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Phil Ivey didn’t have the best year in 2016. Between the loss of his appeal in London and the Borgata lawsuit, Ivey is out about $20 million total. Suffice it to say that this is one year that he wants to forget.

Luckily, 2017 is just around the corner and with a new year, maybe we will get a “new Ivey.” Here’s 7 things that Phil Ivey can do to make sure 2017 doesn’t suck.

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Ivey Losing Streak Continues; Must Repay $10.1M to Borgata

Poker’s Biggest Losers of 2016

Quit Trying to be an “Advantage Player”

The term “advantage player” has been thrown around quite a bit the last couple of years in connection with the Ivey edge-sorting scandal. When the term advantage player is used, it usually refers to a player such as a card counter in blackjack that uses skill to shift the odds in their favor.

Say what you will, but there are facets of this scandal that give the appearance of cheating, even if the courts ruled that cheating did not occur. Ivey’s run as an advantage player in Baccarat will cost him $10 million – double that if you include the winnings he’s being denied in London.

Doesn’t sound like much of an advantage does it?

Maybe Try This Game Called Poker

The man considered by many to be the greatest poker player alive has played very little poker in 2016 – at least in the live arena. Knowing his prowess in the game, it seems odd that Ivey isn’t playing more but then again, that’s Ivey for you.

As we’ve often said, “When Phil Ivey is properly motivated” he is the best player in the world. The source of that motivation is often prop bets. He isn’t wired like Phil Hellmuth where all that matters are bracelets. If that were the case, Ivey might be tied or already leading Hellmuth.

Since 2017 is the year that Ivey will finally become eligible for the Poker Hall of Fame, this seems like a good time to get back into the game. Maybe win bracelet #11 and take over second on the All-Time Bracelets List.

Find a Good Business Proposition

Phil Ivey loves to diversify and maybe it is time that he puts some money into a new business venture. Since Ivey Poker didn’t work out, he might want to try something in a less speculative field.

Ivey is well connected and knows plenty of people with business acumen. Someone can certainly point him in the right direction of a startup with amazing potential.

Become Fedor Holz’s Backer

Speaking of business propositions, maybe Ivey can take a page out of JohnnyBax’s book and start backing players. Honestly, he probably only needs to back one player – Fedor Holz.

Sign a deal with Holz that gets Ivey 60% of Holz’s earnings and release him onto the poker world. If Ivey had been backing Holz in 2016, he would nearly have enough to pay back the Borgata.

Join Daniel Negreanu at PokerStars

How big of a story would it be if PokerStars were to sign Phil Ivey as a Team PokerStars Pro? While Daniel Negreanu is the face of the company, Ivey would bring Cristiano Ronaldo type excitement for casual poker fans.

I can see PokerStars setting up a Negreanu-Ivey heads-up battle with a slew of promotions connected to the encounter. Ivey would then show up to events all over the world patched up with the big red PokerStars spade.

Who knows, maybe he can be an addition to the PokerStars sponsored Global Poker League. I know I’d watch more GPL if Ivey was playing.

Star in a New Commercial With Phil Hellmuth

We all remember Phil Ivey’s Chrysler commercial in 2015. Perhaps it’s time for him to do another high profile commercial but this time a bit comedic. I can see it now.

Ivey is sitting across the table from Ronda Rousey. Ivey is giving her “the stare” and Rousey suddenly pounds the table and shouts, “Move already!” A guy besides her says, “Have a Snickers.”

She snarls, “Why?”

“Because when you’re hungry you start trying to intimidate people like Ronda Rousey. Better?”

The shot pans back to Phil Hellmuth who goes, “Much better! Now my white magic is fully charged? Now I will show the world the REAL Phil Hellmuth!”

Hellmuth continues talking about himself and Ivey facepalms.

Party More With Dan Bilzerian

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Dan Bilzerian knows how to party. Imagine Ivey’s Twitter and Instagram blowing up with scantily clad redheads and brunettes while chilling on Bilzerian’s yacht.

Hey, partying more with Bilzerian may not win Ivey any additional money in 2017, but it may get him a spot on PokerUpdate’s Baller of the Month.

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