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One of the strangest Presidential campaigns in history finally ended early Wednesday morning as Donald Trump was named the 45th President of the United States after winning an incredibly close election that many assumed would be an easy win for Hillary Clinton.

The election was a hot topic and many Twitter and Facebook accounts were hijacked with political posts, memes and videos. Now that the election is finally over, we can finally move forward with new topics and posts to annoy our followers with. Here are 7 things poker players can talk about now that the election is over.

President Donald Trump

That’s right, the Great Pumpkin got elected to the Presidency and we still have a couple of months before he’s sworn in. Now’s the time for everyone to get their vent on about what has happened.

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Trump supporters are partying while Hillary supporters are protesting. Johnson and Stein supporters are probably moving to Nevada to buy an ounce. (Recreational pot is now legal there, just like online poker in Nevada.)

Love him, hate him or want to eat him, people are surely going to be talking about him for the next…..8 years. (Yup, I went there.)

Lame Duck and Fresh Duck – Online Poker Style

The end of the legislative cycle for the U.S. Congress and Pennsylvania has some questions on the minds of online poker players. Will the PA Senate pass iGaming legislation or will they sit on their hands. Is there any chance in hell that a RAWA style amendment gets attached to some type of “must pass” legislation during the Lame Duck session in Congress? Strange things happen at this time of years.

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Also, now that the year is coming to a close, we start the obligatory rumblings about iPoker regulation in 2017. At some point in December we will at least hear rumors of a new bill in California if one isn’t pre-filed. We might start hearing some rumblings in New York and PA (assuming the current bill doesn’t move).

Will any other states get an early start on 2017? Only time will tell.

Negan, King Ezekiel and When Does Carol Go Postal Again??

If you are a fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead, then you know that the show was flipped on it’s head in the season opener (SPOILER ALERT!) with the deaths of Glenn and Abraham. Negan has set the new bar for villainy for the show and fans can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. Will Darryl kneel or will he stay strong.

We’ve also met King Ezekiel and Shiva. The Kingdom is drastically different than the Sanctuary and one has to wonder how long it will be before his group finds out about the deal with the Saviors. Will they fight back and how long before Rick’s group joins up with the Kingdom?

Lastly, how long does Carol continue with her self-imposed exile? When does badass Carol come back out to play? Is she and King Ezekiel about to get it on? After all, he did change his shirt for his latest visit. There are only so many shirts available in the apocalypse, so you know what’s on his mind – and it isn’t pomegranate delivery.

What Did Mike Matusow Steal from Daniel Negreanu??

According to a recent interview that Daniel Negreanu gave to PokerFuse, he is no longer friends with Mike Matusow because Matusow stole from him. This isn’t a case of Matusow owing Daniel money. Daniel even admitted that people have owed him money but Matusow is the first person to physically steal from him.

Negreanu hasn’t made the details of the theft public but not that he has publicly admitted to the theft, there are certainly those of us that want to know the details. Some may even wonder why Daniel hasn’t called the authorities on the matter, or is it something relatively minor legally and more of a personal character problem?

How Bout them ….REDSKINS!!!

Did you REALLY think that header was going to end with Cowboys? Puhlease. Thanksgiving Day is the day that the Washington Redskins avenge their Week 2 loss to the Dallas Cowgirls. Dallas is currently 7-1 but we all know they are can choke at any moment. Hey, if the Cubs and Donald Trump can win this year, then the Redskins can beat Dallas.

The Global Poker League Playoffs

On a slightly more serious note, the Global Poker League playoffs will run from November 29 through December 1 in Las Vegas. The semi-finals and finals of the Conference championship will be best of seven heads-up matches where each player on the team must compete at least once.

The GPL Championship will be a best of nine series with the first team to notch five wins taking down the title. All matches will be played inside “The Cube” and we will finally find out which team will take down the inaugural GPL championship.

Op-Ed: Can GPL Survive Until Season 2?

While we already know that there will be a Season 2 of the GPL, it is important that these championships do well in terms of fan viewership. These matches will be in front of a live audience so hopefully it will generate some of the excitement that was promised when this concept was initially announced.

Happy ThanksChristHannBoxZaa

Pick a holiday – ANY holiday. The holiday season is now upon us and it is time for us to get fatter – I mean spread the holiday cheer! It is like a viral infection that you can’t shake except that it lasts the better part of two months and ends with a hangover on New Years Day.

Winter is coming – and so are excessive holiday posts.

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