who would echo the sentiments of the rec player who voiced her support on Twitter. There are likely hundreds, perhaps thousands of recs who are sorry to hear about the loyalty program changes at PokerStars that includes the elimination of Supernova Elite come Jan. 1, 2017.

And why would that be? Because for every player who makes a good living by grinding away at PokerStars, there are hundreds more who aspire to reach that same level one day.

There are an untold number of micro stakes rec players who envision themselves improving as time goes on, moving up in stake levels, watching that account balance rise as it coincides with earning a greater number of VPPs. The hope and dream of moving from the category of casual player up to the upper echelon of the online poker food chain, perhaps even one day reaching that holy grail of online poker – Supernova Elite!

Chat Box Conversation

The following was taken from a conversation between two players at an online poker site.

4nic8: what do u say about them screwing over the supernovas

OneCardShort: oh that really sucks man 🙁

4nic8: yah

4nic8: for those guys

OneCardShort: like without SNE

OneCardShort: pokerstars is not ps anymore

4nic8: wow

OneCardShort: it was like a dream

4nic8: interesting take on it

OneCardShort: and it was about prestige and money both

OneCardShort: idk

OneCardShort: just not the same

4nic8: yah

4nic8: so the site lost a bit of its lustre

4nic8: and allure

4nic8: hmmm

OneCardShort: just the feel i get

4nic8: but they are playing for volume as opposed to for winning

4nic8: which is kinda wrong

OneCardShort: maybe, but honestly, beating rake is hard so thats understandable

4nic8: yah

4nic8: but they feel they are entitled to the rakeback

4nic8: lol

OneCardShort: well their feelings aside, pokerstars had operated on the same business model for a long time

OneCardShort: and now they’ve decided to ruin it completely

4nic8: yes, changed directions

OneCardShort: i understand that they want more recs, but recs come where there are dreams

OneCardShort: idk they have different dreams to sell now

OneCardShort: like spin and goes

4nic8: ah

OneCardShort: but thats more like dreams of winning a lottery

OneCardShort: than a legit poker dream

4nic8: different dreams to sell

OneCardShort: yup

4nic8: no more supernova dreams

OneCardShort: it may well work i have no clue

4nic8: the prestige

OneCardShort: but to me its not about poker anymore

4nic8: hmmmm. pokerstars claims playing for volume is not about poker

OneCardShort: thats bs

OneCardShort: internet poker is all about volume

OneCardShort: and they know that very well

4nic8: yes good point

OneCardShort: if not

OneCardShort: why do they allow for 20 tables

4nic8: correct

4nic8: how many do they allow?

OneCardShort: i think its like 24

OneCardShort: and you can ask for more

OneCardShort: it still feels sad

OneCardShort: def end of an era, no doubt about that

4nic8: yah the dream is gone

4nic8: part of what made pokerstars special

OneCardShort: exactly

4nic8: yah

4nic8: and it was all destroyed

OneCardShort: yeah, that’s gone now and it’s not coming back

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