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Most of you have heard that Tom McEvoy’s 1983 WSOP Main Event is for sale on eBay. Kevmath mistakenly assumed that the bracelet had sold for $15,000 and a couple of news outlets mistakenly reported the same. In reality the seller ended the listing early.

The bracelet has since been relisted and is for sale for $15,000 or best offer. I’m not sure they are going to get anything close to $15k, even with the added goodies in the listing, but I wish them luck in trying.

Every so often, a WSOP bracelet will pop up on eBay or another auction service. We have all heard about the bracelets of Jamie Gold, Jerry Yang and Peter Eastgate selling for crazy prices. Others have gone for far less.

Personally, I have been involved in two previous bracelet sales and both times was the “runner-up” in the sale. Both were in 2010 and involved old school pros that had lost possession of championship gold.

TJ Cloutier

Back in 2010, T.J. Cloutier’s 2005 WSOP bracelet went up for sale on eBay and eventually sold for $4,006. I remember this auction for several reasons.

First, I phoned the Plano, TX pawn shop that sold the bracelet and confirmed that the item was pawned to them and Cloutier defaulted on the loan, which resulted in the sale on EBay. They told me that they received more inquiries on the bracelet than even on Super Bowl rings that they have sold in the past.

Next, this was the first of time that I tried to win a bracelet through eBay. I never expected to have a legit shot but at the time, I had more money than I had sense and decided to take a shot.

Originally, I started out with a $1,200 bid and that soon was outbid. I then decided that I would go ahead and just put in a max bid of $4,000 and figured that I would probably get the piece for about $2,500 or so.

Then I watched as the bids went to $2,000, $2,500 and then past $3,000. The sudden realization hit me that I might be on the hook for the full $4,000. Then the bid was pushed all the way to $4k and it appeared that I was going to be paying a hefty premium to own a piece of poker history.

Then Cake Poker swooped in at the end and won the bracelet for $4,006. I was partially relieved that I was off the hook for $4k but then I was a bit pissed, especially after I found out what they did with it – or at least what they claimed.

hey claimed that they gave the bracelet back to Cloutier. A noble gesture but something that I definitely would not have done.

Considering the price that some WSOP bracelets have gone for in recent years, I may have tried to flip it for a profit.

Honorable Mention: Eskimo Clark

Towards the end of 2010, Eskimo Clark’s 1999 WSOP bracelet was put up on sale on eBay. When I saw this bracelet go up for sale, I decided I wanted to try to win the auction. Some of you may remember that Eskimo had a couple of health scares during the 2007 World Series of Poker. The first of which came during the $2,500 Stud Hi-Lo Event.

I was literally next to his table when the first episode happened and on the prompting of Annie Duke, I helped to serve as a wall between onlookers and those trying to assist Eskimo. The event was delayed for about an hour as medical personnel worked on him.

Many of us expected that would be the end of Eskimo for the series but it wasn’t and some of you know about what happened during the final table of the $1,500 Razz Event. Some of use didn’t expect him to live past 2007 but he amazingly lived until 2015.

The bracelet for sale was from the 1999 $1,500 Razz Event and at the time nobody knew how much longer that Eskimo was going to live, so I wanted to see if I could get a piece of history.

The supposed owner of the item “anarcnub” was based in Ireland and had zero sale history on eBay. I contacted him and was given a story about how he acquired it while on vacation in Las Vegas but his story seemed a bit sketchy.

When pressed on the details, the following was the story I was given:

“I didn’t really want to get into exact details regarding the item, I acquired the item by an individual in a poker room and since it was a private matter I’d like to keep it that way, I would not like to divulge the name of the person involved. The item is sold as stated in the description, a history is not offered I’m afraid. There are 5 other active bidders and over 90 watchers on this item (some buying for the gold value and others for the poker connection).”

Normally, I would have walked away from this transaction but I have been an eBay seller for over a decade and I knew a couple of things to expect. Since he was a new seller, odds are that eBay was going to review the listing and even freeze his funds on the sale until the bracelet was indeed delivered.

Knowing eBay and PayPal policies regarding fraud items, I decided to try to get the bracelet. I put in a max bid of $4,000 and completely expected to win the thing considering it was Eskimo’s bracelet.

Well, the day before the sale ended someone outbid me for $4,050 and that’s the prize it ultimately “sold” for. About a week later, I received an email from EBay entitled, “MC015 Security notice: eBay listing removed – compncards.”

The email read:

Hello compncards,
We’re writing to let you know that this listing for an item you won or bid on is no longer available:
220700037337 – 1999 World Series of Poker Bracelet
We understand this may be disappointing, but occasionally we need to remove listings. In some cases, the item itself is fine, but was listed in a way that didn’t follow eBay’s guidelines.

The email then listed what to do for various situations, including instructions to not pay for the item if one hadn’t paid. Apparently, this notice was sent to all bidders in the event that he tried to contact us directly.

I was never contacted about the bracelet again from the original seller and this was the last anyone has heard about Eskimo’s bracelet.

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